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Family Baby Blankets  Call (866) 917-2948
Company into business since 1998 helping baby children with what they need including products like cotton baby photo pillow, custom satin baby blanket, welcome baskets, baby girl blanket, photo throw, custom photo sweater, photo gifts and much more. Visit the site for online shopping in retail.
36731 Lion Peak Rd., Mountain Center, CA 92561, USA   (3619)

Sonya Bebeblankee LLC  Call 800-450-4281
Offer personalized baby blankets for different occassions including Newborn baby gifts, Infant & Toddler birthdays gifts, Baby shower gifts, Adoption baby gifts and more.
325 N St Paul St., Suite 2340, Dallas, TX 75201   (1034)

Business Information in Mast Directory: Starting a Custom Baby Blankets Business

All parents want to provide the best for their newborn baby and children. However, the baby stage doesn’t last long. Soon parents need to have a reminder of the early days when the baby first came home from the hospital. One excellent option is a custom baby blanket that you can continue to hand down throughout the generations. There are plenty of baby supply retail businesses available today but less than five percent of them offer owners the option of creating a custom baby blanket for online shopping. Therefore, if you want to start a beneficial home business you need to consider starting a custom baby blankets business. With a little bit of marketing efforts you can quickly build up your custom baby blankets retail business. Parents shopping for the perfect memento or family members wanting to give an excellent gift will flock to your business.

When it comes to the custom baby blankets business, you want to provide your shopping customers with a variety of color options. Pink, blue and yellow have the traditionally accepted colors for baby blankets: pink for girls, blue for boys and yellow for children. Your custom baby blanket retail business can take any color of the parents choosing and embroider the baby’s name, birth date and weight. You can also choose to expand your baby blankets business by offering a variety of patterns and allowing parents to choose the information they want printed on the blankets. This can increase the number of individuals shopping through your business.

Before you start to advertise your custom baby blankets business, you need to order the necessary supplies. Be sure you have a way to embroider the blankets like a good quality sewing machine. While you can embroider the blankets by hand this is a very time consuming process that can drop the quantity of your sales. In order to get ahead by doing this you would then have to raise prices that won’t help to draw in new customers.

The most popular and fastest way to advertise your baby blankets business is through a website. With a website, you can both advertise your baby blankets business and have the benefit of taking in internet shoppers when the trend of online shopping is growing day by day. With a website, you will not be limited to local area residents, you can branch out and have people shopping from all around the world. You can charge shipping and handling to help cover your mailing costs. This can instantly increase your market by a hundred percent or more.

It is easier than you may think to set up a baby blankets retail business website. There are a number of programs on the internet such as Adobe that help you to program in HTML. All you need is a word processor to create your website and then upload it to your domain site. You can have a brand new website for your custom baby blankets retail shopping business within days and start accepting sales.

Another excellent advertising option is local newspapers, parenting and baby magazines and posting flyers in local stores that cater to children. Even see if a few baby stores will be willing to sell your products or recommend clients when they want something custom done. This can help you gain quite a bit of exposure.

Once you have your supplies and you have advertised your custom baby blankets business it is time to start getting to work. You should only take on a few limited orders at first. This way you have time to get used to your new workload. Once you have the process down and you can quickly and easily complete a good order then you can begin to figure out how many possible orders you can get done in a day. Just be sure you keep room for errors in your calculations. Remember parents want perfection so if you mess up you are going to have to do it over again. After considering all the factors, you can have a reasonable estimate of how many orders you can receive per day.

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