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Canvas Prints   Call only email support
Family owned business founded in 2004 offering high-quality range of wall art, showcasing their own exclusive, contemporary designs. Visit the site for online shopping.
Online Store
http://www.canvasrepublic.co.uk/   (4836)

The Secret Cove   Call 1-800-821-1946
Metal wall art for large walls, gardens, homes and offices. Large selection of wall art, metal wall sculptures, metal wall art, table-top and freestanding metal sculptures, and garden metal art. Decorating homes, offices and gardens since 1987. Visit the site for more information and details.
Online store
http://www.secretcove.com/   (4174)

The Wall Art Store   Call (888) 598-6490 or (617) 880-8584
The Wall Art Store offers posters, paintings, sculptures and whatever else you may need to accent your walls beautifully. Most of the company products are offered with framing options and free shipping. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information and details.
800 Boylston St, Suite 1600, Boston, MA 02199
http://www.thewallartstore.com/   (4173)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Wall Arts Business

A wall art basically reflects a persons taste and personality. By seeing the wall arts in a persons house you can judge the way that person lives; whether he / she is an artistically inclined person with abstract and different genres of paintings, a jovial and easy going person with a lot of colorful wall art or a sober person with black and white wall art. And the list goes on. Wall arts are basically used to beautify a home, office or any building interiors and it gives it a very elegant look.

If you are planning to start a wall arts business, first of all you should have a rich taste and knowledge of wall arts. Though it is not necessary for you to be an artist, but if you are it will help in your favor. Even if you are not an artist make sure you have a keen observation which you can develop by a little research on wall arts. Also you should have a judgment of your own and you can point out the artistic details in any wall art. This will help you to impress and persuade your retail customers shopping for an elegant wall art.

If you are an artist and you want to sell your own art, there are three possible ways of doing it. First one is to find a retailer doing business in arts or crafts and wall arts product. Keep your work at his retail shopping outlet and once a customer opts for shopping your created wall art give the retailer his share as a commission. This method will bring your work in direct contact to the shopping customer. You need a lot of patience for this method and you can’t even negotiate with customer directly in this method. Another way is to hold an exhibition of your work in some exhibition hall. Place a suitable advertisement in different media. This can be a very rewarding way out since dedicated art lovers will review your work and you might get a good reward. This can even bring you fame among other artist and art lovers. Third, and the easiest way out, is through online shopping in retail. Create a website and upload photographs and samples of your work. There is no investment in this way at all. Customers will see your work online and if they like it they will do the shopping online. Make sure that your website supports online selling and shopping cart system.

If you are not an artist and want to do business in wall arts you can either be a retailer selling the artwork of different artist in your shopping outlet to the retail customers. Or you can be a middle man who can take his commission in between the retailer and the artist. You can also conduct exhibition of other artists work and make your commission through it. The margin in such business is really good as art lovers can pay any price to buy a good artwork. Make sure you advertise for these kinds of exhibitions covering major media. Print advertisements in the newspapers and advertisements in various sites online which track the various events and exhibitions in your city can bring in more customers and in turn a good business for you.

Also it is very important to know the different kind of art works. Not only does understanding certain areas of art lingo help you purchase the right kind of artwork for your business, but it can save you a bundle of money. For example, paintings often sell for more money than lithographs, and lithographs generally sell for a great deal more than prints. Knowing this prevents you from unwisely spending your money. Once you understand what sort of artwork you want for your business place, using the correct term for it will help you find what you need more quickly and easily. The different kinds of wall art include painting, lithographs, print and canvas prints, mural and posters.

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