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The tattoo is an indestructible marking created by interpolating ink into the layer of skin to modify the color for decorative, trendy and stylish purposes. Tattooing arts is being practiced around the globe as a part of today’s fashion world. The natives of Japan who were called Ainu wore the tattoo on their faces. Tattoos arts have become very popular in many parts of the world, especially in North and South America, Japan and European countries. The increase in the tattoo culture is giving way to new artists of tattoo designing. The word tattoo is born from the Tahitian word ‘tattau’ which means to mark. The earliest evidence of tattooing dates back to 3300 BC and it was found on the skin of a mummified human body.

The tattooing products are the tattoo gun, needles, pigments, guides and designs. The tattoo product business will attain the peak of the fashion business world as it has become one of USA’s fastest growing categories of retail business. There are around 15000 tattoo arts studios in US. The tattooing business when started in 1936 in America, 6% of the American population got tattooed. The number was approximately 10 million people. But the survey in 2003 has proved that 40 million people i.e. 15% of American population have at least one tattoo. The present data states that 16% of all American males and 17% of all American females have got tattooed.

These details show how crazy the people are to shopping for getting tattooed or buying tattoo products in retail counters. At present, establishing new tattoo studios is the best option in the fashion business world. The tattoo products business is considered to be an ever growing business according to the present situation. When people go for shopping to get tattooed or get tattoo products, they are assured of a hygienic way of getting tattooed in the tattoo arts studios. There are lots of after care tattoo products available along with the tattoo products to ensure the quick healing of the skin where it has been tattooed.

The tattoo product business has raised the economy of US, Japan and the European countries to a maximum height. In Japan the percentage of people who got tattooed in 2000 was 12%. But if you have a look at its present situation, 28% of Japan’s population has got tattooed. In the European countries it was around 11% in the beginning of the millennium. But now it has been hiked to 30% according to the recent data. In 1990, the number of tattoo arts studios in US was only around 750. But now due to the rapid increase in the business, the present number of tattoo studios is 15000. Before the end of 2009 the number may hike to 20 to 25 thousands as the craze for tattooing is growing day by day.

A recent survey has shown that the tattoo product business results in the annual turnover of 40 to 50 million dollars in US. The number of employees involved is 100 to 200 in each of these business places. As many tattoo studio artists go retail shopping for products of tattooing, the annual turnovers of this business in Japan and the European countries are 20 million dollars to 25 million dollars. The tattoos are getting common in work place. People go shopping to get the tattoo products as their inclination towards tattooing has soared very high. According to a recent survey, 36% of the American white collar employees aged from 25 to 29 have got tattooed. 28% of people aged from 30 to 40 have got tattooed.

The sales of the tattoo products are increasing gradually as the number of users has hiked to an unbelievable height. It was around 11% during the year 1990 in US. Now the sales statistics of the tattoo products have shown a gigantic improvement of 75%. Even in Japan and the European countries it has increased up to 53% and 57% respectively when compared to the 15% and 12% in the beginning of 2000.

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