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Anderson's Metal Sculpture  Call (616) 866 - 4619
Copper and Brass metal wall and garden sculpture produced by Steve Anderson. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information.
Cedar Springs, Michigan 49319,   (4325)

Paul Margetts  Call 01562 730003
Offer exciting contemporary metal-work and sculptures for public and domestic locations. Products also include metal sculptures, gates, sundials, garden ornament, fountains, water features, clocks, lighting, furniture etc. Visit the site for more business information and details.
Field House Farm, Belbroughton, Stourbridge, Worcs. DY99SS   (4324)

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Sculpting is a very popular art form and has secured a place for itself in commercial art. Sculptures like paintings are popular amongst retail consumers who are shopping for such items to decorate their homes and offices. With sculptures reaching to common people the sales have increased and this art is slowly turning out to be a good business. Experimentation is being carried out to make sculpting commercially successful. Developing metal sculptures is one such step as it has a good shopping demand from retail customers.

Sculptures can be produced from all materials like stone, clay, wood, plastic and metals. Stone sculpting was the first form but is extremely difficult and time consuming. Clay and wood sculptures require great maintenance and are mostly restricted to indoor use. Plastic sculptures though cheap lack the natural effects that sculptures provide. Metal sculptures cover all the shortcomings existing in other materials in sculpting business. Metal sculptures are attractive, durable, require less maintenance and can be used both in indoors and outdoors. With so many advantages it is natural that retail customers prefer shopping metal sculptures.

Sculptures are used at all places for good ambiance. It is a common practice in interior designing to feel corners with sculptures. Large sized sculptures are widely used in open spaces and gardens. Museums and galleries have a constant requirement for sculptures. The ease of maintenance and cost are the two criteria for shopping sculptures. As metal satisfies both it is the preferred for purchases in business organizations.

Town beautification is a major activity of government. Sculptures are used a lot for this activity. Sculptures are installed at all prominent squares and other important locations of cities. The projects are of very large scale and have a fixed time limit. There are penalties or loss of recognition in case of delays. In order to complete such contracts there is a need to produce sculptures in big quantity in minimum time without sacrificing the quality. Metal sculptures are the best choice as they can be made very accurately within a short period. Such orders are very beneficial in metal sculptures business as the retail shopping requirement is in huge quantity.

Metal casting in an important activity associated with metal sculpture business. Metal casting is a process of giving shape to metals by pouring molten metals in molds of desired shapes. Metal casting is widely used in industrial processes as is an important manufacturing process. Developing metal sculptures will be an artistic application for casting. One can get the designs for sculpture from sculptors and develop molds accordingly. Such setups are ideal for mass production of metal sculptures. Based on the shopping trends for sculptors one can produce molds for popular designs and supply them to retail market.

These are good days for commercial arts business. People are shopping artifacts not just for the sake of decoration. It has today become a very promising investment option. An artifact is the only products in business that see an appreciation in value over time. Metals artifacts in general and sculptures in particular are preferred by collectors for its durability and less maintenance. Identifying metal sculptures with potential and investing in them can earn good returns in future.

Being innovative helps a lot to choose appropriate metal sculptures in arts and crafts business. Many contractors leave the choice of sculptures to the sculptors. This is a real acid test of sculpting skills in this business. One has to come up with products that would satisfy customer without any inputs on shopping requirement. Making relevant sculptures can be the best way to handle such situations. In such case sculptures can be of person or thing related to that event. A place where a historic revolution took place will have a sculpture of a famous leader during that revolution or a thing that symbolizes revolution. This will create a deep impact on the minds of visitors and many will try to figure out the name of sculptor. The publicity will not only retain existing contracts but also bring more business from other sources.

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