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Axner   Call 800-843-7057 or 407-365-2600
Offer online shopping of the largest selection of ceramic and pottery supply including High Torque Pottery Wheels, Electric Kilns, Extruders, Pug Mills, Gas Kilns, Raku Kilns, Handbuilding Tools from Dolan, Slab Rollers, Ware Carts, Clay Mixers, Pugmills, Kiln Furniture including Shelves and Posts, Sculpture Tools etc. Visit the site for complete business information.
490 Kane Ct., Oviedo FL 32765
http://www.axner.com/   (4023)

Pottery Supplies   Call +61 7 3368 2877
Offer pottery supplies for all your ceramic needs including Slab rollers, Venco pottery wheels, pug mills, row materials, frits, colourants, stains, Kilns, props, shelves, thermocouples, pyrometers etc. Visit site for more.
51 Castlemaine Street, Milton QLD 4064
http://www.potterysupplies.com.au/   (4024)

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Pottery is one of the oldest crafts and it has a major industry today. It is the process of making various earthenware and stoneware by combining ones skill and craft work. To be more general, pottery is nothing but the ceramic ware made by potters. Although it is one of the oldest craft works it has more popularity in recent days because people tend to do shopping in retail of such items for decorative purposes. The most basic tool for potters is the hand. But in days there are many sophisticated supplies which are used by the potters. Pottery and ceramic supply refers to various kinds of tools and equipments which are used for making potteries. There is a great want for this supply as there is a desire for the pottery and ceramic items. So taking up this pottery and ceramic supplies business is an excellent idea. The retail market for this business is ever flourishing one.

In order to start this business you should have good idea about what are the different types of pottery and ceramic supplies which are available at present. If you are interested in this business then you should for sure know all these details and should have all the equipment. Your customer who comes for a shopping should not be deceived because you do not have the equipment which they need. Arts and crafts supplies can be bought in kits according to their different types. It may be paper or canvas arts and crafts; clay arts and crafts or may be any type. It is these clay arts and crafts under which potteries are coming. The easiest arts and crafts projects that one can do with your kids are those involving paper and some crayons. It will be very easy too. But that will be for kids to play with. Only the pottery and ceramic will give a professional look. The retail supplies may include equipments like potters clay, kiln, and on.

There are a number of pottery and ceramic supplies. You should know about all the supplies and should also know the uses of each and every of the equipment. The supplies includes clay and glazes; raw materials; kilns; tools which is a comprehensive range of pottery and clay tools and equipments. You should know about how to demonstrate the working process of all these supplies. You can even hold workshops in which you can give a wealth of information to your customers. In that you can give demonstrations of your products, new products of your and some specials if any. Apart from workshops, you can give demonstration in an open day also to people who come for retail shopping.

In this supplier business there are many types. First of all you should think well and decide what kind of supplier you really want to be. You should analyze this and take decision appropriately. Your budget should also be taken into account in taking this decision. A few types are mentioned here. You can be the supplier of half-finished products such as undecorated pottery vessels or you can be the supplier of the raw materials alone. If at all your business intends to be a little more advanced then you might choose ceramic clay bodies for the purpose of stocking your clay supply. So take a wise decision and do consequently.

In order to excel in this business and if you have a preference to do the raw material kind of a supplier business, then you would be able to make an extensive list for each and every individual product that you are going to sell. Make your network as widespread as possible. The more pervasive your network is, the more options you have in choosing products which will be most money-spinning to you. If you do this, it will also lead you to the contribution to your retail customers, who come for a shopping, a wider assortment of items to choose from.

Finally marketing which is the foremost thing in every business is the key concept for this supplier business also. You can advertise through various media such as newspaper, television and so on. Today, the best thing is the internet. So create an attractive website and include details about your products which will enable you to do online business and thereby shopping. You can add a shopping cart to your website to enable your customers to do safer online shopping.

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