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Ablaze Metal Art & Design   Call 250-338-2339
Site providing online retail shopping of all kinds of metal arts and crafts in different categories like fun and fantasy, garden enhancements, cosmic and mystic, wild life safari, signs and signage, signature pieces and much more. Visit site for more business information.
863-8th Street, Courtenay, BC, Canada   (3135)

Boggy River Metal Art   Call 918-486-3841
Company offering metal arts products handcrafted from 14 gauge steel plate including western decor, southwestern art, country arts and crafts, metal made plaques and signs, sign brackets, sports signs, religious signs, welcome signs and much more. Take some of your time to give a look to site for further information and online shopping.
PO Box 473, Coweta, Oklahoma 74429, United States   (3132)   Call (940) 665-3097
Company offering online shopping of metal art products which is crafted from cold-rolled American steel using the highest degree of laser cutting technology, combined with fine art from talented artisans and 30 unique color finishes. Products include in different categories like bath accessories, lamp shades, lamps, fantasy, office accessories, rock and wall art and more. Visit the site for more retail business information.
1304 Corporate Drive, Gainesville, TX, 76240, USA   (3131)

Metal Art   Call (830) 569-6500
Manufacturer of Custom Metal Art, signs, gates, entrances, and indoor decorative metal art. Visit the site for more business information.
110294 IH-37, Pleasanton, TX 78064   (5921)

Tasmanian Copper & Metal Art Gallery   Call (03) 6393 6440
Australian home based business fully engaged in the hand designing of metal work arts products made from different metals like copper, brass, steel and chrome which are hand shaped, beaten and coloured using special based paint which is baked onto the surface to produce the finest quality arts like candle holders, metal jewellery, key rings and hangers and much more. Give a look to site for detailed information and online retail shopping.
Carrick, Tasmania, 7291, Australia   (3133)

Tasmanian Copper & Metal Art Gallery   Call (03) 6393 6440
Offer hand crafted metal art pieces from Australia including products like classical guitar made from steel sheet, kookaburras sitting in a gum tree, sunflower abstracts which is a metal art piece inspired by people's love of flowers, elephant created with the technique of copper chasing, dreamtime and more. Online retail shopping.
Carrick, Tasmania, 7291, Australia   (3134)

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Would you prefer shopping in retail metal arts or glass art works? If you think about this question closely most of Swarvoski or even regular crystal art would start moving in front of your eyes. We also agree with you that they are most amazing arts ever made for décor yet we would point our finger at its high cost and fragile nature. Well, when one considers an art he would probably look at all pros and cons of the same. So it would not be wrong to declare metal arts or even terracotta arts a winner in the race. Here too the earthen arts though quite rustic miss the poise and finish enjoyed in metal arts. We are not appreciating metal arts for name sake perhaps there are several people who prefer shopping for metal products, arts and even metal furniture for their home. Where can one begin with metal arts then?

Considering the past and initial journey of this art we can go back to 4000 BC as researched when it was discovered in Asia. We can perceive this as one can witness several metal arts form either handcrafted or even produced with aid of machine tools like sculptures, tables, beds, candle stands, photo frames, wind chimes and several other furnishing accessories. Most of the time metals used in making these things are copper, wrought iron, bronze and even silver though the costing turns out to be a little expensive as it is more precious than rest of the metals. Metal art could very well be related to customs and traditions of several ancient tribes like Africa where metals were transformed to routine tools required for agricultural purposes. Can we define then where does metal art stand today?

Start shopping for home furnishings online today! You would observe over hundred fine metal accessories that could fit in your budget and enhance the beauty of your house too. As people are seeking inexpensive arts manufacturers have offered those sculptures with precious plating coats. There are schools and institutions that teach metal arts and let students experience the art with their creativity. Moreover people prefer these arts and crafts over other options as they are not fragile, have rough standing, artistic, easy maintenance and most important cost economical. Today the art has become even more creative as we have machines for mixing metals, coating in distinct shades and offering them genteel look. And what does one require to get in this business?

This retail business is great opportunity for people who are creative or have probable surroundings that demand lot of metal arts. We have perceived people opting for metal arts against wood whilst shopping online. One can invest as per demand and can add stocks from time to time. These sorts of product are usually sold at gifts and home accessories stores hence to enhance your sale one can approach stores with product sample and offer them good discounts on bulk purchase to ensure regular clientage. One can even advertise through participating in fairs or displaying arts at some famous center.

Yet if you have creative edge and cannot invest this sort of money, you can still enjoy a fair choice by creating metal arts from scrap at home. We are suggesting this for people who just wish to pursue a small retail business of crafts from home. Large industries often times ell this scrap at discarding price so your cost would be quite negligible as far as raw material is concerned. Here what counts is your art and creative hands that can turn scrap metal into candle stands, belts and metal cartoon badges producing unique art that would be sellable at good margins.

Now the basic question is are people shopping for accessories still looking for more variety in metal arts? Perhaps it would better if we rephrase the question and say that is there any space left to enter this business? The fact is there is always space in creative arts business because with time growing there are changes in trends and designs. Apart from good scope and creativity if one has potential to introduce new creations in the field, please don’t hesitate to go ahead!

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