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Fantasia Glassworks   Call 704-332-6262
Offer creative and innovative stained, fused and carved glass pieces that are both esthetically pleasing and functional. Visit the site for more information and details.
2125 Kenilworth Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28203, USA   (3999)

Relkie Art Glass   Call 250-755-1500
The company creates unique glass art designs for windows, doors, entrance ways, railings, and showers in the form of stained, beveled, sandblasted, etched, carved, and leaded Glass. Deliverable worldwide. Online shopping.
164 Tait Rd. Nanaimo, B.C., Vancouver Island • V9X 1C3   (3998)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Glass Arts Business

Arts and crafts are the terms used synonymously today. They are nothing but the activities and hobbies that are related in making things with one's own hands, creativity and skill. Glass art is the art of using glass as a medium to produce two-dimensional artworks. Today, people are giving more importance to interior decoration and they tend to decorate their houses using various arts and sculptures. Among other arts and crafts, people have greater attention towards glass arts. This paves way for those who have interest in doing glass arts business. It is a most welcomed field in recent days. In order to start this business, you should have some idea about the arts and crafts related to glass. You should try the most to have extensive designs and you should be able to attract customers who come for retail shopping and make them buy your products. The most important thing which you need as far as glass art business is considered is the glass handling techniques. Put proper care while handling glass arts.

If you are really interested in glass arts and crafts, then you can become an active member of various Art Glass and Craft Membership Organizations. If you join such organizations you will be introduced to many people who have interest in arts and crafts and it you will become more informative. This will help you to excel in your retail business. Only if you have real interest and only if you do your work dedicatedly you can explain things to your customer properly. Fake speeches will never reach your customers. The recent development as far as glass technology is considered is computer aided craft work on glasses. Your computer skills will be a value to promote your business. You should hire employees who have little knowledge about glass arts and crafts along with knowledge in computer designs.

In order to get more contracts, you should be acquainted with many persons and many common places of visit. Try to have relationships with contractors to develop the installation and repair side of the business. Also you need a good relation with churches, museums, galleries and palaces that may need glass arts and crafts. There are many advantages of this business, at the same time there are also some unavoidable disadvantages too. But if you are wise enough and if you have proper plan you can beat all these demerits and flourish in this retail business. There are a few hindrances in this business. A few are mentioned here, more sophisticated tool are required which may be very costly, also making a full-time living with this arts and crafts business alone is little risky. You can totally change all these things by drawing more customers and make them do shopping at your place.

Try to have more samples in your retail shopping store. It should be in such a way that it tends people to do shopping at your shop even if they have come for a window shopping. Place many sample works for potential customers to see. You should have enough space to display them all. If possible try to have vehicle that is suitable for transporting glass samples to customers' homes and job sites. This will be helpful for you in situation where you are asked by customers to do door delivery because their shopping bag may not fit for arts and crafts work.

You should have idea about the different types of arts and crafts related to glass. Since glass has a stunning property of transparency they can be made flat, circle or into other shapes and colors. There are many different types of arts and crafts available for glass. You should know everything. A few are mentioned here, glass sculpture, lamp worked glass beads and pendants. Your retail shop should have all varieties and should tempt the shopping mood of the customers.

Marketing is an important strategy for every business to succeed. Marketing along with proper business plan is the key concept for business. You can create an attractive website with detailed information about your products along with picture gallery. This will help them to get information about your arts and crafts products and will allow them to do online shopping easily. Add a shopping cart to your website so that safe online shopping can be done. You can bring your website high in Google with the help of freelancers at reasonable amount

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