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Pictureframes Ltd  Call +44 (0)845 226 7249
Offer readymade and custom made frames in retail and in wholesale to artists who need advice with an impending exhibition or a company needing in bulk. Visit the site for more information.
22d Wincombe Business Park, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9QJ
http://www.pictureframes.co.uk/   (4303)

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Background is what makes foreground more prominent and appealing. A white spot on a pink background can never produce the effect that it does with the black one. Although we notice only the white spot it is actually the background that is producing the sense. The importance of good backgrounds is well known and many do a meticulous planning for its selection. A Filmmaker searches for beautiful locations to shoot songs and a business professional spends great amount of time in choosing the appropriate slide backgrounds for his presentation.

A photograph is one such item that needs complementing backgrounds. Picture frames are to photos what slides are to presentations. It helps attract attention and adds effects to photos in an appealing way. The same photo can look different with changing frames and change is an essential component of any decor arrangement. Picture frames are gaining more importance today with people becoming selective when shopping in retail for arts and decorative items. Picture frames has matured as a business and has made a place for itself in the decor and arts business.

Pictures are displayed at all places from living rooms to business offices. As they are used for exhibition proper displaying of arts and photographs is very important. Framing is associated with photos right from the inception of photographs but it’s only recently that the perceptions about framing have changed which have helped the picture frame retail business immensely. Picture framing was mainly looked upon as a thing to protect arts and pictures from getting damp or dusty. Not many put efforts shopping for picture frames and the retail customers were happy with any frame that came along with the photo from the photo studio. The photo framing was very basic and minimal usually a wooden frame with transparent glass. All pictures looked the same in such common picture frames and business in picture frames was not encouraging.

With ambiance gaining importance every thing that we use have underwent a huge transformation. Consumers have become more aware about aesthetics and it is a major criterion for any shopping right from coffee mugs to automobiles including picture and art frames. A lot more importance is been given to aesthetics while designing products for today’s retail market. Picture frames today are available in all material, shapes, sizes, colors to meet the challenges of a highly demanding decor business. However one can never satisfy the hunger of creative customers and introducing new picture frame designs is vital for the continuity of picture frame business.

Picture framing has been an occupational activity since long. One operates this business by collaborating with photo studio or by working independently. In both cases there is a big requirement for picture frames for picture framing. They can be regular clients for picture frames. They are the best people to know the retail customers demands with regards to picture frames as they interact with various customers on a daily basis. This can help to understand customer requirements with regards to styles and designs for picture frames. Developing picture frames in accordance with customer requirements will not only ensure their guaranteed shopping but also help you to handle competition in picture frame retail or wholesale business.

Picture frames is highly significant at places where ambiance is put before all. The businesses that depend on ambiance are so particular that they put customized demand for all items they use. A frame often has to justify the picture or art it holds. Say for example how the picture of queen of England would look when placed in a palace in an ordinary plastic frame. For such important person and place one would not settle for anything less than a well crafted golden frame. Even better if studded with diamonds. Picture frames have to justify both the picture as well as the ambiance. A painter will spend as much time shopping a frame for his painting as he did actually making it. He will keep the search on till he finds a frame that presents the painting in the exact manner that he desires. Such is the significance attached to picture frames today that it has turned into a lucrative business option.

Learning from the shopping trends and requirements of business organizations many innovative frames have been developed for restaurants, shopping centers, theater, operas and sports galleries, exhibition halls, art galleries etc. Such picture frames may be expensive but can never be compared to the damages that can result from a wrong ambiance or presentation. Money often takes a backseat if you are able to offer picture frames worthy enough to their expectations. However individual consumers can never be ignored and are also an important element of picture frame business.

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