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Buttermilk Lane   Call 207-627-7234
Offer jewelry which is handcrafted from real flowers and also specializing in memorial and miscarriage custom pieces. Visit the site for more information and details.
Ruth Wales, Maine jewelry artisan, P.O. Box 174, Casco, Maine 04015
http://www.buttermilklane.com/   (4194)

Flower Depot Store   Call Toll Free: 1-877-780-2099
Offer dried and preserved florals, silk flowers, Wreaths and Trees along with tools and pest control products for your home and garden. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information.
PO Box 654, Tonganoxie, Kansas 66086, USA
http://www.flowerdepotstore.com/   (4193)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Flower Crafts Business

Flowers have always been associated with beauty. Flowers are used for greetings and on many auspicious occasions. With vibrant colors and fragrance it’s the most natural material available for beautification. Flower decoration is practiced from a long time and shopping for flower craft is throughout the year. Friendship and Valentines Day alone witness millions of roses getting exchanged and there are many similar occasions. Flower also has religious importance in many cultures and flowers play an important role in festivals. Business in flowers is an ever blooming and is constantly introducing many new styles of decoration including flower crafts.

Flower craft involves creating decorative items making use of flowers. The flowers used can be natural or artificial. Flower craft includes various sections like flower making, flower arrangement, flower drying, potpourri etc. There is a good shopping demand in retail for these items. Craft that can be done at home is limited and one consults a professional if he plans to use it for interior decoration. You can operate on a small level from making flower craft items at you home to opening your own showroom in flower artifacts. Apart from flowers there are is other stationary required for flower craft. Opening up a retail shopping store to supply flower craft materials is a good income source.

Flowers used for crafts are mostly artificial as natural flowers have its limitations. Obtained from nature flowers have a short life span. They are seasonal and dependent on location. Most of the flowers in local shopping market are imported and very expensive. If one aims for a permanent decoration or artifact natural flowers are unsuitable. These tasks are carried out by artificial flowers. People buy artificial flowers to use them in flower crafts. Flower making is a very skilled craft and not everybody’s cup of tea. The flowers are so perfect that it is difficult to spot difference from a real one. Today the artificial flowers even provide the feel and fragrance of natural flower. These flowers are manufactured by hand and also by machines. Materials like paper, wood, silk and plastic is used to make flowers. Artificial flower manufacturing and selling is a complete business within flower craft business. Retail Customers are increasingly shopping for artificial flowers to use them in flower crafts and to beautify their environments.

The biggest difficulty one faces is in obtaining guidance for this craft. Not many learning centers are available for flower craft and people are looking for new craft projects. You can come to their rescue and also make some business in the process. Start training centers for flower craft in your locality. Depending on the response in your area you can decide on opening a specialized crafts class in flower crafts are a mix up popular arts. There is a good possibility of people converting to flower crafts. Other business in flower craft training can be to publish and market flower crafts books. Book are available for most of the crafts like origami, clay modeling etc. these books contain project with detailed procedure for hobbyist to try for themselves. With the help of experts you can publish periodic issues with new project. This would maintain your retail customers as they would be learning new things in each issue. The flower crafts you choose to include should be unique to ensure shopping for your books. Although internet has seen a decrease in book reading this is mainly true for youth. Flower crafts is also practiced by senior people who are accustomed to learning from craft books and you still have a market for flower craft books. To tap the youths practicing flower craft you can make use of internet. Upload tutorials and sell flower crafts items and stationary through flower crafts and retail shopping websites.

Flower craft is a popular hobby. Many learn flower craft as a recreational activity. Schools have crafts as subject and flower craft forms a part of assignments. The material for flower craft is easily available and is not very expensive and easily available for shopping. Man is creative species who constantly strives to satisfy his hunger for creation. He pursues different interests and develops hobbies. Flower craft is one such activity which provides scope to explore both creativity and business options.

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