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A Gathering of Fibers   Call 907-373-1336
A fiber arts supply for New Zealand products, spinning fiber, fleeces, handspun yarn, knit wear, artist teddy bears and hand-made soap. Visit the site for online shopping.
4116B East Country Fair Drive, Wasilla, ALASKA, USA, 99654   (3990)

BackSide Fabrics   Call 704-464-6001
Company specializing in beautiful and affordable wide quilt backing fabrics in in a broad range of colors and prints. Visit the site for complete information and details.
1500 Woodbend Lane, Stanley, NC 28164, USA   (3991)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Fiber Arts Business

An art is a process of arranging things such that it appeals to the senses or emotions. Fiber art is nothing but a style of fine arts which uses textiles such as fabrics, natural and synthetic fibers. People are interested in decorating their houses with such arts and in some cases, like home makers, they wish to do these arts themselves. It is wise to start a fiber art retail or wholesale business as more people are attracted towards arts. In order to start up this business you should have idea about the different fiber art techniques which are present. There are a number of techniques. A few are quilting, knitting, felting, braiding or plaiting, lace making, flocking and so on. It does not matter what technique you are using, it should be made in such a way that it attracts people and tempt them to do shopping at your retail store.

In order to excel in this business you should hire employees who are having enough experience in arts and who are fine workers. Their arts should be in a very different way and should be unique in its kind. The main focus is on the material and the manual labor involved. To many people surprise, there are also fiber art degree programs. There are also many Bachelor Degrees in fiber arts. So you can very well hire employees who are having such certifications from authorized institutions. The more you concentrate on your design the more you are likely to get customers. Your employees should be able to explain about the specialty about every fibre art in your company and should have good communication skills.

An important thing to be noticed in fiber arts retail business is that mathematical ideas have been used as inspiration for a number of fiber arts including quilt making, knitting, cross-stitch, crochet, embroidery and weaving. A wide range of mathematical concepts have been used as inspiration. They include topology, graph theory, number theory and algebra. The IEEE spectrum has published a number of books on this subject. Examples of mathematical ideas used in fiber arts as the basis of a quilt include the golden rectangle, conic sections and the six trigonometric functions. This type of fibre art design will be more accurate and will be very suitable for retail shopping purpose.

A notable division in fiber art is wearable fiber art which means that pieces of hand made clothing are designed individually created as fine or expressive art. The artists may even use purchased finished fabric or other material making them into unique garments. Talents and skills of every artist will vary widely in this field as like other art forms. Since the nature of the medium requires craft skills as well as artistic skills, an advanced artist can be expected to study color theory, chemistry, sewing, clothing design, and computer software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Classes in clothing design and marketing may be learned from such colleges as the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Like every business fiber arts retail business is also greatly influenced by marketing. Proper means of marketing is needed for every business. Marketing should be done in such a way that people should be able to do their shopping very easily. The retail shop which is needed for this business should be located in a shopping mall where people of all categories can visit. This is one of the important business plans. Excellent business plans are needed to succeed in every business and fiber arts business is no exception. You should be aware of what type of retail products are going to sold by your company and what type of customers you are going to attract for shopping. So you should be well aware about these. Online shopping has become a gift for many people and for business people too. Create an attractive website which includes your company’s profile and detailed description about your products with images of every art. Also add the key feature of every product. Add a shopping cart in your website which enables users to shop easily online.

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