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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide to Embroidery Crafts Business

If you look around yourself in a daily routine you will realize that embroidery is everywhere you go. You go out to the retail market for shopping and you will see caps, shirts, bags, linen, uniforms all of them have embroidery crafts in one form or the other. Be it monograms, logos, club names, or just a normal design; embroidery is there and its there to stay. Even the statistics say the same. The embroidery industry has grown to a 47 billion industry a year now.

To start up an embroidery crafts business you can either start your own manufacturing plant or start as a retailer. To manufacture embroidery crafts goods you must be ready with the capital to set up a plant and more importantly you need experienced and skilled embroidery workers to use their expertise to create products for attracting shopping customers. You can start your own embroidery crafts business in two ways. You can set up a factory using heavy machinery used for commercial embroidery and then send it to market for retail shopping customers through a distributor or you can set up a small scale entrepreneur organization using skilled labor from a rural area.

If you are planning to start embroidery crafts business by setting up factory using commercial machinery you must have a good capital in hand to start with. The estimated cost will include the infrastructure cost, machinery cost, and labor charges. You must also find contacts and ways to reach the market. You can look for distributors across the places that have a tight grip of the retail shopping of their area. Generally, customers shopping for embroidery products are normal families. They go to these shopping retail showrooms to get these products so you must make sure that the market is stuffed with your products. This can be achieved through dealers who are dynamic and have a good market and retailer grip and also have a good name in the market. You can also take orders from various organizations such as schools and colleges for monograms and other embroidery work in the uniforms. Cloth batches with embroidery on them are also used extensively in schools and college uniforms. Same goes for other organizations as well.

Many organizations have their own uniforms and to mark them embroidered monograms are used. You can track such organizations and get work from them. You must assign this job to someone in the marketing field. There are people and organization that do such freelancing marketing business. You can catch hold of them or you can employ full time marketing executives for your company. Also big clothing brands also give out embroidery projects to other smaller business organizations. Generally products like caps and bags are given out for embroidery in a large quantity and later sold to the retail shopping customers under their own brand name. If you can manage to get some business like this, it will boost your business graph.

The other way around is starting a small scale embroidery crafts business with skilled workers from rural area. This will mostly involve hand work embroidery using thread and needle. There is great demand for such products as the needle work is supposed to be very fine is done separately for each piece of clothing. This is a good option if you do not have too much initial capital in hand. This is a great way of bringing unknown artists some work and also for utilizing their skills for your business profits. This in hand will give a lot of people employment. You can easily get loans from banks for this business. Even government has come out with many schemes for starting such small scale entrepreneur businesses. But you need to check out the written guidelines mentioned for any such project. Also there are many NGO’s working for the uplifting the status of rural classes. These organizations might help you out in establishing your business and might provide you with some initial investment as well.

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