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FSDU  Call 0115 9275141
Offer Point of Sale materials including Wobblers, Pop-up Displays, Free standing Display Units (FSDU), Dump Bins, Display Stands, Standees and more. Visit the site for more information.
Print & Display Ltd, Lockwood House, Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG
http://www.printdisplays.com/   (5246)

GPX Group  Call +44 (0)20 8327 3232
One of UK's leading manufacturer of point of sale and retail display products including counter pens, mobile phone displays, hooks, snap frames, footwear displays and more. Visit site for online shopping.
Pim House, Mariner, Lichfield Road Industrial Estate, Tamworth, B79 7UL, UK
http://www.gpxgroup.com/   (4000)

Kelpex Displays Ltd  Call +353 (0) 58 56450
One of Ireland's leading designers and manufacturers of display units and systems including Leaflet Holders, Multi-Dispensers, Interior and Window Display Systems, General Point of Sale Display Units and many Custom Designed items. Visit the site for more information and details.
Units 1-2 The Enterprise Park, New Street, Tallow, Co Waterford, Ireland.
http://www.kelpex.com/   (4001)

Point Of Sale Displays  Call 01489 808007
Buy online display systems, hangers and hooks, office equipment, shopping baskets and trolleys and more.
Valentino's Display Ltd., 22 Hunts Pond Road, Park Gate, Hampshire, UK
http://www.valentinosdisplays.com   (7304)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Point of Sale Displays Business

A Point of Sale display (POS) is one which is used to promote sales and it is found near, on, or next to a checkout counter (the "point of sale"). It is used to attract customersÂ’ attention, when they come for shopping in retail stores, towards some particular product and thereby increase sales. It is especially used to promote seasonal and holiday sales. There are various types of displays which are used for Point of Sales. A few includes shelf edging, dummy packs, display packs, display stands, mobiles, posters, and banners. Taking this point of sale displays business is a wise thing and it is a one which has more demand in the retail market since every shopkeeper right from small ones to big super markets will tend to use this as it helps to increase the sales. So taking this business can be a right choice and it will be a good investment.

In order to succeed in this business you should know about the various products for which this point of sale displays are used and you should know about the things which are used for making the displays. Usually, in smaller retail outlets, point of sale displays are supplied by the manufacturer of the products, and also sited and restocked and maintained by one of their regular salesperson. It will be easier for people who come for a shopping to see the display and purchase accordingly. This, however, is less common in large supermarkets as they can control the activities of their suppliers due to their large purchasing power, and prefer to use their own material designed to be consistent with their corporate teeming and store layout. You should be wise enough to stop this and make them purchase yours. It is in your hands and your employeesÂ’ hands to canvas and increase the sales of your products.

Your point of sale display should be very appealing and it should cover the attraction of each and everyone who come for retail shopping. You should know about the common items which will usually appear in the point of sale displays. A few items that are displayed year-round are batteries, soft drinks, candy, chewing gum, magazines, comics, tobacco, and writable CDs and DVDs. These displays are also useful in outlets with limited floor space, as there tends to be much wasted space around counters. So they are mostly situated in and around the check out counter.

There also another form of this point of sale displays other than the one which are used in supermarkets. They are nothing but the displays which are set up in roads. This large displays set up in prominent locations in high-traffic supermarkets have been shown to increase the rate of sales by as much as sixty four fold over the same items sold from their regular shelf locations. Your advertisement should be in such a way that it is very bright and appealing to eyes and makes the people to go for a shopping for sure. At the same time keep in mind that while designing these types of point of sale displays it should not harm any public. Your advertisements should not be the reason for the accidents which are happening. It should be in such a way that it attracts their eyes alone and not their concentration.

There are also certain difficulties in this point of sale display business. However, you can easily overcome this by having a good business deal. Making the retailers use your point of display is the biggest difficulty. Most national retail chains are very selective in deciding which products to accept displays for. In order to allow you to set up a display in their stores, they expect the manufacturer to offer cash incentives. Some store managers of national retail chains will make their own decisions as to what displays they will accommodate on their floors, even if you have an agreement with the national office that is backed by cash incentives and guarantees a full chain display program. Merchants prefer to keep displays up for short periods of time in order to keep the impression of their merchandise mix fresh and appealing to their consumers, even if you do manage to get display exposure. So take proper care on this part in order to flourish in this business.

Marketing is the key area for every business and you should be well aware in this part. Try to gain more and more customers daily. One thing is you should not worry about the cost involved in designing the point of sale displays. You will realize the profit every day from the feedback given by buyers because of your well-created and well-placed point of display. You can develop a website with full details about your company and the products. Online shopping has become more common among the people and in order to enable them for a safer and convenient shopping you can add a shopping cart. You can also bring your website higher in Google Shopping.

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