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American Easel  Call +44 (0)20 7498 8444
Offer easels ideal for product promotion and launch presentation and exhibitons as well as artist easels including multi easels made from hard wood and designed for smaller sized prints and photographs. Great for a table-top display as well. Take some time to give your eyes a look to site for more details and online shopping.
Peak Rock • DRCA Business Centre, Charlotte Despard Avenue • Battersea Park, London • SW11 5HD • UK
http://www.displayeasels.com/   (2775)

Amron, Inc.  Call 1-800-553-4438
Offer wide selection of easels including acrylic easels, wood easels, iron easels, copper easels, display easels, brass easels, aluminum easels, pewter easels, bronze easels, table top easels, floor easels and more which are designed taking in mind that you are able to properly and elegantly display your art and collectibles in your home or office. Visit the site for online shopping and give a detailed look for further information and specifications.
PO Box 970330, Coconut Creek, FL 33097
http://www.easelsbyamron.com/   (2777)

Easel Showcase  Call 1-800-380-5056
Company featuring a lovely selection of easel chalkboards for classroom and even the home school classroom, magnetic easels allowing magnets to be used to keep papers in place, also offer a nice selection of display easels used in office or at schools and businesses where information that needs to be displayed to a large number of people and much more. Take some of your time to give a detailed look at the site for further details and shopping.
1806 N. Flamingo Road, Suite 450, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028
http://www.easelshowcase.com/   (2778)

Easels Direct  Call 1-800-679-9670
Take your time to shop with confidence with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee for all your easels need including display easels made from metal and wood, decorative easels, office easels, artist easels, whiteboards, wholesale plate stands, book stands and more. Visit the site for further information and shopping.
309 Hickory St., Fort Collins, CO 80524
http://www.easelsdirect.com/   (2774)

George Patton Associates, Inc.  Call 1-800-572-2194
Company headquartered in Bristol and is the leading manufacturer of arts display easels made of wood, metal, whiteboard, acrylic, dry erase etc which are very handy tools for presentation, corporate meetings, office lobby, resturants etc and available in hundreds of designs, styles, sizes and options. Go to site for shopping.
55 Broadcommon Road, Bristol, RI 02809, USA
http://www.easels.us.com/   (2772)

Xylem Design  Call 800-333-9953
Site providing online shopping for easels including table top artist easel, Lobo Painters Easel, Dulce Painters Easel, French easels crafted from Chinese Elm, Wooden Display Easels, Double Sided Wooden Easel, A-Frame Adjustable Wooden Easel for art and signage display needs and more. Give a look to site for further details.
309 Hickory St, Ft Collins, CO 80524, USA
http://www.xylemdesign.com/   (2773)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Easels Business

If we couldn’t walk and stand on ground, where would be land? We would probably float in the air. But our legs and two feet keep us grounded and settled all our life. When we feel like painting nature or special moods placing canvas on ground simply spoil the entire set up and you cannot catch the exact aura of moment. Sometimes clicking pictures with zoom cameras becomes almost impossible without apt support for the camera. You must be wondering what we are trying to connect through such examples. Like we have legs and feet to be grounded similarly easels are used as support to rest your canvas or any such display that requires an apt support for enhancement or survival. We are all familiar with shopping for easels as even our childhood chalk boards were perfectly fixed on easels for convenience.

So let’s get to know a little about easels and their origin. One can define easel as a straight hold up put to use for placing something over it or for exhibiting an art or crafts. Egyptians have been using them from ancient era either to support paintings or to rest boards. So we can say that it is usually put to use by artists or painters to hold their art whilst working or exhibiting them at their studios. They are manufactured in wood, steel and aluminum, though you will find people shopping in retail for wooden easels most commonly. One can also perceive them in distinct sizes as per demand and requirement. Further we would like to divide them in two broad categories like tripod design easels and H frame designed easels. Now after learning about its available designs, we can peep into the extensive usages of this product.

One can observe wide use of display easels at studios where artists work on small to large framed canvas. So the ones placed in studios does not require to be portable, have simple design or apt for multitasking. Now the other aspect of easels designs comes handy to people who require portable easels to work outside and lighter to carry around as per work demand. You can call them field easels and they are usually small in size. The best part of this style is its compact and foldable packing accessorized with colors and easy to carry. Finally we can come to ones used for displaying art works in exhibitions and they are amongst the simplest easels made only with solidity in concern to hold the weight of art works aptly. After learning about the categories and usage of easels, let’s move on to consider the business aspect of the product.

This business calls for people who can create clientage or have social contacts with artists or art studios. For instance if you are selling cool beverages at some corner of the market, people shopping in the retail market would never spot you to quench their thirst simply because they are not aware that you are selling that product there, do you know why? That’s because you are not in their reach. Similarly one has got to be in this circle to stress his existence with the same. It could be great business as usage has gone ahead with production of the product for schools, classrooms, offices and that too in different metals. Since use of the product is not restricted to artists only, so one can enjoy a colorful clientage that uses easels in different sizes, forms and purposes. And finances are not really high in this business as simple easels can be crafted at home and sold for good margins. Hence a good home based business opportunity!

Another option is being a wholesale dealer offering economic and fast online shopping in retail for buyers listing the entire range of display easels like acrylic easels, wood easels, iron easels, copper easels, display easels, bronze easels, table top easels, floor easels and more. So concluding we can say easels business is good opportunity but would never become a profitable or money making venture because most of people interested in displaying their art on them makes one time purchase and purchases new one only after disposing the old easels. Still, if you have guts to dive in shallow sea, be prepared to get hurt.

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