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Glass Crafters Stained Glass, Inc.  Call 1-941-379-8333
Offer online shopping for stained glass supplies at affordable prices. Products include glass kilns, glass cutting tools, glass saws and grinders, morton glass tools and more for all glass arts and crafts need. Visit the site for more business information and details.
398 Interstate Court - Sarasota, FL 34240 , USA   (4208)

Whittemore-Durgin Glass Co  Call (800) 262-1790
Offer art and architectural glass, stained glass supplies and more. Products include gadgets and tools for for glass soldering and cutting, glass grinders and saws, books, videos, DVDs and more. Visit the site for more information and online shopping in retail.
825 Market St. Rockland, MA 02370   (4209)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Glass Supplies Business

It will not be an exaggeration to say that every person touches or uses at least one item made of glass every day. This is just to give an idea of how widespread is the use of glass and how integral it has become in our lifestyle. The mirror you see before stepping out, the vehicle you travel in for work or the lights you switch off before going to bed most of the things you use will have glass in it. The use of glass was earlier limited as it was fragile and was dangerous to use in some applications. With the advancement in manufacturing science we today have variants of glass that are non breakable. Glasses today are so safe that even the kid toys are making use of it. There are many businesses that develop glass equipments. From items of daily use to decorative pieces many are involved in this business. All of these need glass as raw material. With retail shopping for glass arts and crafts at rise there is a greater demand for glass. Glass supplies business deals with making the raw material available to glass crafts item manufacturers.

Glass supplies can be coupled with glass manufacturing. If you have are already into glass manufacturing keeping the supplies to yourself will make it possible to supply glass at a lower rate than your competitors. You can have a direct contact with the customers shopping in retail for your glass and the feedback from them can help you in making improvements in business. But if the supplies are on a large scale it needs large resources and logistics. It becomes cheaper for glass manufacturers to outsource supplies. Glass manufacturers are always in search of new suppliers for expansions in different area. As a supplier you should identify such glass manufacturing units. There are many reputed manufacturers and becoming a recognized supplier will add credibility to your retail or wholesale business.

Glass Supplier also needs to identify existing shopping base and identify new customers. The industrialization wheel has turned a full circle and after a few decades dominated by Electronics and Information Technology we are again witnessing a boom in construction and automobile. This is a good time for glass supplies business as both these industries have a heavy requirement of glass. Identify the construction activities and new building projects coming up in the vicinity. Many of them can be looking for glass supplies. There is a variety of glass required in construction for mirrors, doors, windows, crafts, arts and building exteriors. In fact every commercial complex today is using a large amount of glass. The construction activities are taking place so rapidly that the raw material supplies are finding it difficult to keep in pace there by creating shortage. You can identify new glass manufacture and bridge this gap in shopping for glass and earning good margins in the deal.

Automobiles use a large amount of glass. From windscreens to rear view mirrors glass is many vehicle accessories. Customized automobile retail market has seen development of many vehicle body kits using glass. From see through to bullet proofs automobile too have requirement for different glass variants. Approach automobile industries or the accessories and body kit manufacturers to identify their shopping requirement. The use of glass is highly promoted in automobiles as it reduces the weight of vehicle and at the same time makes the vehicle attractive. It is easier and cheap to make complex shapes out of glass compared to metals. Glass will see new roles in automobile business. Always keep yourself aware of happenings in auto world. As a glass supplier your ears should raise every time you hear the word glass in this business.

The retail customers shopping for glass are not individuals but other businesses large and small. It thus becomes very challenging as these businesses are more quality and cost conscious making them hard buyers than individuals. It is only with cost effective yet quality glasses that you can establish yourself in the glass supplies business. The glass business is fragile but even the fragile of glasses find customers and gets good price provided itÂ’s worth the money.

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