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  Results: 1 to 4 of about 4 for Craft Supplies in Mast Business Directory.   Call Toll-Free: 877-231-9797 offers one of the largest selections online in retail of craft supplies, art supplies, scrapbooking supplies, scrapbook supplies, sewing supplies, quilting supplies, knitting supplies, rug hooking supplies, cross stitch supplies, and embroidery. Visit the site for more business information.
2700 E. Lanark Street Suite 120, Meridian, ID 83642   (3731)

Craft Supplies Ltd   Call (01433) 622 550
Supplier of arts and crafts supplies like woodturning tools, machinery, timber, clockmaking parts, courses and other woodworking accessories via mail order catalogue, shop and stockists. Visit the site for online shopping.
Newburgh Works, Netherside, Bradwell, Derbyshire. S33 9JL   (3730)

Singer Ironing Press   Call Free phone: 0800 567 7111
Offer sewing machines, embroidery machines and dress forms for all your crafts needs. Visit site for more information.
Singer Sewing Machines, 638-640 High Road, Finchley, London, N12 0NL, UK   (6941)

Warehouse Craft Supplies   Call 419-699-0991; 877-544-0453
Warehouse Craft Supplies is a wholesaler of craft and floral supplies with volume discounts up to 62.5% off on over 3,600 items. Visit the site for more products information and business details.
1028 W. Central Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43610   (5623)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Craft supplies business

Craft supplies business is an unorganized segment. This business can be started in a garage and also in an industrial set up. Craft supplies business is a small scale industry unless and until you are planning something like distribution to world retail or wholesale market. Crafts business is beneficial in developing countries where there is availability of cheap and efficient workers. During holiday season children and adults can work in the preparation of arts and crafts supplies. Crafts supplies are very much in demand during festive season. It is easy to start and prepare crafts if you have the right skill and talent. It can be an effective way to outcome laziness during holidays. Shopping for craft supplies in retail give you an understanding about market dynamics and art work.

There exists significant demand for hand crafted products in the retail shopping market. Hand crafted products should be made taking in the interests of the general consumer. Consumers would like to buy products which appeal to them and care should be taken not to involve your personal preferences rather than the customers. It is hard to create a market for your products rather than to sell your products to the existing market. Mask making businesses are very popular during Halloween and Mardi gras. In such way research should be created to know the existing demand for certain products and then flow along the demand and supply ratio. In Italy masks are held in place with the help of ornate hand held sticks. Minor details such as hand held sticks will enhance the value of your product thus creating bottom line profit. Importance to minor art details will improve the overall value of your product. Shopping patterns and preferences should be studied before designing marketing.

Departmental stores such as Henri Bendel, Kmart, etc are increasingly stocking crafts than clothing due to good profit margins and high value nature of the goods. Crafts are profitable to the manufacturer, retailer and distributor. Increasingly many shops, malls, retail stores, etc which used to be exclusively apparel stores are stocking arts and crafts these days. Shopping trends are also depicting the increasing association between clothing and crafts. If you`re crafts are fashion related then it is the time to start production for both high end and price conscience consumers.

Many people complain about saturation point in the business. If a saturation point is reached in the business then you need to branch out into complimentary craft supplies business. If you are into jewellery making (metal smith) then you can also prepare home accessory items as well. Brooches and wall pieces are just some of the examples for branching out from the main stream. It is important to stay updated with the current trends of the industry and branch out as soon as something new popular style hits the retail market. Shopping of crafts of varied prices gives you a real understanding of the art and pricing structure.

If you are into children products crafting business then you need to understand the legislation HR4040 in regards to consumer product safety improvement act of 2008. This act came into effect from February 10 of 2008. All products intended for children will be independently tested to see if there is any high level of contamination of lead or phthalate in the product. Each and every product intended for children will be tested; if you are manufacturing an organic blanket then each and every blanket of the entire lot will be tested for possible contamination. Violators may be fined upto $100, 000 with five years in prison. Recent findings of toxic lead paint in children`s toys has paved the way for stringent measures. A good art can fetch you a higher price and value. This industry comes under small scale segment. Being a labour intensive industry it has its own share of problems concerning with labour laws, regulations and safety procedures. Finance is available to this industry from banks, financial institutions, venture capitalists, etc. One of the main focal point for this industry is product and the demand for it. Crafts supplies can be a seasonal business as well as an all year round business depending upon the product chooses. Art work is necessary to improve the overall feel of the product.

Import and export opportunities exist in this industry. It is to be noted that there are stringent export and import procedures for any product intended for children.

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