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A.C. Moore  Call 1-888-ACMOORE OPTION-2.
Specialty retailer offering a vast selection of arts, crafts and floral merchandise to a broad demographic of customers. Products include sewing and quilting, frames and storage, embellishments, lace and trim, sewing kits, buttons, zippers, gift cards, adhesives, beads, cake and candy making and much more.
Online Store   (1679)

Blick Art Materials  Call (800)-828-4548
Offers a variety of art supplies including paints, brushes, easels, and drawing supplies. Also sells sculpting tools and materials. Visit site for online shopping.
P.O. Box 1267, Galesburg, IL 61402-1267   (1684)

Crafts From India  Call +91-011-65378722, 42470822
Provide online shopping for indian crafts such as beautiful collection of cushion covers handcrafted from materials like jute, cotton, silk and the unique screw pine, handbags, Dhurries and Rugs in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, hand block printing, hand embroidery, tie & dye and other crafts on a wide variety of fabrics and more.
802, 8th Floor, GD-ITL-North Ex. Towers, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitam Pura, Delhi- 110034, India   (1681)

Homecrafts  Call 0116 2697733
Offer online shopping of more than 16000 products related to arts and crafts of all kinds. Visit the site to buy online.
Hamilton House Mountain Road Leicester LE4 9HQ, UK   (7410)

Michaels Stores, Inc  Call (1-800-642-4235)
Online store for art supplies including beads, metal chain, pendants, charms, crystals, craft painting products like brushes, books, foam stamps, stencils and accessories, pencils, pens and markers, airbrush and supplies and lot more with online secured retail shopping.
8000 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, TX 75063   (1680)

Specialist Crafts Ltd  Call (+44)116 2697711
Offer arts and crafts products online in different categories like christmas ideas, framing and display, graphics and communication, fashion and textile design, adhesives, art library, pottery and ceramics, printing and more.
PO BOX 247, Leicester, LE1 9QS   (1682)

Vietnam Art Craft  Call (403) 328-9052
Site offering Vietnam's traditional fine arts like lacquerware, woodcarving and attractive handicrafts products created by skillful craftsmen suitable for decorations, ornaments, toys, gifts, collectibles. Online Shopping.
614 - 7 Street South, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 2H3, Canada   (1683)

Business Information: Edify Your Instincts For Arts And Crafts Business

Business prospects have always held diverse perspectives but arts and crafts cannot hold away from being a significant business stream. Talking about art and crafts we cannot leave the creative works in a labyrinth of colors and tradition as in business form it implies intelligent and sellable usage of the creativity. Hence whether its paintings, sculptures, crafted pots, handmade craft products or fakes, being in this business means gather the productivity in demand and even make customized profits from it. Hang on! Don�t get wrong ideas by words like customized profits as we were simply implying that sometimes traditional arts pay you more in export orders because of demand than in your own arena. Please get ready to go shopping with us, to invest in your business!

If we put it in right words, then saying that ice is melting down in white, rain is dropping its color, forests are losing its green look and the greener pastures are getting paler day by day. Why? Perhaps all colors have been instigated into art, crafted to sell and that too in an eco-friendly environment. You must be wondering what we are talking about. We are talking about corporate art that implies carrying your passion and creativity to a higher level of recognition. For instance few artists who are famed by name and sell customized sculptures, art jewelry, and glass art. Even the clients shopping for their crafted pieces know and recognize their work. This is perhaps just one aspect of art business that few fortunate artists achieve.

Another good aspect of this retail business is home based opportunity. One can get in by making beautiful ceramic bowls, glasses and even sell them for profit to retailers. There are several people who make these as hobby and are even appreciated by friends and family for it. But then there are several considerations like working on details of selling it at an appropriate cost, investing money for cost efficient time production to meet any bulk orders and most vital taking more time out of your regular routine to update your designs with market trends. Apart from this you have another mode of getting into this business through paintings. Have you been shopping for paintings recently? Were they fakes or so called originals?

This business is truly hot these days. If you have observed people shopping for paintings then we would not advice a single word to you. They are art fans and purchase fakes in name of original paintings made by renowned artists. And the most interesting thing is they are aware that they cannot afford to buy originals, so you have fair chance of selling this art. Just as a piece of advice we would like you to educate yourself on art before investing any sort of money. If you don�t wish to get into fake art business, invests in offset prints as it�s legal and cheaper. One can also invest in new artist�s talent and do good business if the paintings are made in good taste. This stream would cost a reasonable amount of money but might pay good profits with selective taste. It could be a splendid online retail business start up as people shopping for new or famed art can easily view pictures online and order the same through your website.

Moving on with more perspectives, crafts business show great promise even at lower levels. Well, if one possesses a good talent it could be hand crafted decoration, beaded jewelry or even a gamut of handcrafted products supplied by you at different outlets. There are modes of encouraging your sale by participating in art and crafts exhibits or other hand craft centers to promote your retail business. In the end we would like to conclude our discussion in just one line- �beauty lies in the eye of beholder and if you have that perceptive eye for art business, profits are just a step away�.

The human nature is designed to be preoccupied by beauty. We humans are attracted, in general, by things which were made by the hands of some artists, people that have the vision and the skill, not present at a common man. So, we will try to see if that our need for the beauty can be exploited somehow and if it is possible to make a retail or wholesale business from arts and crafts.

Whenever it is a major event happening, as an excuse for people to gather along, you will find certain individuals that will tempt you shopping some handmade crafts, or groups of people who will try to entertain you in exchange of a small fee.

Is it enough to call it a business? If you are very skilled in what are you doing, there is a great chance to succeed. The arts retail market is very tricky and you could never be sure of your success. But there are some cases in painting for example, where the artists gain a couple of million dollars from just one piece sold. So it is possible, but you will need the luck of a great publicity campaign and some reputation built around you.

If you are a skilled craftsman, the first thing that you need to do is to brand your products. To distinguish your crafts from the work of your competition you have to mark them as your own. So the people shopping for them in retail will be aware of your products� quality and tradition. As for those involved in arts, there isn�t a precise moment when your practice becomes a business. You can�t tell when a buyer comes shopping for your painting, or when a production company will be interested in signing a deal with you. The main advice I can give is if you are a painter, you must continue to paint, or if you are a musician, you need to keep singing. Practice makes perfect and, in that case, will help you develop. From there, it is a matter of time until someone discovers you.

There is one thing that whether you are into arts and crafts or if you are doing any other kind of business, must do. You must gather yourself a base of clients, because without them you will be unable to buy the materials you need for your job. So, if you wouldn�t have somebody shopping for your crafts, your small business will be dead and you will have to fix other priorities in order to survive. The easier way to find customers is to locate yourself where there are large crowds gathering, with people willing to buy the sort of products you have for sell. But the ideal is to sign a contract with a store, or a company. In that way, you will have (at least for a brief period of time) a constant source of customers.

We all know how important publicity is in making a good business. One good advice is to try promoting yourself on the web. Putting your retail products on shopping sites like e-bay or amazon could be a good boost for your passion. Another alternative is to place ads on arts related blogs, or on other sites which are in your target of customers.

Surviving on the market is not an easy thing. There are many competitors who will force you to constantly improve yourself and motivate you to find solutions in order to make profit. You will need to keep the prices as low as possible and the quality of the products very high. It is imperative to use whatever means are possible in order to attract more retail customers and you must always be with a step in front of your competitors. Choose carefully the materials you will use and try finding different mixtures that will give special qualities to your products. I wish you good fortune with your project because running an arts and crafts related business is a hard thing to do, and with not such a big material profit.

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