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Business Information By Mast Directory: A guide to soccer apparel business

Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport on this earth. Characterized for its fast paced action it is probably the only sport where “jerseys” or “colors” matter the most. Imagine a Rooney or Christiano Ronaldo and you will come up with an image of him in an electrifying red T-shirt – the color of Manchester united. Soccer clubs all over the world are identified by their sport uniforms. No doubt then that Chelsea is more popular as "The Blues".

The sport soccer has the largest fan following. Soccer fans are known to be extremely passionate about this sport, their clubs and stars. They prefer to display their following by wearing the same uniforms as their favorite stars. If you catch up on an exciting Saturday night encounter between Chelsea and Real Madrid on television it will be extremely difficult to spot colors other than white or blue.

Before the start of any major football event like the premier league, champion’s league or the world cup there is a sudden rise in the demand of football apparels as the fanatics go retail shopping for their favorite clubs apparels. Factors like media publicity, stress on importance of sports in academics , good money in sports, availability of coaching, cheap travel and match tickets have contributed in making sports extremely popular today and thereby surging the demand for sports apparels in general and soccer in particular . An idea about making a business out of soccer apparel hence appears to be convincing.

Business in soccer apparels can be carried out at any three levels of the supply chain viz. manufacturing, distributing or the retailing.

Manufacturing business can be operated at small level like manufacturing for local sports clubs, schools etc. to a large scale where one wins contracts for reputed clubs or targets global retail and wholesale customers by exporting sportswear. An important aspect to be remembered in manufacturing is quality. Global manufactures like Adidas®, Nike® and Puma® have established themselves in the apparel business due to their high quality standards.

Distributing is supplying the finished products from the manufacturers to the retailer. Often it is a great idea to keep distributing with manufacturing as it keeps cost low and ensures quicker deliveries. But if maintaining logistics is an issue one can always opt for a different distributor.

Retailing is the most crucial aspect of apparel business. Retailers sell the apparels to the end customers and provide manufacturers with feedback on their products and also demands and expectations of their customers. As a retailer you have to design strategies that would encourage shopping for soccer apparels and increase sales. You can open your own retail store or take a franchisee of established retailers say Nike®.

The basics soccer apparels mainly consist of sports jerseys with logos, numbers and names, shorts n socks. Caps are not part of soccer apparels and not preferred. Another important component is the tracksuits which are worn when on bench, warm-ups or traveling for matches. Fashion seems to be catching up in soccer as well and today you have designer apparels like sweaters and wool caps when playing in cool climates.

Jerseys form the largest segment of apparel shopping in retail. Football jerseys are in as fashion and have great business opportunity. Fans prefer to shop for the same jerseys as their stars which make it easy to mass produce. There is high demand for jerseys named after Ronaldo Messi or Gerrard. But customized jerseys are also catching up. Although they cannot be mass produced they are sold at higher price than the regular ones. Branded jerseys are preferred by most shoppers as it adds to the feel of originality. One may also look for contracts to design and manufacture apparels for school and university teams most of them have regular soccer teams.

It is important for retailers to keep updating themselves with latest changes in the soccer clubs apparels and lifestyles of sports icons. If not there is possibility of loosing business. David Beckham for instance had made headband extremely poplar and youngsters wanted to have one as his. One should also keep track of major events and be prepared for the shopping seasons. It helps to keep knowledgeable person in soccer as salesperson that would help customers in retail shopping for the right things. Special offers like autographed t-shirts or goodies will definitely result in good sale of soccer apparels. A popular soccer star or good designer promoting our store can take your business leaps and bounds.

Accessories like hand gloves, knee caps, protective gear and shoes though not apparels can also be included in item for sales. A buyer usually prefers to get his entire kit at one place and hence including them is a good idea. One can tie up on a sales sharing basis with accessories firm and keep range of soccer accessories (remember headband of Beckham).This way the shoppers coming for accessories can also result in shopping for apparels and in the process both gets mutually benefited.

Some times you can combine all the three units of this business resulting in a giant corporate setup. Having said this one should remember it is not an easy task and requires heavy investments, large manpower and great managerial resources. The likes of Addidas® and Nike® have already proven the potentials that lie in the sports apparels business. But there is still room for many others. Who knows the next name can be yours!

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