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Gongshow Hockey Gear  Call 613.792.1520
Offer clothing line made specifically for hockey players and fans worldwide. Built in the locker room. Visit the site for more business information and details.
1568 Carling Ave., Suite 202, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 7M4   (4078)

K1 Sportswear  Call Toll Free 1-800-345-0028
Online shopping store offering hockey apparel including socks, bags, T-shirts, custom jacket and pant, lettering and fabric etc. Visit the site for more information.
1309 Ave C Cloquet, MN 55720   (4079)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Hockey Apparel Business

Hockey is one of the oldest sports. From being a sports dominated by Asian countries like Pakistan and India hockey today has traveled all around the world and have produced world champions even in Netherlands, Germany and Australia. One of the earliest team sports to get Olympic status hockey is played in all continents and has great popularity amongst youngsters. Hockey is also introduced in universities and there are many hockey leagues played at junior and senior level in both men and women categories in every nation. On a larger scale there is champion’s trophy, world cup and the Olympics.

Hockey is a simple sport, easy to understand and fast paced very similar to football. Hence it has been successfully to attract youngsters and also create a good following. Many countries are giving significance to this game and are coming up with programs to uplift hockey in their nations. Being an Olympic game also adds to its advantages thus producing student athletes. Hockey somehow was not promoted properly and was looked upon as lacking glamour compared to other sports like cricket, football or even basketball for that matter. Scenario of retail shopping in hockey merchandise was not very encouraging. Media didnt back the sports then and there were limited business opportunities as it mainly carried an impression of being an Asian sport.

However in today’s era of globalization outlook towards things have changed and sports today is looked upon as great business opportunities. Improved marketing strategies have helped promoting hockey globally. There is rise in population of hockey players resulting in developing a shopping culture for sports equipments and apparels in hockey. A retail business in Hockey apparel is worth a thought.

Hockey being played at all levels and in most parts retailing hockey apparel will not be a problem. However one must be committed towards selling standard goods if you want to encourage shopping in a sensitive segment like sports apparels business. Hockey is an endurance game with lot of physical contact and stretches and the players undergo heavy sweating. All this points should be considered while manufacturing the apparels. The apparels preferred for hockey are generally loose and absorbing sweat. The fabric used should be of good quality to sustain stretches and roughing up between players. The stitching should be of high standard as hockey apparel is subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

Hockey apparel mainly comprise of colorful jerseys and shorts. Bright jerseys are preferred for night games or indoor games. Jerseys have number, name and the logo of team printed on them. Shopping trends world over have confirmed good retail and wholesale market for customized jerseys. Apart from sports youngsters also prefer such jerseys even as normal college or home wears. Business made by sales of jerseys is much more than the sell of entire kit. Yet shorts and track pants are also in good demands. Then there are other things like wristbands, kneepads and head bands and socks. Many players are also spotted with colorful bandanna covering their heads and other fashionable accessories. Jackets and track pants with padding, hand gloves are major apparels for goalkeeper. Attire for women players mostly comprises of sleeveless tops and skirts.

It is a good idea to sell hockey accessories and equipments with the apparel business if you are considering opening a retail shop. As the customer base is selective it helps to be open to allied options as it increases the chances of sales. Offering seasonal discounts or benefits to regular shoppers will help retain customers which are important in apparel business. Efforts should be made to improve the shopping experience of the retail customers. Constant feedback should be provided to manufacturers to keep them abreast with latest trends and consumer demands.

Recent years have seen other variants of hockey surfacing up. Prominent amongst them are ice hockey and roller hockey. These variants particularly ice hockey have received warm welcome from sporting community. This has increased more avenues and business opportunities. These variants have their own requirements with regards to apparel and the industry is catching up with the demands. The future of hockey with its upcoming variants looks very positive and that of its apparel business highly promising.

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