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Bodyline Activewear   Call (403) 290-0154
Bodyline Activewear's unique fitness apparel offers style and comfort and is one of the few workout apparel lines offering petite and tall sizing and also offer and yoga apparel for the serious and casual athlete. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information.
Suite 1102, 535 - 13 Avenue S.W, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2R 0K5   (4137)

Fit Clothing   Call 01858 462827
Offer fitness apparel including gym wear, active clothing, top quality nutritional supplements, etc in best brands like Better Bodies, PowerHouse, Muscle Fury and more. Visit the site for more information and online shopping.
64a St. Marys Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7DU   (4138)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Fitness Apparel Business

Fitness has a great role in shaping and individual and his healthy lifestyle. The stressed living of today and diseases related to it had made fitness a household name which was earlier limited to sportsmen and bodybuilders. Today the outlook towards fitness has completely changed which has opened door for many business opportunities. There are gyms and health club at every nook and corner of the city. Fitness trainers are available to coach in all fitness activities. All this is making people fitness conscious and motivate them to opt for fitness activity of their choice. Fitness has expanded its customer base across all ages and genders and not just sports but all professions. Fitness shopping in retail stores has increased with this with demands for equipment, club memberships and apparels constantly rising.

Studies have recommended proper fitness apparel for every fitness activity. While aerobics needs skin tight suits, yoga recommends loose and comfortable cloths. Tracksuits are ideal for jogging and martial arts have their own dresses. With fitness apparel available in large variety people today have become extremely cautious about choosing one. All gymnasiums and fitness training centers have dress codes that are made compulsory for members. Considering the huge portion of general public shopping for these apparels, the retail business in this sector is growing steadily.

Retailing in fitness apparel is a huge business. There is a demand for all kind of apparel from cheap wear to costly quality ones. One can consider retailing for common ones or deal in one specific fitness activity. One can consider the popularity of fitness activity before entering the retail shopping market. Aerobics is very popular in European nations but fitness training in Japan and China is imparted through martial arts. Yoga is extremely popular in India. Manufacturing and exporting sports apparels are also a good option.

Every fitness activity has its unique apparel requirements. One has to study the requirements of each activity while designing and manufacturing apparels. Feedback from players and regular survey of retail shopping trends will help you come up with new styles. The sector is very dynamic and even a small amount of stagnancy can take you many by many years in business.

The sector has tremendous potential and there are many established brands in the apparel business. Almost all major fitness activity apparels have been covered by of one or all of these brands. The popularity of their designs is so huge that it has created its own counterfeit market. People love shopping for these apparels as they get to wear the same style at much cheaper cost however they have to compromise on quality. However counterfeits are an illegal business and you should not consider taking the risk. You can consider obtaining legal manufacturing contracts or franchisee from these premiere brands for the local market. This way you can maintain the quality and sell apparels at cheaper rate. People would prefer shopping your retail products over counterfeits if the prices are competitive.

If you are already in business of retailing fitness equipment or accessories you can consider apparel as a good add-on. As the target customer is same you do not have to look out for new customers but can increase sales. Also people will find shopping convenient as they can find everything under one roof and will prefer to visit again. You can carefully plan the retail market strategies and promotional activities. You should also be active in fitness activities taking place in your locality.

This business involves specialized customer group and retaining customers become extremely important. Quality of products and service play a major role in sales and acquire trust. Even a small gesture like autographed goodies for your regular customer can make a lasting impression on them. They will always remember the shopping experiences at your store and spread a word about your store. Fitness is here to stay and with increasing awareness it will keep growing. It will be the same for its allies which also include fitness apparels.

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