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Baum's Dancewear, Inc.   Call 1-215-923-2244
Baum's Dancewear has the most recent styles of Capezio dance wear and dance apparel for adults and children. Find ballet shoes, pointe, jazz, tap and ballroom dance shoes. Outfitting dancers, supplying dance teachers, professionals and studio owners for over a century. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for more products information.
106 South 11th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA   (4106)

Movement Connection   Call 440-779-0500
Largest and most professional supplier of dance apparel, including Irish dance, cheer, gymnastic, and skating supplies. Visit the site for online shopping and more business information.
Northern Ohio about 15 miles southwest of Cleveland   (4105)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Dance Apparel Business

India is a country of culture and traditions. Dance has always been a part of our cultural heritage. Dancing is an art ever since man became civilized and a form of entertainment. The dancing apparel is a must during any dance program me of function at large. India has become a cultural hotspot and with the gain in name and fame in the cultural world the demand of Indian dance and performances abroad has raised. There are demands for dancing apparel from all over the world. Dancing apparel are specifically designed for various dance forms like bharatnatyam , odissi, kuchipudi or be it ballet or western dance form. The increase in the western form of dance has increased in today’s youth with the western influence. They prefer to adopt their culture in some or the other way .People join dance groups and perform in dance competitions, and your business gets profit. People like shopping for colorful and designer dress material. Though there is no specific garments for western and all goes on the design and the creativity of the maker , indigenous dance forms like the traditional bharatnatyam requires dress materials like the sari they wear during performance are quite expensive and needs quality to manufacture. It is made of silk and other materials, though most prefer retail shopping for theses made with natural products lie silk and avoid shopping synthetic products. This is not the case with western where synthetic and nylon are considered more fancy as more color and designs can be achieved with this combination.

Western Break dancing is related to the hip hop culture and is the most practiced here in India. Starting a retail or wholesale business that includes apparel for this form of dancing will do great profit as they are in great demand. Where is there are other form of European dancing forms like Ballet, Ballroom, and Tango are classical styles of western dance.

Every dance, no matter what form and style, has something in common. It involves flexibility and body movement. So the apparel should be made to suit the requirements of the dancer and not tear of in middle of the show. Below I have discussed about various dance forms in terms of ethnicity and region. Such vital information will help to grow your dance apparel retail business.

Indian classical dance form includes Odissi, baratnatyam, bhangra, kuchipudi and many more. Bhangra is well known in the place of origin Punjab. It is widely known as a style of music and a dance together. Its music is coordinated by an instrument like the 'Dhol' or “dholki”. You can sell dress materials like Kurta and pajama for men-dancers while women-dancers wear salwar-kamiz or lehanga-choli. The shopping cart may include supplies like dholki as an addition.

Bharatnatyam is a classic for of dance originating in Tamil Nadu. It is usually accompanied by the classical music. The dance costume can be brought from its native place and marketed around the world for shopping. Bharatnatyam Costumes are the Sari. These costumes are made of silk sarees with gold zari embroidery designs.

Odissi is one of the eight classical dance forms of India. It originates from the state of Orissa, in eastern part of India. The dress worn by the dancer during the performance consists of a ‘pattasari’ which is made from silk, a ‘komchila’ (a sophistically embroidered and colorful designed blouse), a ‘nibibhanda’ that is worn around the dancer’s legs and a ‘jhoba’ worn around the navel. In this form of dance the dancer wears a beautifully designed headpiece, shaped like flowers. Also traditional jewelry is worn to increase the beauty of the dance. All of these can be sold in your dance apparel business with the package with special discounts you may offer your retail customer while they are shopping. Similar dance forms are Mohiniyattam and Kathakali (a traditional dance from Kerala), manipuri originating from manipur, kathak which belongs to northern India.

From my description of the various iindian dance forms you can assume the demand of the dance wear and the business you will do once properly marketed. And it’s not all. There other dance forms too which you can manufacture and sell like ballet, tando, salsa which are in great demand in the metropolitan cities.

I would suggest you to create your own website where you can display your clothing business. You can have a shopping cart system for people to do shopping of the products online. If you succeed in doing that I am sure you will be able to do great business. Dress materials for dance have good online as well as offline sales.

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