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We have moved on from a simple lifestyle to a very complex living. The needs and requirements have changed a lot. The per capita income of the community has increased. This has also led to the change in the choice of every individual. Now-a-days people have become very choosy and selective in what ever they do or buy. One of the visible aspects of selectiveness is that today people believe that for every place they visit, the look, costume as well as accessories should match with kind of place. They also do shopping accordingly. This concept has led to many business opportunities and one of the most important out of these is beach apparel retail business.

Those people who are in the mould of being in this field should understand the retail business opportunities that they will get for their company. One needs to realize that this concept although famous, it is also very rare. Consider people shopping for such apparels in countries where there are no beaches. This is very unlikely and an odd thing to expect. So the point here is to ensure that you start your branch in a city which is a coastal location. So obviously you will find the sea shore in these cities and obviously the shopping needs of these people will match with the apparel you are offering. Therefore a good study of the area and the target market should be done keeping in mind the location criterion especially in the planning phases of the retail outlet.

Fashion has influenced everyone in the community especially the younger generation. The beach apparel is a demand generation type of product. The placement and availability if it has be done carefully. You should place your retail stores in the shopping malls and places where such crowd visits often. This will help in making your product clearly visible and can be located by every potential customer. This will be good in the view of shopping prospective. Again the important fact here is that we need to target the age group of customers that are expected to be regular visitors. Also fashion doesnÂ’t seem to end upon any age group. You need to also stock your store with a collection of types and sizes of apparel. The more the availability, more will be the profit and sales of your business.

Although most of the costume and clothing retail business are seasonal there are few places where the climate is more or less same throughout the year. There are places with sea shores where the winters and summers do have an effect on the dressing of people. So you will have to do a detailed research and study to find out the effect of changing climate in such coastal areas. This will help you in deciding whether your retail business is going to be seasonal or the product will be in demand throughout the year. This way you will know when and what kind of clothes should be made available for shopping to the customers. In case of a changing weather you will need to keep a collection of beach apparels suiting different seasons and vice versa. This way even in the non-peak seasons you can benefit through the sales.

The geographical distribution of the earth is such that the typical surface structures are present and spread across the world. There are beaches not only in one part of the world but many such places. So why should one restrict their product sales to only one city? Those companies that are in the growth phase of the retail business should go for expansion in various other cities with similar demands. This can also include non- beach cities. This may not be very profitable in these non coastal cities but it will give your company a good brand name and those who regularly go shopping for apparels will get the feel of the brand. The coastal cities in the other parts of the world will give you both profit and brand name. In future if you launch any other product under the brand name it will get immediate recognition and attention and also earn a good market.

There are cases where people may just plan an outing on the beach and some of them might just want to buy the apparel right before the get together or outing. If your retail outlet is very close to the beach then shopping becomes very convenient for such customers. So apart from your regular store in the main city area you can also have a small outlet near the target location. This will save you from losing potential customers and obviously since your store is close by people will take notice of it and visit often. This will open more profit prospective fro your business.

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