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American Apparel Inc.  Call +1 (213) 488-0226
Offer organic collection color T-shirts and other apparel for men, women, kids and babies which are dyed with low impact dye which meet industry standards for organic and dyeing process eliminates chemical waste, providing innumerable environmental and health benefits. Visit the site for online shopping in retail.
747 Warehouse St., Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA   (4034)  Call (800) 283-8319
Shop name brand apparel, bras, panties, mens underwear, socks, hosiery, and more. Sportswear departments include jackets, hooded sweatshirts, polo shirts, sports bras, and exercise clothing.
3306 Charles St., Rockford, IL 61108, USA   (6110)  Call (866) 258-3636
Offer online shopping of products like men shorts, women jackets and vests, men underwear, shirts and trousers, women's footwear, women bras, women socks and hosiery, women jeans and pants and much more.
PO Box 244, Wayne, NJ 07474-0244   (4035)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Apparel Business

Apparel is anything that decorates or covers. Let’s talk about cricket apparel. While playing cricket players may need special kind of T-shirts, shoes, helmets, leg pads, hand gloves, socks etc. All such products are called cricket apparel as all these are worn on the body while playing cricket. Also a cricket player needs a bat or ball to play cricket. But a bat or ball doesn’t fall in the category of cricket apparel as that is not worn on the body. A bat or ball falls under the category of cricket equipment. Doing retail or wholesale business as an apparel seller could give you lot of options. Like you can sell dance apparel, any of the sports apparel, swimming apparel, men, women and children apparel, apparel labels, religious apparel, sun protective apparel and much more which are sold like nothing in retail shopping stores. The type of apparel you choose as your business will depend a lot on your products source and retail customer base.

Like it may be that some of your relatives or friends have a manufacturing unit for any of the sports apparel say cricket. In that case it would be wise for you to sell cricket apparel at your retail shopping store. Friends and relatives are often the people whom you can convince to lower the cost of products involved while you are one of the distributors of their company or you buy in wholesale from them. As a result you will have better margin in your retail business. That is also one of the ways to overcome the competition in the niche retail apparel market. However your own interest is more important than taking advantage in the business due to relatives or friends. Even some people don’t have interest to carry on with their well established family business as they think differently. They want to do something unique or may be they have bigger plans. Doing any type of business without having interest in it could be dangerous as retail shopping customers may loose trust if they don’t find good response. So you need to be careful while taking on with any type of apparel business.

A business is best recognized by its quality products and popularity of the brand name. If you will ask me to buy shoes I would love to visit a popular company’s air conditioned footwear showroom. Even if I have to spend more money while shopping in retail I can be assured to have finest quality. People from royal families often step out to popular showrooms for their footwear need. So making your own brand popular is the professional way to enter into apparel business and generate maximum profit. Basically a proper understanding and knowledge is needed while launching any business. Like you would like to have your own manufacturing unit but may not have enough capital. Then you have the option to partner with someone. Profit will be shared in that case but you will be part of a big brand name.

If you don’t even want to partner with someone you have the option to launch a stock listed company where the general public will be the source for your investment. Your company will issue shares to collect funds from general public. Company will have to pay annual dividends to the shareholders as part of overall profit to the company. This is actually the way to do real business where public help you in expanding your business by providing finance. When you have the desired capital it’s not difficult to popularize your own brand whether your retail apparel is shoes, sandals, athletic wear etc.

Ways of advertising like TV commercials are very very expensive. When you have the required capital it’s not difficult to make your brand popular through TV commercials. That’s the faster and most effective way to popularize a business brand. This is all you need to do when you have something in mind like having your company showrooms for shopping in all major cities within your country or abroad. Having a stock listed company of your own is the way to make millions from apparel business.

Else there are number of other ways to sell apparel when you want to sell them in retail. I can tell you one way where you don’t even require investment. Online shopping has gone very popular now a day. Sites selling apparel which are higher in search engines like google are getting tremendous sales. Since you get payment first while customers are shopping online there is no need to keep stock or you can keep online stock. When you get the payment buy the sold item from some nearby store and ship it to the customer. A lot of people are doing this only over internet and making lot of money from their online business. It’s a risk free business. Most important part while selling online is to get your ecommerce site higher in popular search engines like google. You can take help of some seo company to get your site higher and you are good to go with your online business. The trend for online shopping is growing day by day. So nothing could be better than that to generate online sales. For a physical shopping store you can only have limited customers from nearby areas. Whereas when you sell online you can find customers from all over the world if your product is global. That is the major difference.

Retail Shopping > Apparel

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