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Genuine Antique Lighting   Call 617-423-9790
Company into business since since 1979 and offer genuine antique and vintage lights chandeliers for renovated homes. Visit the site for more products information and details.
59a Wareham St., Boston, MA 02118, USA   (4605)

The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co.   Call +61 7 3899 8434
The company makes an elegant range of classic and decorative table lamps with each lamp representing a work of art, combining function, artistic design and beauty. Visit the site for more information.

Business Information By Mast Directory : Antique Lamps and Chandeliers Business Information And Guide

Chandeliers have always been amongst the favorite item for home decoration. It makes the ceiling and walls glow with the lighting effect, which cannot be obtained from the normal bulbs or the tube lights. More than anything its shopping is mainly done for the decorative purpose and the retail customers are always looking for designer pieces. The lighting manufacturer, designers or the distributors look for such pieces to get maximum earnings from the business. The antique lamps also serve the same purpose as chandeliers and have a good demand in the retail market. There are many modern lamps available in a variety of styles but the antique pieces still halve their own distinct place in the market.

The antique lamps are available for shopping in many styles like patterned art glass lamps, Victorian parlor table lamps etc. Victorian hanging lamps are very popular amongst the people who are fond of collecting antique lighting pieces. These lamps require special care and attention for cleaning. Due to this chandelier cleaning business is also running in profit. These professional would earn a good reputation in market if they handle each item with personal caring. They can get good clientele for cleaning the Chandeliers at private residences, historic properties or commercial places that use such antique items for the purpose of decoration.

The business also involves providing services like the restoration and repairs of the lamps to the clients and for this one needs well-trained technicians. This work generally includes repairing and replacement of the broken crystals, re-pinning, plating, polishing and rewiring contracts. For this the dealer has to maintain the stock of parts for antique lamps. The parts would include globes, chimney, smoke bells, burners, lamp oil, replacement wicks, and other numerous retail items connected with lighting devices.

The client will feel touched if the service provider offer some extra benefits to the shopping customer like replacement of some fused lamp or providing a temporary Chandelier to the customer while the repair work on the customers antique is in progress. Some people prefer to have the cleaning services only on occasional basis. It would add up to the business if the service provider has some tailored plans for such requirements. People treasure their belongings of antique items with passion and they will be very apprehensive to hand it over to someone else if they are unsure of the treatment their lamps will receive.

Many companies try to make fakes of these antique lightning devices and make business by selling them. These lamps do not exactly match the original antique lightning devices but have a good retail and wholesale market and they are sold in large numbers due to their appearance. This shows the passion that modern people have for the items that were used in past. Many people love to have a collection of these items and keep looking for auctions of the historical belongings where they can get the lamp or Chandelier that will add value to their antique collection and don’t miss any opportunity for its shopping.

Many hotels use these items for their interior decoration as the lighting effect of these grand Chandeliers produces a perfect ambiance. It gives a special feel of luxury to the room where such hangings are used. The antique kerosene lamps are back in business as many people have started using them again at various occasions like family gatherings or picnics .on such occasions the mild and soft light coming from these devices creates a special mood for the occasion and they don’t regret spending money for shopping one.

Shopping for antiques on Internet is a favorite activity of many. They keep looking for web pages that have good pictures and details of the item being sold and have plenty of time for careful considering the details of these items. Online business is growing rapidly for home decoration items including those for lighting like chandeliers and antique lamp.

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