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AC Silver   Call +44 (0) 191 281 5065
Leading provider of antique jewelry from East of London. Products include antique diamond jewellery, antique English and Continental sterling silver and antique enamel pieces, Chinese silver, Russian silver, collectibles and more.
83 Fern Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK, NE2 2RA   (3948)

Laurelle Limited   Call +44 (0) 1524 67238
Offer antique jewelry, antique rings and fine vintage jewelry of quality and distinction from georgian, victorian, edwardian, art deco periods, uk based shipping worldwide. Visit the site for more detailed information.
Online shopping store   (3947)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Antique Jewellery Business

The allure for jewellery in women is eternal and so is the charisma of fashion accessories. Human association with the glittering business goes back to the days when traditional, ethnic, jewellery like silver and gold were an intrinsic part of people’s social, intellectual and fiscal personality. Today the precious jewelry industry stands at a new doorsill with fashion playing a more important place in buying of jewellery. Light weight stone jewellery is what people are looking for these days. The popularity of diamonds is also on rise as they have become more affordable. With constant changing style, jewelry based on theme and moods are getting more popular. Keeping up with shopping choice of the new generation clientele in mind the designers too have shifted their focus on creating designs that are more wearable. It’s no more about heavy embellished jewellery or chunky pieces, rather simplicity and elegance are preferred more by customers while shopping in retail. So, where does antique jewellery business stand in this race?

As stated above jewellery has always been identified with flair, eminence, fashion, elegance and grace. But antique jewellery simply epitomizes the classic era with its unique character that can neither be copied nor imitated. Perhaps we can lay down certain facts about antique jewellery that shall define its significance in present time. This sort of jewellery usually comprises of handcrafted pieces with exquisite craftsmanship adding special touch to designs which makes them expensive. One cannot find antique jewelry at any retail shop though you can find cheap imitations in inexpensive metals at certain stores. It is usually expensive collector’s sort of item either passed on from generations or available at some jewellery shop. People shopping in retail for antique jewellery are usually aware that they are timeless beauties and their value will increase with time because they act as good investment. After reading our discussion and fact file, it would be clear that if you are looking forward to deal in antique jewelry it implies huge investment ensuring authenticity and quality of designs.

Expensive and antique jewellery business, perhaps you are having second thoughts about it. Well, you might as well make sure of your contacts and funds before taking a step forward because it is impeccable to break into this business on your own. For instance you must have witnessed retail stores selling this kind of jewellery are either celebrities or family owned traditional jewellery stores that have gained enough reputation to sell this sort of heritage. Another option is this business stream is acquiring distributorship of leading brands of antique jewelry. One can plan to start with small investment and create customers first. After you have build your worthiness one can think of expanding by purchasing on memo basis and make the payment later.

Here you have a brilliant opportunity for online business too. For instance you can display pictures of antique jewellery online and offer to show them the same personally on request if she is interested in shopping for it. Although current trends leave little space for antique and expensive accessories yet people who wear them still have great appreciation for these designs only and usually demand them extensively at personal occasions in the family.

Conclusively, we can say that shopping in retail for jewellery is any women’s favorite hobby and if she possesses the apt knowledge of designs and detailing she can also make a great business of it. jewellery is existent since centuries in several styles and metals. Even when metals were not discovered flowers were used as accessories in hair and neck to enhance beauty. We have seen jewellery in various metals and styles for instance vintage, silver, fashion, junk, gold, diamond, traditional and antique jewelry. All these styles reminisce early era, decades as when these styles had originated and gained fame. Amid all these styles antique jewellery still holds its original value and design in present time. And if you still think that the traditional beauty of bygone era can make good money, indulge in it!

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