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GoAntiques, Inc.  Call Not Provided
Offers more than 500,000 antiques and collectible items from 1450+ dealers in 27 countries and logs more than 1 million visits and thousands of transactions each month. Visit the site for online shopping in different categories like lighting devices, photography, watches, decorative arts, books, clocks, furniture, jewellery and more.
94 N. High Street, Suite 300, Dublin, Ohio 43017, USA   (3839)

Ruby Lane Inc.  Call +1.415.362.7611
Offer online shopping of huge selection of antiques and collectibles products including antique furniture, arts, coins, glass, comics, books, bottles, historical, dolls and much more. Visit the site for more products information and details.
381 Bush Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA   (3838)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Antiques And Collectibles Business

Have you ever gone shopping in retail stores for antiques and collectibles? Anything over a hundred years old or more are called antique. On the other hand, collectibles are much recent possessions. This business is for anyone who has passion to collect things from the past. This article will teach you to be profitable from an antiques and collectibles business. Antique dealers mostly work from home using a catalogue or showcase their collections in warehouses. Before taking decisions regarding antique business, visit nearby shopping complexes to check the items they sell. Antique shops also sell inventory items that are much older and rare. Here you will realize that older antiques are of greater value than recent ones.

Antiques are priced according to their workmanship and design. Since antique business is an expensive one, begin your business with a small capital and space. If you had been collecting antiques from before, your start-up cost will help broaden the business. However, if you are totally new, you may feel the start up requirements. Along with these you need to acquire little knowledge about this retail business. You may find wide number of books on antiques and collectibles helpful. These books contain lots of useful information and can help you to identify antique pieces. Apart from these, you can get an idea of what you are paying while shopping antique and collectibles. This business also has many fields like furniture, pottery, antique dolls, jewellery and historical artifacts. Dealers often choose varieties of any one field rather than too many.

Check out antique retail shopping malls and talk to dealers who are in this business since a long time. They may help you to find items that are saleable nowadays and give a brief idea of the pricing structure. Here you can also find auction houses to check their prices and buy something appealing to you. These auction houses sell antiques at a much lower price so there is a better chance of selling them at a higher price elsewhere. These sources can work wonders for you if you can grasp the business well. Collector’s advise is highly recommended because only they can tell what is profitable for you. Collectors from your locality can help you to make an estimate of items that can yield a better commission for you.

Since nobody likes to get hooked up due to mismanagement, make sure you lay out everything properly before starting your antiques and collectibles business. Insurance coverage and license are very important. If these are well-organized, you can continue your business legally in a mall or in your own shop. Choose your business space wisely because collectors from all over the world visit these antique shops. Once they find a rare item, they don’t pay much thought to the price. If you are renting a shop at a shopping mall, check whether they charge a fee for sale of each retail item. Question dealers to find out if they are happy with the sales and polish you business from their suggestions.

When you business is at full swing, you may think of investing a larger capital and add variety to the collections. Some people may collect a certain item just because they have started to collect these antique pieces. In this case, keep many designs of the same item ranging from prices high to low. Most buyers find decorative antiques attractive and are ready to buy them without much bargaining. Others are so crazy about these items that they even run out of money at the sight of unique antique collections. You can easily expand your retail business if you have an eye to spot good antiques. Within two to three years you will have a good reputation as a skilled antique businessman.

Once you have become successful in this field, soon you need to adopt a system to keep record of sales and items in stock. Catalogues help a lot but you should know that manual systems are no more used by successful business people. This is one of the friendliest and most successful business if you can grasp the ideas well.

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