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Increasing the awareness of company is the ultimate goal of promotional marketing. Promotion marketing means presentations, giveaways gifts, free samplings, contests, etc in the right timings. In case of Fast Moving Consumer Goods promotional marketing is gaining much popularity. Every manufacturer is aware of the situation of the market. No one can stand in the competition of the product without any advertisement or marketing. Even a famous branded company needs to advertise their product. Business depends how quick your product details reach to your consumers. Promotional marketing is a way of stimulating a customer to take steps for buying decisions.

One of the best promotional gift items is the calendar. The calendar is used all the days in a year. It can be hanged either in business place or at home. If it is small in size then it can also be carried away. Nowadays small pocket size calendar are also available that can be hanged in the front mirror of the car. One can use the company’s logo and slogan in the calendar. Product name and picture can also be displayed if possible. It is used by most of the customer in an attempt to save money on purchase of promotional items. One looking for promotional marketing business can please the client with calendar.

Everyone loves surprise gift. What else can make a customer happy when he receives a surprise gift like a coupon? Coupons can be of many types. They can be for a discount, for free a gift, for a special offer or just a complaint coupon. Coupons works well for any newly opened shops. Shop owners can use it during weekdays when there is much lesser number of customers. Giving coupons to say first hundred customers during these days attracts customers. So, one can use this idea for creating promotional marketing business. The main targets for selling coupons are the malls, shops, educational institute, restaurants, furniture shops, etc.

Pen set, Business card holder, paperweights, stapler, paper clips, calculators, keychain, coaster sets, frame clocks, pen holders, and so on are the items that are used almost every day in the offices. These are the best items to promote ones product. One can print company name and logo in these items. These items are used day after day. This reminds the user about the imprinted product or company. The message in these items will never let the client to forget about your product. These items are always handy and one can never ever refuse to use them. So you can use your ideas to create promotional marketing using these items.

Apart from corporate world schools and colleges also need promotional marketing. Schools and colleges are also one kind of business nowadays. There are many items that can be used to promote such institute. Items such as Gripper Bottle, Stainless steel water bottles, Lunch sack, jackets, pens, pouches, binders, calculators, highlighter pens, notebook & pen combination, planners and much more are used in schools and colleges. School name and logo can be printed in these items. Printed T-shirt can be used by these institutes during any sports events. Popularity can be gained instantly and people recognize students from a particular school or colleges. This also increases the standard of the institute. So, one can approach these institute and sell their products easily.

Promotional marketing business is the very best way of earning money. You can find customers in almost each and every field. Mainly newly opened shops, schools, colleges, malls, multiplex, etc requires promotional marketing. Using ones Creativity and imagination can make wonders in this field. Usually one can get a bulk quantity orders for a particular items. It usually targets a large volume of customers. Getting an order in such a large quantity makes a very low cost of production. This makes the profit percentage much higher. It is also easy to manage one huge quantity order rather than many small quantity orders.

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