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Bharti Airtel Limited  Call +91 11 4166 6000
Well known indian company offering wireless internet services enabling users to access the internet connection anytime and anywhere in India with peace of mind and satisfaction. It enables Email, internet, and Office applications with real-timesecure VPN access to corporate applications whilst on the move.
Qutab Ambience (at Qutab Minar), Mehrauli Road,New Delhi - 110030   (646)

Clearwire  Call 1.888.CLEARWIRE (1.888.253.2794)
One of the leader in wireless broadband internet and phone service for home and business. Fast, easy, reliable service requiring no phone or cable lines.
3525 E Post Road, Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV, 89120   (648)

Compare ISP  Call 0808 252 9721
Compare Broadband Deals From Over 22 UK Internet Service Providers at Internet, Phone, TV and Mobile Broadband for iPads, Laptop's and Mobile Devices.
Online only   (7147)

Eclipse Internet  Call 0845 1224 333
Company from UK offering professional internet related services and solutions for small and large size businesses. Services offered are teleworker broadband, leased lines, business broadband, wireless braodband and also provide web hosting solutions on dedicated servers.
37 Carr Lane, Hull, HU1 3RE, England   (170)

Home Phone and Internet Service   Call 888-566-3979
Connect Your Home is US based telecommunication company who offer a variety of home services including home phone, cable and satellite TV and internet, home security, ID protection, Tech Support, Wireless, and more.
Online only   (7257)

MTNL Broadband  Call 1800228844 / 1504
Official website of Mumbai Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. in India offering internet broadband services to all over India with different plans in mind for different users including triband unlimited plan, temporary triband tariff plans and more. Visit the site for more information.
Telephone Bhavan, Colaba, Mumbai - 400005   (644)

NetZero, Inc.  Call 1-800-NETZERO
Provider of free dial up internet service for a price as low as $9.95 a month with fastest possible service speed with easy online signup to get instant access to internet over your computer. Take a look at site for more.
Online company   (39)

Satellite Internet Service  Call 0800 068 3358
2-way high speed satellite internet and broadband service across the UK and Europe. Now offering up to 10mbs connection speeds for satellite internet.
Broadband Wherever Unit C4, Grovelands Avenue, Winnersh, Wokingham, Berks, RG41 5LB   (7048)

Sify Ltd.  Call 1860 4253330
One of India's largest provider of broadband connection for internet users with uninterrupted access, low cost, high quality, speed and easy to use setup. The company take care to keep pace with the fast, new, and ever-changing world of Internet needs.
27,1st Main Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore - 560062., India   (645)

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited(VSNL)  Call +91-079-23242805
One of the well known company from India providing communication services like Wi Fi services, calling cards, high speed broadband internet access, dial up internet access and more for enterprises and small medium businesses.
4th Floor, Circle P, Prahlad Nagar, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 380 051   (171)

Zen Internet  Call 0845 058 9000
Provider of award winning and high quality range of internet services for home users and small and large business communication and networking needs. Services including DSL broadband high speed internet access, leased lines along with all hosting packages to state of the art Web site design, and managed network security.
Moss Bridge Road, Rochdale, Lancs, OL16 5EA   (169)

In these modern days communication is a very important part of everybody’s life. Communication without latest technology is difficult to imagine now. Mobiles and Internet play a very important role here. Internet is now a part of our life. Just like people read newspapers or watch news channel daily, they also check their mails, scraps, messages and other things. The importance of these services are cannot be denied. They are now becoming an integral part of every business. Social networking sites are also catching up. Here people can join various communities, can contribute to a cause, create awareness, make friends all around the world, share photos, videos, books and many such things. Hence Internet service has become one of the most important products. If you are thinking to make money in this sector you have a very wide range of options to choose from.

There are different types of Internet services available. Depending on the speed and the performance required, user selects the type available. Dialup, DSL, Broadband, Cable Internet, WiFi are mostly used with the home users. Business type connections are DSL, SHDSL, and Ethernet technology. The cost of the service depends upon its speed and performance. Dialup connection is cheaper than Ethernet connections. The most popular provider is Cable Internet due to its speed and overall cost. These connections to Internet are through cables or through telephone lines. WiFi are based on wireless technology. The area where physically cables and telephone lines cannot reach, this wireless technology comes in handy. These are also useful for people using Internet while traveling.

Dialup Internet gets connected through a telephone lines. It’s the first type of system that was introduced to get connected to the Internet. The numbers given by the service providers must be dialed for getting connected to Internet. It is still used in rural part of the world where the latest technology has not reached yet. They have less than 56kbps of bit rate using continuous telephone line. Cable Internet as the name suggests uses cable wires to provide the connection. People living in one area are connected in one network and the bandwidth available is shared among them. Business providing cable television subscription and Internet access can be combined. Cable modems can control the downloading and uploading capacity of the user.

WiFi or Wireless Fidelity is the most popular service used in airports, schools, colleges, hotels, lodging, and business places. It is also used to connect mobile phones, MP3player, PDA to the Internet. Transferring images through camera or computer can be done and it also connects Local Area Network (LAN) without the use of wires and cables. This makes a huge difference in the setup of a large office where wires and cables cannot be installed. Also in ancient and historical places, where uses of cables are not permitted, Wifi can be easily used. As the technology goes on developing the overall cost of WiFi setup goes on reducing. New products are now getting WiFi certified.

A contrast to the Dialup Internet service is the Broadband Internet access. Minimum 64kbps and maximum 2mbps bandwidths can be provided using Broadband service. Wireless broadband are also available now. On the line of Dialup, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) was built. It does not need the telephone landline but is built on it. Bandwidth ranging from 246 kbps 24000kbps can be provided to the user. Latest technology has made DSL more improved with faster speed. The new term for DSL is Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). In business world, where use of teleconferencing is mostly used ADSL technology proves to be the best.

The latest technology now available is the Satellite Internet. This type of service is much useful for traveling business people. Also proves very useful in rural areas where other types of service are not feasible. The download speed here depends upon the weather conditions. Satellite cards and satellite phones are used mostly. Both the methods are in process of developing its technology. So while providing service for Internet to the customers one must see the use and speed required. In urban areas people have many choices unlike people in rural areas. In rural areas Internet services can only be provided by dialup or through Satellite.

There are also several other options when you are looking to do internet related business. You can provide internet marketing services. You can also provide web design services. And also lot of people are engaged in providing web hosting services through their own servers or through reseller packages.

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