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Capital Fire Ltd  Call 01 4501961
Company from Dublin, Ireland specializing in supply and service of Fire Detection Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels & Cabinets, Dry Riser Equipment, Emergency Lighting, Gas Detection and more safety products.
6B Robinhood Road, Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland   (999)

Silent Knight  Call 763-493-6435
Silent Knight is a leading manufacturer of fire alarm control panels, UL listed DACTs, life-safety equipment, central station receivers, and power supply distribution modules. Visit the site for more business information.
7550 Meridian, Circle, Suite 100, Maple Grove, MN   (4094)

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With the construction boom urbanization is taking place at a fast pace. Town is turning into city and further into a metro. Shopping malls, multiplexes, hotels, restaurants, airports, bus and rail terminus, industry and offices exist in almost every city. These places are kept alive by countless people thriving in and out of them. Various business and pleasure activities are carried out in such places some of which can lead to an outbreak of fire. It can be a careless worker smoking near a flammable substance or an accidental burst of a gas cylinder in a restaurant kitchen. Electrical short circuits are fast becoming one of the major causes of fire.

Fire is uncontrollable in nature and spreads rapidly. The damage caused by fire is most severe of all as it brings down everything to ashes demanding reconstruction. Fire contributes to huge losses in business but more significantly is responsible for many lives. From the burn marks on skin to loosing life fire proves to be extremely fatal. It takes some time for the fire fighter to reach at the scene of fire and it is very crucial that they are informed immediately about the incident. Analysis of fire incidents have shown that many lives could be saved if fire alarming systems are installed. It gives immediate warning if there is a possibility of fire. This help to plan proper evacuation of people, send timely information to fire fighting brigade. By providing early warning and giving people enough time to ensure their safety thus avoiding panic, rush and stampede which can add to the casualties.

Fire regulating authorities have made it mandatory to have fire fighting equipments at there premises and have strongly advocated for fire alarm systems. Businesses are making themselves fire-proof by shopping for latest fire controlling equipments and installing fire alarm systems. The sales in this segment have increased and it is turning out to be a good business.

Fire alarm system are available in various types from a simple smoke detector to highly advanced systems that directly communicates with fire fighting brigade and deliver voice warnings and helpful tips to the employees in situation of fire. Fire system installation business involves installing and maintenance of the systems at premises. After selling the equipments one can work out annual maintenance contracts. The equipments supplied should be approved for quality by competent regulating bodies. Providing substandard equipments would result in quick death of business. People are not compromising on shopping quality products and systems even if they are costly. Reliability is the key to success in this business.

In order to increase shopping demand manufacturers and suppliers should try to get themselves recommended by regulation authorities. There are many case studies published by employers on their efforts to reduce accidents at workplace. One should study case studies specific to fire systems and publish them in their product brochures. The more awareness one creates more will be the demand for these systems. Testimonial about your product from reputed business houses will surely improve sales. One should also consider allied business like fire safety training and certification, organizing simulated fire drills and rescue operations for employees at their workplace. This will create goodwill amongst customers and help you promote your systems in a very effective manner. It is important to win the trust of your customers taking into consideration the risk associated with these products.

It is not only an obligation but a moral responsibility of all employers to ensure safety at workplace. Employers today are committed towards safety of their employees and are very positive towards new innovations in the field of fire fighting systems. Quality and efficiency and not cost is their prime concern while shopping and installing fire alarm systems. Some short term gainers have started flooding the safety alarm market with inferior product but only those who are committed to save lives and minimize damages will find themselves flourishing in the long run. There is still a lot to come and one should always be on toe to face the new shopping challenges.

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