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Guardian Fire Equipment, Inc.   Call 305.633.0361
Manufacturer and supplier of fire equipment including fire cabinets, fire dept valves, fire extinguishers, storz connections, Siamese fire dept connections, fire monitors, monitor nozzles, fiberglass cabinets, sprinkler control valves and much more. Give a look to site for more specefic information about the products.
3430 NW 38th Street, Miami, FL 33142   (2582)

Jiangyan City Zhongyu Fire-fighting Equipment Co., Ltd   Call 0086 523 88802123
Company from the country China fully dedicated and engaged in the manufacturing of fire hose and other fire-fighting equipment including Hose coupling, Branchpipe and Nozzle, Fire hose reel fittings, landing valve, Sprinkler, fire blanket, breathing devices and much more. Visit the site for more information.
Chengzhong cun Jiangyan City Jiangsu China 225500   (2586)

Kidde Fire Fighting   Call 610-363-1400
Company is known to be the leading manufacturer of fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers having capability to tackle a wide range of fire hazards found in most industrial, commercial and domestic environments. Products also include national foam, Angus, Flexline, Imperial and much more.
180 Sheree Blvd. Suite 3900 P.O. Box 695, Exton, PA 19341-0695 USA   (2581)

Krunal Engineering Works   Call 91-22-2534 83 33 / 2537 38 62
Company from India which is the accredited manufacturer of full range of fire fighting equipment and systems including sprinkler system, fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, fire hydrant system, Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, Dry chemical powder fire extinguisher which is suitable for fighting fire Of Oils, Solvents, etc.
Krunal Compound Gala No. 1, Ganesh Nagar, Near Indian Aluminium Co., Old Belapur Rd., Vitawa, Kalwa(E),Thane- 400 605. India   (2583)

Scott Plastics Ltd.   Call 1-800-214-0141
Deals in fire fighting products including portable foam systems, fire hoses, roll and foam, foam applicator systems, foam mixers and eductors, backpacks, vests and pumps, fire hose tools and more products.
Fire Division, 2065 Henry Ave West, Sidney, BC, V8L 5Z6, Canada   (2585)

Wildfire Group   Call 1 (800) 426-5207
Reputed company which is a fire fighting equipment manufacturer and distributor including products like burning systems accessories, personal protective equipment, fire hoses, municipal accessories, wildfire training material, portable water delievery systems and more. Go to site for more products enquiries and to shop.
1100 Norman Street, Lachine, Quebec, Canada, H8S 1A6   (2584)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Fire Fighting Equipment Business

Firefighting is the process of extinguishing fires. Fire needs to be extinguished to prevent destruction of life and property.

Fire flames can rapidly spread around and put many lives in danger; however, with modern firefighting equipments, disastrous situations can be avoided. Starting a fire fighting safety equipment business is not just about making a profitable business but you produce such items that can save someone’s life. It is a community service that you will feel proud of. We need to learn the primary risk during a fire outbreak. One of the risks is poisonous smoke inhalation. Taking in smoke kills the victim in fires more than burns. Firefighting equipments can be self-contained breathing apparatus to prevent a person from smoke inhalation. There are also risks from heat release during fire outbreak. A person may get serious burns from the heat, or with contact of any hot object, gases. A person should be equipped with protective equipment that includes fire resistant clothing & helmets.

A fire can be extinguished by following the given methods discussed below. You can get an idea and manufacture the relevant product which suffices the safety requirements during such condition of emergency.

Application of Water

This first way to extinguish fire is by flushing it with water. This process removed fire flames and extinguishes fire most of the times. You can manufacture safety water hoses and pipes made of material which is fire resistant and very durable. Thick pipes can carry lots of water to flow through them.

Use of foam

The second way to extinguish a fire is by repressing the fire. This can be done with water or by adding fire retardant Foam.

Inhibit flames with chemicals

The third way to extinguish fire is by using chemical agents for flame inhibition these agents reduce or stops the combustion reaction and flame production. This method is effective on flammable fuels like fuel and gas. These need flames to burn. Apart from these there are various fire fighting safety products mentioned below with their purpose that customers will like to do shopping for:

  • Adapter for plumbing or connecting hoses and pipes of incompatible diameter with a regulator to control water flow...
  • Aerial apparatus that might be used by fire truck like a multi-section extending ladder. You May also produce portable ladders.
  • Air monitoring meter for measuring the presence of chemicals in air, such as oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide etc.
  • Face masks and air packs. It is breathing equipment.
  • Automatic sprinkler can be fitted in buildings in case of fire detection. They throw pressurized water.
  • Compressed Air Foam System or fire extinguisher contains foam to extinguish fire. These may be fitted in building for safety. It is now made mandatory to have one in each office and school. These can be manufactured in mini versions to be fitted in cars.
  • Fire axe: used in firefighting, wedge for cutting into objects.
  • Fire hose is installed along with fire axe in case of emergency
There are many items may may be included in the shopping cart for buyers and all cannot be mentioned here, but you may search the internet and visit your local firefighting equipment store for more information. Fire fighting equipments are needed in the time of emergency. Thus they must be stocked before lightning strikes as in the end there might be no time for shopping.

Disaster management authorities have recommended that one should always stock fire fighting equipments in their premises. We cannot control the situations always that may happen but we can control the way we are prepared to handle these situations well. Once disaster hits, you won't have time to do shopping or search for vital fire safety supplies.

Though it will take time and patience to get this business up and running in the beginning but once you do, it can be a very profitable business! You can help use of the internet for products to stock and get an idea about various fire fighting kits available in the world market and their standard. You can also sell your products online through various online shopping sites like eBay or Amazon.

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