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A label is nothing but a printed piece of material which is made up of paper, cloth etc. The purpose for affixing a label is to give an identity to the product after packaging it. Labels are not only used for identification but also to give warning messages regarding the product. The uses of labels are many. A label may be directly printed on the container. Equipments and machineries are used in order to print these labels on industrial goods and products. There are many types of labeling. It can be peel able, permanent, high tack and so on. There are separate equipments for all such types. In recent days packaging is done for each and every thing which we use and it cannot be done manually. Labeling equipment and machinery are unquestionably important. Starting up this business is a very good idea. The market for packaging business is ever successful.

The inline labeling equipment company is an American company. They excel in the production of pressure sensitive labeling machines which will label the products after packaging is done. It is a privately held company which has 15 years of experience in this business. They are uniquely capable of providing industrial labeling equipment which will satisfy any type of requirement. They have entry level machines, round bottle labeling, non round bottle labeling, and case/carton labeling, unique labeling solutions. The semi-automatic equipment will give a professional labeling look. The cost is also reasonable. The feature which makes it attractive is it has two-label option which enables you to apply two labels to one bottle. The duro 4.5 corner wrap is perfect for wrap around labels. The conveyor speed is up to 1000 inches per minute. Bottle cleaning and feeding equipment is also available with them. The link which takes to this to their site is .

The is a company which has a wide range of operations such as like pharmaceuticals, distilleries and breweries and Cosmetics. They also supply labeling machine and industrial packaging machinery. They supply wet glue labeling system, semi auto sticker labeling machine and still many more. This semi auto sticker labeling machine is a latest launch and it is a compact, light weight machine. It is suitable for containers which are round and 175mm in diameter. It is a user friendly machine also. The link to this website is .

The is a manufacturer of labeling machines that has highest standards. They have 50 years of experience in this field. The first equipment which they manufactured is still in use. Their sales persons can customize the orders from customers and make the machines suitable for any type of applications. They manufacture various labeling equipments such as hot glue labeling machines, pressure sensitive labelers, sleeve labeling machines and complete turnkey label packaging system. They also manufacture equipments such as bottle unscramblers, conveyors, labelers, sleeving machines, support packaging machinery and more. The shrink sleeve labelers are suited for speed, accuracy, efficiency. They are economic also. They manufacture fully automatic and semi automatic pressure sensitive labelers that work with extreme accuracy. The semi automatic will label at a rate of 40 labels per minute (LPM) and fully automatic will label at a rate of 150 labels per minute. The link to this site is .

The is manufacturer and exporter of industrial labeling machines. It is a very big company and is having separate sections for various fields such as drawing section, machining section, R & D section and more. They manufacture many types of fully automatic machines. A few are mentioned here, fully automatic labeling machines, fully automatic high speed wet glue labeling machine, fully automatic self adhesive sticker labeling machines and more. There are many varieties of sticker labeling machines. They are double side sticker labeling machine, round bottle sticker labeling machine, single side sticker labeling machine, bottle sticker labeling machine, and vial sticker labeling machine. They master in design and manufacture of self adhesive labeling machinery which is used for the packaging industry. It is microprocessor controlled and has accurate label placement. It has a stepper motor with controller. The fully automatic super high speed rotary, sticker (self - adhesive) labeling machine will print 400 labels per minute. It is a vertical labeling operation. It is user friendly and simple. The link to this website is .

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