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Arrow Sheet Metal Ltd   Call 416-293-1781
The company specializes in custom sheet metal products and small-to-medium-sized production runs for the industrial and commercial market using progressive techniques. Visit site for more information.
81 Milliken Blvd Units 4 - 8, Toronto Ontario Canada M1V 1V3   (4413)

C & J Metal Products Inc.   Call Toll-free: 800-500-8660
Manufacturer of HVAC building products, sheet metal, roofing, ventilating and waterproofing products, gutters, window canopies, perimeter systems, dormers, and chimney saddles. Visit the site for more business information.
6925 Downey Ave., Long Beach, CA 90805, USA   (4412)

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Ever since man learnt the art of forging metals there have been remarkable industrial growth and the shapes and forms that metals can take have grown enormously, these do not just include the crude forging but also processes and technologies that show the ways in which the malleability and ductility of a metal can be shown. As we all know malleability is the property by which a metal can be drawn into sheets and ductility is a property by which a metal can be drawn into wires. In this article on sheet metal products business we will cover the insights on how a successful business can be established and the benefits that this would provide.

There is always a requirement for the smithy products in the sheet metal products business. However, the customers would not be the common public who would use it directly but it would rather be the industrial manufacturers who would want to have this outsourced for various businesses ranging from air craft manufacture to ship building and railway coach manufacturers. So the stage is mainly set on a bigger scale here. The things that would be required for setting up a sheet metal products business would involve in first setting up a smithy shop.

A smithy shop is a place similar to a forging shop where the sheets like aluminum would be drawn out and brought to different shapes like funnels, chimneys etc. Some of the common industrial tools used in the sheet metal products business are anvil, mallets and cutters. These are very basic tools that are available. Since a metal sheet is not like paper and involve a greater elasticity with higher stress, these would have to be hammered repeatedly and brought to shape. The size of a sheet metal product would vary greatly and it is based on this requirement only that the shop can be set up, If a 30 foot chimney is required for an industrial facility then the shop size would have to be something just enough or bigger to hold the chimney.

To have flexibility for the sheet metal products business where the construction is involved at the shop floor the final assembly can be done at the customer site, this would ensure that the product is not too big for transportation and at the same time there is a greater space for operating the business in. Common means of assembling sheet metal products and ensuing they stand in place are soldering techniques, and if the product is too big, welding might be a feasible option. However things like riveting would never be done since the thickness of the sheet is very small and it would be subjected to a shear force if the rivet is under stress.

Once you set up a shop floor it is absolutely required to ensure there is a good technical know how in place to ensure that new recruits can be trained in a very short period of time, as this is not a single man activity. Marketing for this business is not a door to door selling, however it needs to have formal marketing managers and technical managers in place who would be able to understand the technical requirement properly translated into drawings and then have the final products delivered on time to the business.

From a revenue stand point this business would be extremely profitable in areas surrounding the ports and aeronautical industries which would like the products to be assembled at a very fast rate and generally do not outsource these kind of businesses to players who operate from a different geographies or have considerable distances from the site to the delivery centre. One possible option that the industrial community would explore for these businesses would be to have a development centre close by to the delivery centre or alternately have a makeshift centre at the customer facility, but one thing needs to be taken into consideration is the cost involved in acquiring land for a business is high so most industrial players would not allow sub contractors to operate from their soil. Whatever said and done, in the end, the sheet metal products business is a very profitable venture if explored to the right depths.

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