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No matter how far we move ahead with the technology and how many products we produce from new materials we always are dependent upon the nature in some way or the other. Most of the material that we use today originally is provided to us by the nature. The various plants produce different types of fruits and other products that are some way or the other utilized by the humans for our welfare. One such plant product is rubber. This material is used in various forms but one of the most used forms includes the natural form. This material opens a great option for people coming up with new business.

This form of rubber is in its purest form and is extracted from the crude gum product received from the mother plants. This generally does not undergo any processing and is retained in its original state to retain its natural properties and components. This therefore has lot of market value and doe very good business in all the sectors where this material is required. Hence those who are starting with this business have a good scope and profitability.

While establishing your self in this business you need to keep in mind few very important points. Since natural rubber is extracted from the plants they form the source of your raw material. Therefore it becomes essential for you to get a hold over the plantation of the rubber plants. For this purpose you have two options to choose from. If you have a good amount of investment money for the initial stages you can choose a place and get a good land for the plantation of the plants that produce this product. Once you have such plantation it becomes very easy for you to start the manufacturing and further process of sales and marketing.

The second method is by purchasing your supplies from the companies that deal with the plantation of the rubber plants. This will help you in getting the supply of the crude and natural form of the gum. In both the cases the main aim is the easy availability of the raw material and the source for the smooth running and functioning of the business. Another important point to be given importance to regarding this sector is the location of your company.

Always try and locate your setup and processing unit in an area that is close to the plantations. This will reduce the cost of transport and reduce the time consumed in getting the natural form of the material. This type of approach will also help in saving the initial costs involved and benefit you in return. Therefore get a good survey done in order to find out about the various rubber plantations that exist and in which location. Based on the results of the survey you can select the location for setting and starting your business.

In the starting phase of this field you can get associated with the government. This is possible since there are various organizations and manufacturing companies that are under the government and require the natural form of rubber for their processing and manufacturing units. These include the seats for the defense based units of transport where this material is needed. This kind of tie up can help you in getting good business for your product and at the same time the association will give your company a sort of support in the initial investments. This will reduce your investment cost in the beginning.

The major industries that you can target in this business include the ones that deal with the production and manufacture of tier tubes, making of vehicle seats, chair seats and mats for offices, auditorium, etc, and all the other industries that require material for insulation purpose. Apart from the existing companies you can also research and find out about the upcoming companies and industries that need natural rubber supply. This way you will broaden the horizon of your market.

The distribution of natural climate pattern and soil across the world differs a lot. There are many countries where the growth of rubber plant is not supported well or is not possible at all. You will need to search for all such places and try to export the material to these countries. This will fulfill their supply requirement and at the same time help you in establishing yourself in the international market as well. The export business will prove to be very useful in terms of profit and stability. Therefore in order to stabilize you can choose this option. Also pay attention to the storage of the material since this particular material is very sensitive to temperature and pressure and may lose its properties and shape due to any change. Hence you will need to ensure a good storage facility as well.

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