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American Machine Tools Corp.  Call 773-334-5000
USA located company having the knowledge and experience to offer the best metal working machine or equipment for your job at the lowest possible price. Products include metal cutting bandsaws, hydraulic ironworkers, imported lathes, metal cutting bandshaws, milling machines, drill presses, pipe and shape bending, surface grinders and much more. Give a look to site for complete business information and details.
5864 Northwest Hwy, Chicago IL 60631 USA   (3064)

Ball Bearings  Call 0845 602 9946
Acorn are a leading supplier of bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings and more. They are an authorised SFK distributor in the UK and are also a leader supplier of power transmission products. Visit their website for more information.
Acorn Industrial Services Ltd., Midland Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S61 1TE, UK   (7016)

Excavator Tracks  Call (07) 3344 5111
Australian seller of machinery parts including rubber tracks and pads to suit mini excavators, skid steer loaders, Posi track and more. Visit the site for more information.
Wanless Machinery and Parts, Brisbane   (5859)

FRYER Machine Systems, Inc.  Call 800-776-8877
Company aiming at quality product, fair price and provide quality service. Manufactures a diverse line of over 50 models of high quality machine tools including full line of vertical machining centers and slant bed turning centers for production applications. Go to site for more details and information.
Robin Hill Corporate Park, 70 Jon Barrett Road, Patterson, NY 12563, USA   (2355)

Industrial Machines  Call + 27 21 551 5247
One of the well known manufacturers of industrial machines like printing, punching, laser cutting and other types of machines.
10 Dawn Street, Montague Gardens 7441 Cape Town, South Africa   (7287)

Rubber Tracks  Call 0845 838 0665
Provide services to find the best and most reasonable rubber tracks, excavators and diggers providers in UK.
Online only   (7166)

Screening Machine  Call 248-745-5828
EZ-Screen offers screen machines in every size. This includes the perfect one for your application, whether it’s a home garden, professional landscaping, or major construction.
16 West Huron, Pontiac, MI 48342   (5893)

Sealey Tools  Call 01745 361010
Supplier of over 30,000 hand tools, power tools and accessories from top brands like Dewalt, Stanley, Draper and Sealey Tools.
Wood Road, Rhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales UK - LL18 1DS   (4711)

Steeltech Automations  Call +91 - 230 - 2440621
Manufacturer of boring and deep hole drilling machines, Swing Type Semi and fully Automatic Band Saw, Fully Automatic centering and Plunge Facing Machines, Milling machines and more.
Plot No. 389, The Ichalkaranji Co-op ind. Estate, Ichalkaranji - 416115, Kolhapur. Maharashtra, India   (2484)

Business Information: A Steer For Machinery And Tools Business

Industrial set up and working is usually dependent on heavy machinery and tools that aid in fabricating metal through power sourcing. We have seen huge structures build to set up as tracks, parts of cranes or even structured pieces of complicated machinery shaped to intricate detailing; all these are part of industries crafting metal. Where we observe structured products and discuss their re-sourcing similarly there is quite a heavy and extensive range of machines that deal in manufacturing them. Now the question is what exactly are we referring to and how are they used?

As we understand with advanced technology these tools develop for improved accurateness, elevated output, bigger consistency, better protection and lesser brunt on environment. These machines become sophisticated being multi axes and multi tasking, manufacturing composite parts in one lay down and combining different course in one machine tool. Hence we can easily assess machine tools business as a building block for our industries and scientific experiments like space research because they help craft hardware for such trial. Well it is wise to know about countries who manufacture them and how can one invest in this business.

As these are progressive technology tools, they are used by most of countries and manufactured by developed and emerging countries. The point of investing in this sort of business implies enormous set up and large amount of money. It would not be wrong to indicate that such set ups require big area, with specific trained staff to produce machines of capable caliber. Apart from investment and area you also have to think about clientele because your quality excellence would be responsible for producing end products reaching out to people. Hence you cannot make compromises in your tool efficiency. However you can set up good business if you craft a business plan to deal in producing singular machines and provide related services.

Its truly not easy for industries to invest all sorts of machines perhaps few large investors can purchase them and install as per their convenience but for others you can offer them rental services with skilled labor for production. For instance if an industry needs to drill land for oil or other similar purposes you can offer your drilling services for any related project or required purpose like agriculture or mineral water plant. Similarly if you are dealing in grinders you can offer your services to industries like aerospace, mining, hydraulics, oil field etc. once you set your feet in industrial ground with even one project it paves way for more earning and profit.

As a word of caution in this business it should not be ignored that you have to be aware of updated technology. If your technology becomes old your clientage would opt for better and other dealers. This business is highly affected by ups and downs in economic market because if recession in any industry takes place it affects working and employment in the entire industrial business field. It also requires periodic checking as preventive maintenance or for quality assurance. It is truly significant that you keep in touch with market to gather facts about demand for machinery.

If one truly plans to invest in machinery and tools business, it is certainly not restricted to equipment. It would also include specified services along with the machinery and tools. Other than this you can also keep options for easy financing for small investors. In short a state’s economy relies on producers of machinery and their services a lot so if you wish to be part of economic progress, move ahead in the business and earn profits.

More information By Deepak

A machine is nothing but an amalgamation of rigid and resistant bodies, made and connected so that they displace with definite relative motion and along with that transmit force from the starting point of power to the resistance to be overcome. Almost any operation we want to perform needs machines small or big, simple or complex. A machine has mainly two functions: transmitting relative motion as well as transmitting force. All these functions require not only strength but rigidity so as to transmit the forces. The machines have a good market demand and can be seen as a good business prospect.

Similarly the tools required for machines and other operations can be considered for trading in the business. Although basic knowledge of Mechanical engineering can help a great deal in carrying out operations one can quickly learn the tricks of the trade if one does not posses the desired skill set. This indicates that the sector is open and flexible for everyone. Also, those who are willing to start a trading in an area where there is no perishable product present, this sector is the best sector for trading. There are no chances of product getting damaged over a short duration as the machines are designed for longer life span.

Today the industries are growing at a very fast pace. There is no stopping to the growth of new as well as old industries in the market. Long since the era of Industrial revolutions machines and tools have contributed significantly in the social and economic development of the world. Over the centuries the machines have gone many changes for technology but are still irreplaceable. The technology has only made machines better contributing to an increase in demand and those who deal in the latest machinery and tool have an edge in this business.

Railways and Shipping play a crucial role of connecting the world market, allowing many companies to grow in size as well as wealth. Following the famous Industrial Revolution, a third of world's economic output is obtained from manufacturing industries which was more than agriculture sector share. Many of the developed countries and many developing and semi-developed countries depend heavily on industry. Hence a business of industrial product like machinery and tool has a big market in both government and private sector. Shipping, Railways and Construction are amongst the major industries that have a big requirement for industrial machinery and tools.

Industrial machinery and tools trade is an area with huge scope and profitability in the market. Machines help to make various products and tools helps to either repair machinery or perform other manual tasks. Hence in whatever scenario, this particular business has no hampering. Today almost all the industries require a machinery to develop various goods as it is the only way to develop quality products in quick time and minimum efforts. Today the growth of the automation sector has made a huge change in the current market scenario. Industrial machinery has become a prime requirement of almost all the industries. Hence industrial machines have become a virtual hand for the company. Those who are seeking an opportunity into this sector can have a very good growth rate.

Industrial machinery and tools business is one of the safest forms of trading as far as risk factor is concerned. It is a sector which will pay rich dividends no matter what the market situation is. Today or tomorrow, the production in a company will never stop and hence those who are willing to take up a career in this sector will be guaranteed a continuous return if they select a proper market and target correct customers. This is a purely corporate marketing process and hence the quotation values need to be filled thinking from a low profit value initially. Once the orders are achieved then a further profitability and long term contracts can be thought of.

However it is a tough to sale machinery and tools and therefore one need to be market aware of the various competitors around. The key factor in this trading of machines and tools is that they should be developed as per the clients requirements. The machines should be flexible to incorporate further changes as per new technology. This opens the doors for further market which means additional business opportunities.

A machine comes with a huge price tag and becomes obsolete when a new technology is introduced. In this case the customer has to go for a completely new machine. Also it is difficult to sale the old machine as there are few takers and it has to be sold in spares. Machines which can adopt new technology with a few changes to the old machine will definitely find many buyers as it will save huge investments. Such machines are the future of the industrial machinery and tool business. One needs to be extremely dynamic and have good knowledge of upcoming technology to survive in this highly volatile segment.

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