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The business of conveyor belts is related to industrial product, public transport, grocery stores, warehouses and airports and goods transports. In fact a conveyor belt can be used at any point where there is a need to move goods and items from one point to another with help of an automated machine that rotates the belt in an endless loop. Mostly used in industrial material handling applications. Conveyor belts run on automated controllable electric motor and a series of other complex systems are involved to complete the process of evening transferring heavy machinery from one place to another. Conveyor belts are used so as to reduce the dependence on labor for moving goods from place to place. Conveyor belts are used in industries and at times need to be very strong so that is can carry the load of heavy items without breaking down. The conveyor belts business is not same as making toys and supplying it to the retail market, this business is a user specific business where conveyor belts are made for some particular type of application.

In this article we discuss the different ways in which you can enter and start a conveyor belts business. It is a must that before you enter any business you should research about the market potential of the business, where you will sell your products, what is the amount of sales you can generate and also what profit margins you can expect in this business. We start by talking about marketing and trading business model which can be used to start your own industrial business of conveyor belts. Worldwide there is great demand for conveyor belts especially in emerging markets like India and Russia, as new business are starting the need is being felt to improve infrastructure in every way. Be it new shopping centers, automated grocery stores, improved transportation services conveyor belts are increasingly being used in all such areas.

If you would like to enter this business through the marketing and trading business model then that would mean sourcing conveyor belts from manufacturers who makes such belts. There are a couple of ways that you can go about with this business, either you approach users of conveyor belts and then place orders to your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and then complete the order within the agree time frame. The other way is that you carry a catalogue of the different types of conveyor belts that your OEM makes. Now here is where you need to create your own brand because if the catalogue you are carrying shows you client where you are purchasing your products it could be that the client would directly approach your OEM and place an order. This would result in business loss for you and you would lose a client.

To avoid any of this you need to create your own brand. The brand name should be registered; you should need to have a logo and trademark registered. Besides that you should register the name of your company under which all business activities would be carried. Thereafter create a catalogue of the different types of industrial conveyor belts that you are in a position to supply all year round. This business model is highly capital intensive as you will have to invest money for creating a brand name that is well known and regarded for superior quality. The application of conveyor belts is mostly seen for industrial use. Once you have conveyor belts for industrial use you can approach different factories where they need conveyor belts. Amongst the new types of conveyor belts are the portable conveyor belts which can be taken from one place to another and used instantly when the electric motor is switched on.

Amongst the other business model that you can choose for starting your own conveyor belts business is that of selling conveyor belts over the internet. Since the market for conveyor belts is niche market users rarely find a retail shop that sells conveyor belts. For this reason users will search the internet so that they can find the best products as per their application. For an internet based conveyor belts business you will have to start a website dedicated to selling all types of belts online. If you do not know how to create a website you will have to hire a website development company who will create a professional looking website for you. Add pictures of conveyor belts and also include content for them. Conveyor belts for industrial use are the ones that are required the most so concentrate on having more of such products. Some other types of conveyor belts are for general conveying, incline conveying, food and baking conveying, high duty conveying and plastic modular conveying belts.

Though conveyor belts is a niche market you still need to advertise your business online so that you can draw more visitors to your website and generate sales from the website. This is how you will make your business profitable and sustainable in the long term. For your website to grow you should make use of search engine optimization(seo), with good results you can help your website rank higher on popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. If you know how search engine optimization then you might consider doing this job yourself or else you can hire the services of a professional search engine marketing company who will get the desired results for you.

Conveyor belts for industrial use need to be of variable speed depending upon the speed of production. A couple of examples for conveyor belts in industrial use would be –

1. A water bottle packaging plant needs the pet bottle to through a series of process before it be forwarded to the supply chain. The processes involved are filling the pet bottle with pure water, and then putting the cap on the bottle, sealing the cap to the bottle and wrapping the pet bottle with packing date and other details. If thousands of bottles have to be processed and packed everyday then it is only possible with the use of Conveyor belts.

2. Conveyor belts are also used for industrial purpose in a biscuit manufacturing plant. At any biscuit manufacturing plant biscuits are made in millions of units’ everyday. There is a process through which biscuits have to go through, first the raw material is baked in hot oven then using a conveyor belt biscuits move from the first oven to the second and then into a third oven each oven working at different temperatures. Once out of the oven the biscuits are scattered on the conveyor belt move towards the packing part after going through a cooling process and are finally packed. All this happens on a long multi layered conveyor belt.

Whatever business model you opt for unless you have good comprehensive knowledge of conveyor belts you will not be able to understand the various aspect of the business. Portable belt conveyor are usually compact and lightweight, they can be fitted into windows and move small items like dirt and rubble. Industrial belt conveyors can be 1800mm in width and can be inclined and portable as per customer application, used for moving cement bags, steel rods and heavy duty items. Telescopic belt conveyor comes with the option of an extendable arm so that the belt can reach inside a shipping container.

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