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Equipment Resale, Inc.   Call (260) 420-6601
Dealer in used industrial equipment in different categories including boilers, motors, hydraulics, material handling, paint equipment, chillers, metal working, pumps, metal and plastics, foundry equipment and much more. Visit the site for complete business information and details.
5218 Moeller Rd., Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806, USA   (4526)

EquipNet, Inc.   Call Toll-free 888.371.6555
EquipNet does a lot more than just selling premium, pre-owned equipment. The services are designed to help both buyers and sellers maximize their experience while minimizing the time that they spend dealing with idle and surplus assets. Visit the site for more information and details.
50 Hudson Road, Canton, MA 02021, USA   (4525)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Used Industrial Equipment Business Information And Guide

Quality of the equipments is what matters to the customer and if you offer well maintained equipment at competitive price you can have a very good market for these previously used equipments. These used equipments are available in wide range and have many uses. Unlike distributing new equipments you do not have to keep and maintain the stock all the time and hence can keep variety of equipment with you. To start with one can select the equipment that have more demand in the market and is less expensive to start business with. Your target customers could be the new entrepreneurs who do not want to invest huge sum in machinery in the initial phases of the business. With used machinery this customers get a chance to understand the operation and limitations of the machinery before they really buy a new branded machinery of their own for long-term use in their business. With used machinery they have low risks and have money in hand that they can rotate in market for other purpose.

The dealers, distributors or suppliers of the used machinery can also offer the after sale services of the equipments they sold. They can handle the repairs and rebuild assignments. In this way they can be in touch with the performance and usage of the machinery and can again deal in its resale. They can also engage in the business of providing the equipments on rental basis for long term and at the end of term if the customer is satisfied by the performance of the machinery the same could be sold to them. It is very important to keep the machinery up to date and you should only consider sale of those equipments that are in good working condition and properly maintained by the owner who were using the equipments before. A little research about the working condition from the workers of the company where it was being used could save you from lot of trouble and risks of losing credit in the market.

The business requires very good market reputation of the seller of used equipments so it is of utmost importance that you never compromise on quality and engage in dealings of only quality products. These products could range from security products for home, air compressors, grinders, and electrical equipment testing devices, chucker, screw machines, boring machines, CNC machines, drilling machines, fabricating machines, grinding machines, lathes, presses or the metal cutting machines such as Saws. These machines have good market for resale. You can also provide the customers with other miscellaneous items like bar feeds, conveyors, dust collectors and many others. ItÂ’s difficult to determine the variety of machines you could offer in the resale market.

The simple way of performing this business without much investment is through Internet instead of doing it from a physical counter. The very simple reason is that in doing business online you could save a lot of money that needs to be invested in the maintenance of the physical counter. With proper use of business promotion techniques on Internet you can drive a lot of traffic to your web page and perform delivery of machinery by shipments to the clients. Also the persons who are interested in selling their machinery can contact you and you can add their item in your inventory list and in this way you do not have to invest capital amount in purchasing that machinery if you do not have customer interested in that used equipment.

With your business online you also have chance for expansion, which is not possible with the physical counters. You can get customers from almost all part of the world regardless of the shipment charges involved with buying quality equipments online as they would be negligible as compared to the savings that the customer will be able to have by the purchase of used machinery. The trust and reputation you build in market for providing on time delivery and quality of equipments supplied will keep your business in the process of expansion.

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