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R & L Slaughter Ltd.  Call 01708 227140
This company could be your ultimate source for laboratory equipment and chemicals. The range of chemicals and reagents, pH meters, laboratory scales, laboratory equipment, laboratory glassware and many other scientific supplies including lab equipment, Kartell Labware and Biotools. Give a look to the site for more details.
Units 11 and 12, Upminster Trading Park, Warley Street, Upminster, Essex, RM14 3PJ   (2675)

Teklab Ltd  Call (0191) 3710451
Laboratory Equipment Suppliers Including Test Tubes And Disposable Labware, anticoagulant blood collection tubes and containers and more. Supplying to places Hospitals, Universities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Veterinary Units and throughout the Biomedical Science Industry. Take your mind to visit the site for more details.
9 Dorothy Terrace, Sacriston, County Durham, DH7 6LG,   (2677)

Termaks AS  Call +47 55 34 20 70
Exclusive supplier of environmental laboratory equipment in the Norwegian market including laboratory drying ovens, stainless steel laboratory incubators in different sizes, cooled incubator and environmental chambers in Scandinavia. Give yourself time to give a look at their site for complete product details.
Lien 79, N-5057 Bergen, Norway, Europe   (2679)

The Lab Depot  Call 1-800-733-2522
The company is under progress by making profit from the sale of their lab equipment and laboratory supplies for science laboratories including ph meters, colorimeter, dry block heaters, balances and scales, Electrophoresis Equipment and much more. Also have laboratory chemicals and chemistry lab supplies.
P.O. Box 1300, Dawsonville, GA 30534   (2678)

Toshniwal Systems & Instruments (P) Ltd.  Call +(91)-(44)-26445626 / 26448983
Company took its birth on the land of India with the aim and desire to manufacture and supply laboratory instrument which is in conformity of international quality standards and exported worldwide. Go to site for more.
267, Kilpauk Garden Road, Chennai - 600 010, Tamilnadu, (INDIA)   (2674)

World Precision Instruments Ltd  Call +44 (0)1438 880025
Provider of highest quality lab supplies and equipment which consists of items like microscopes and cameras, micromanipulators, pullers, data acquision, animal physiology, microinjection, stimulators, TIDAS range of spectrometers, Mi60 series micro-infusion syringe pumps etc. Visit the site for more information.
Astonbury Farm Business Centre, Aston, Stevenage. SG2 7EG. UK.   (2676)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Laboratory Equipment Business

Science is the greatest boon that is conferred on humans. Without science we would be still living in caves eating hunted animals cooked by fire produced from stones. Everything we use for our survival comfort and luxury today is a result of experiments carried for many years in laboratories. Genius ideas that originate in labs decide our future and laboratory equipments become a medium to shape our destiny. Lab equipments thus are very vital and making a business out of something on which depend the life and future of human race is not a cake walk. However with exercising due caution you can not only cut the cake but also eat it.

Accuracy is the first quality that is looked for in Lab equipments. You do not stand a chance to sell equipment is they are not accurate no matter how low you keep the price tag. Repeatability, sensitivity and reliability are the other specifications that are looked for while purchasing equipments. Cost is not a factor for organizations if you guarantee highest level of accuracy in the market. It is needless to state the importance of accurate results in an experiment and your equipment should come closest to the theoretical results. It is an accepted fact that it is difficult to attain cent present accuracy in lab equipments but this should not be used as an excuse. In fact you should take it as a challenge and constantly try to come as close as you can to that three digit figure. Even a small improvement in your equipment can magnify the developments in an experiment on a much larger scale. The new developments quickly make the existing laboratory equipments obsolete and you can quickly run out of business if you are not reinventing your equipments.

Every country has established research organization both private and public. There are many big research organizations like NASA all over the globe carrying out research in all branches of science. This large organization has several laboratories dedicated to specific purposes. Some laboratories are so large that they can be considered sub organizations of these big organizations. The equipments used for experimenting and testing in single lab can count to an over hundred. Some equipments are so specific that they are not available in market and organizations have to develop it themselves. This is undesirable in research as it is a non research activity. Also not all research organizations have capability to manufacture their own equipments. There is always a requirement from organization to manufacture such special purpose equipments. One should be alert of such requirement from these research organizations and find business opportunities in manufacturing, supplying or marketing as per your skills and ability.

Academic institutions are another place to find market for lab equipments. It is a less demanding sector than the professional research organization but still very competitive. Most of the equipments are common across college in same field. For example a chemistry laboratory at school grade will be requiring same equipment anywhere in the world. The equipments are not specific as the experiments are usually the same. There is a budget constraint to labs and institutes are willing to compromise on accuracy where it is not highly significant. The cost of the equipment increases with the level of accuracy it can provide. The main objective of institute is to clear the concepts of students and it doesn't matter much if the digital meter shows 81 instead of 81.346. Even in this segment the quality keeps on improving as you start moving to higher classes. The doctoral studies require equipments of near research quality. Many colleges take consultancy projects from organizations and in such cases cannot compromise on quality. Institutes do not have sufficient funds for lab equipments yet have a great requirement for equipments. Such organizations form the major customer base. By using your engineering skills you can develop equipments specially keeping such organization in mind that can be affordable and more accurate. The institutes are always keen on purchasing these laboratory equipments.

Man is constantly trying to better his last achievement and there is no reason why he should stop experimenting. With new experiments will grow new labs and there will be need for many new lab equipments. Keep an eye on the future and start experimenting today to come up with better and affordable laboratory equipment.

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