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Breckland Maintenance Services Ltd   Call 01359 270802
The company manufactures, supply and install all types of fluid handling equipment including a wide range of sewage and waste water pumping chambers, sewage treatment plants, highly respected PCD Pump station, cesspools, septic tanks, rainwater recycling, and separators. Take a look at the website for more details.
8 Leyton Avenue, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7BL, UK
http://www.pumpingchambersdirect.co.uk/   (1723)

Graco Inc   Call online support
Company providing innovative solutions to a diverse global market in a wide range of fluid handling applications such as paint circulation, lubrication, sealant and adhesives, etc by offering systems and products that set quality and production. Also power application equipment for the contractor industry.
88-11TH AVENUE NE | Minneapolis, Minnesota | 55413 USA
http://www.graco.com/   (1720)

Met-Pro Corporation   Call (215) 723-6751
Global source for product recovery, pollution control, fluid handling for abrasive, corrosive, and high temperature liquids and fileration and purification technologies for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential markets. Visit site for further details.
160 Cassell Road, P.O. Box 144, Harleysville, PA 19438
http://www.met-pro.com/   (1722)

OEC Fluid Handling, Inc.   Call 864-573-9200 / 800-500-9311
Provider of fluid handling equipment including meters, process pumps, and tanks, in the Carolina for over 20 years, used in the food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
P.O. Box 2807 (29304) • 140 Cedar Springs Road (29302), Spartanburg, SC
http://www.oecfh.com/   (1724)

Oilmen's Equipment Corporation   Call (800) 859-8265
Oilmen's Equipment Corporation and its subsidiaries offer industrial pumps and meters, tanks, truck tanks, fire tankers, LP bobtails, and petroleum dispensing equipment, parts, and also offer repair service.
P.O. Box 2807 (29304) · 140 Cedar Springs Road (29302) · Spartanburg, SC
http://www.oilmens.com/   (1725)

Progressive Pumps Corporation   Call (281) 350-5757
Company offering equipment to handle harsh chemicals and water including pumps for metering, process, and transfer applications. Stocking distributor of fluid handling equipment in different brands and used in a wide variety of applications. Visit site for further details.
4016 Spring Cypress Road • Houston, TX 77388
http://www.progressivepumps.com/   (1721)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Fluid Handling Equipment Business

Fluid handling equipment includes many categories both in home use and industrial use. For a complete system, your business needs products spanning everything from pumps, mixers and valves to screens and filters. Outfit your operation with all the right solutions to build a safe and efficient fluid management system.

If you are planning to start a business in fluid handling equipments first you should make sure that you have all the knowledge about the business in fluid handling equipments. It is a vast field ranging from the home and office use to high level industrial use. And it needs a lot of study related to the fluids and fluids handling equipments that need to put in by you before starting a business in fluid handling equipments. When it comes to industrial fluids, whether in the chemical or pharmaceutical fields or in water and waste water, there's really no such thing as a universal pump. Liquids with different composition and consistency require different pumps and different meters. Now if you do not have a prior knowledge of all this, you will be totally lost and what’s worse is that your customer will not have any idea about his requirements at most of the times.

So it has to be you who will decide the correct fluid handling equipments for the customer based on their business requirements. And it is really important that you give correct advice to your customers as that is what will form their trust on you and will help you to grow in your business. The basic set of questions you need to answer for this will include questions like: - you have to decide whether your customer’s business requires a centrifugal pumps or diaphragm pumps or any other kind of pumps based on his industrial fluid type. Another possible question that you might have to answer is whether an ultrasonic flow meter will work in your customer’s industrial system or not. You also might have to match the temperature, flow and viscosity of the liquids in your customers system with the correct equipment.

Best way to open a fluid handling equipment business is to open an online web site dealing with fluid handling equipments. Develop a web portal for yourself and provide information of the products online. The competition in such an online business is very high. So you have to make sure that your web site stands out. The best way is to categorize your products and make your site look clean and uncluttered. Also provide relevant information of your products online is very important. Be very specific about the fluid handling equipments you want to sell and try to put relevant information so that it educated your customer about the fluid handling equipments as well. Various citing of useful information and steps to install the fluid handling equipments must be provided on your site. Other than that a disclaimer is really important specifying your limit of involvement in the installation and working of the fluid handling equipments. After taking orders from the customer by online shopping you can ship the product to their address. Also make sure you provide the proper manuals along with the fluid handling equipments that give details of the product and also the steps for installation.

One more important thing to do is to make sure that your site is rated high at search engines like google and yahoo. The higher your site is rated, better your business prospects are. You can also take help from certain search engine optimization ( SEO ) companies. You might have to pay them a little but it is worth it because it will definitely reflect on your sales and business profits. Any customer that goes for an online shopping looks at the search engines for the desired sites dealing with that product. Obviously, the sites ranked higher are the most probable to be visited by that customer. A shopping cart system will ensure advanced payment for the products, hence will reduce your own investment into the business.

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