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Ergonomic Industrial Equipment Inc  Call (519) 973-1934
Company located in the industrial heart of Ontario, Canada is a leading provider of industrial lifting and handling equipment in wide variety of categories including light industrial cranes, hydraulic lifts, drum handling equipment etc serving different industries like mining, automotive, chemical, electronic, food processing and more. Give a look to site for more business information and details.
3846 Peter St., Windsor, ON, N9C 1K2   (2733)

FPC Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd.  Call (91-22) 2173 1012
ISO 9001:2000 certified company spending their time in serving different industries such as Petrochemical, refinery, chemical etc by supplying them with top quality process equipment including Agitated vessels, Pressure vessels, Heat exchangers, Columns, Hydrogenator and more. Visit the site for more business information and details.
Pokharan Road No.2, Opp. Blue Star Ltd., Thane - 400 610, Maharashtra State, India   (2736)

Global Crane - Crawler Cranes  Call +1 (602) 320-0762
Offering a full selection of Zoomlion Crawler industrial cranes. Popular models include HCC-80, QUY130, QUY200, and QUY350. Used cranes available.
Online only   (7364)

HUGG&HALL  Call 501-562-1262
Company is one of the foremost name for dealing in used and new construction and industrial equipment including hundreds of various Material and personal handling Items. Products include forklifts, cranes, forklift accessories with Cascade attachments and GNB Industrial Batteries and Chargers in different brands.
7201 Scott Hamilton Dr., Little Rock, AR, 72209   (2734)

Pentalift : Material Handling Equipment  Call 519-763-3625
Pentalift designs, engineers, and manufactures material handling equipment, loading dock equipment and scissor lift tables, both custom and standard. Company's continuing success in engineering, designing, and manufacturing Lift Tables has gained Pentalift a "world-class" reputation within the materials handling industry. Give a look to site for complete business information.
Po Box 1060, Guelph Ontario Canada   (3442)

Santoni Electric Company Pvt. Ltd.  Call 91-11-26272483,26277210
Indian company highly motivated by their satisfied customers from India and all over world getting themselves perfectly fit to serve more for all kinds of industrial equipment including blowers and fans, cleaning machines, cartidge filter systems, dust collectors, vaccum cleaners and much more. Go to site for more business details.
B-276,C.R. Park, New Delhi-110019, India   (2735)

Universal Asia Pacific  Call +65 6665 6771
Universal Asia Pacific specialise in acoustic silencers, and all forms of acoustic design and manufacturing. The acoustic technology they supply is used across many sectors including in the power generation, oil, gas, marine and industrial markets.
71 Bukit Batok Crescent, #05-07 Prestige Centre, Singapore 658071   (8303)

Zmation, Inc.  Call 001 503 253 8871
Company having extensive experience in the manufacture, design, and integration of custom industrial automation equipment and specializing in PC based controls utilizing closed loop motion control, fluid dispensing, robotics integration, closed loop force control, process engineering, closed loop machine vision and advanced industrial software.
14811 NE Airport Way, Suite 200, Portland, Oregon 97230-8301 USA   (2008)

Business Information: A Guide To Industrial Equipment Business

We have advanced and become quite dependent on technology. Perhaps most of our work is done with help of machines, but have you ever though about how are these machines produced that make our life easy. Well, there are heavy equipment that can be perceived on roads but then it takes a lot to produce them. Before we move on to details of these equipment we would like to mention that industrial equipment are extensively used in industries to give us finished end products from industries like steel, chemicals, buildings, electronics and many more. There are several industrial equipment that cater to distinct industrial units as per their requirement and hence aid in producing their final products. So precisely, what are the different sorts of industrial equipments one can invest in?

We can learn this better with the help of an example. For instance let’s say a company manufactures irrigating machines for fields and country agro purposes. Now these machines are made with motors, pumps, and large fans. So in order to produce them they need these simple machines as raw material. With this example we can easily say that most of industrial equipment dealers are also its creator. This is also because industries need personal adjustment in machines according to their requirement and offering them customized product hence becomes a usual practice with them. Similarly we can take instance of other products like cement, steel or a chemical industry. They need equipment like mixers, wood furnaces, vacuum pumps, power lifting or power transmission equipment and many more.

There are several streams in this business as industries like food, steel, building material, glass, ceramics, tiles etc. all these arenas require diverse equipment to meet their industrial demands. Hence if one looks forward to invest in this business he would have to decide upon the field he prefers to cater. Perhaps he can take a survey of demand in the market. Although one might find parallel equipments catering to building and heavy automotive industries like hydraulic lifts and cranes so this might act as an advantage to invest in producing machinery that gratify to more than one sort of industry. Apart from this entire episode of taking decisions and looking for the more demanding industries, what else is on the list in this business?

Moving down to factual aspect, we shall begin with area required to set up an industry. As you need to purchase a manufacturing unit with ample space and industrial license. You would need to hire efficient technicians, skilled labor and supervisors. You can also offer your products online for easy detailing and price list. Advertise your business personally to all industries so they can count on your quality and competitive price assurance. If you have knack for security business then offering industrial equipment could a great opportunity for you. These would include safety jackets, fire extinguishers, remote control monitors and many more such products. You can call them emergency equipment for industries that are installed as compulsion in almost each one for worker’s safety.

When one talks of industrial equipments he should have two perspectives vivid in his mind- money investment and technical knowledge. It can be perceived clearly with our reference above that it is not just another one can start without much thought. But with growing industries and life getting simpler everyday it is business with good scope. If one has knowledge he can also apply for loan and start with investing in two-three machines, as yearning for lot in beginning would be too much expectation. But gradually it will give you great returns.

People are accustomed to go along with machinery life. Generations have passed on and human started using wheels for legs and machines for strength. Nearly, there is no place where machinery is used. The clothes we wear, the food we eat and the water are being passed from the industries after converting the raw materials to finished products. As the demand for every product is getting increased due to the increasing population, the demand for industrial equipment business is also getting increased.

If you like to earn more by investing less or more funds then industrial equipment business is the best for you. Confused? Read on. Your confusion will fly away. If you have more amounts to invest then you can start a firm where industrial equipment can be manufactured. You need not worry about the sales. There are lots of companies who give their spare part business contract to other small companies. All you need to do is to place your reasonable bid during tender for selecting the spare part manufacturers.

Giving on lease:

There is another option for people who like to enter into industrial equipment business. People can even purchase heavy machineries like bulldozers, cranes, excavators, forklifts, compressors, etc and give them for lease to customers who need them but cannot spend enough money for shopping them. Builders and construction contractors will mostly get the industrial equipments on contract basis as they do not need them for permanent usage. They will need them only till their work completes for tenure. In any country development will never be stopped and constructions will go on. So this is an ever green business.

As manufacturing segment is flourishing, newer and newer companies are opening their doors to take a chance in this industrial equipment manufacturing business. Various types of equipment leasing companies are blooming, thanks to strong economy and heavy in new equipment and tools. Finance companies are offering more and more loans on these. Hence shopping them and supplying on lease is a very good idea.

You should take care about:

It is a basic fact that, usage of industrial equipments will lead to wear and tear of the equipments. So you should take care to keep aside the investment for future use. In case of extension of your business, you should take care about the replacement and also for extra equipments. If your take care about these in your business then you will have very less chances to go into losses. Getting a chance to give your industrial equipments on lease is not so easy. You should have enough knowledge about how to get into contact with the needy customers.

What if you maintain a retail shop?

For getting industrial equipments from the manufacturers, you should contact the manufacturer firm and place your order regarding the quantity you need for supply. As you improve your sales and perform your business in an impressive manner, the manufacturers will give you more discounts.

Remember, your business will be a great success as long as you maintain quality along with reasonable rates because the customers who come for shopping will see both quality and price. The customers these days are becoming more choosy and observant in making investments in industrial tools and equipments.

Choose the right time and right brand to start

Starting an industrial equipment business should be done at a time when there is a good boom in the market and when the market continues to grow. Select a good brand in which you think will have a good future. If you are running back after pleasing industrial equipment distribution business that has a great shopping demand, will give your more returns, less ongoing fees and will give you suppleness then distributorship will be a good opportunity for you.

Starting your distribution business franchise could not be easier until and then start in a place where there is good demand. It will be better to get little bit training about the industrial equipments as you will need to be able to demonstrate about the product to the customers who come for shopping from you.

Improve your communication and organizational skills meanwhile broadening your customer database. If you like to employ some workers in your shop then choose who are energetic, results focused and self motivated.

If you consider farming industry as your area then you have to concentrate more on the mills and machinery where agricultural finished products are manufactured. As the shopping demand for agricultural products is increased, the demand for agricultural industrial equipment business is also getting increased. You must be able to explain the customers the best and suitable options for them. Nowadays the analog equipments everywhere are being replaced by digital equipments. So being updated about the products is very important.

Vehicle industrial equipment business is also a very good option as the usage of vehicles is being increased day-to-day. In the past ten years, the usage of vehicle gone up by 6 to 7 times and so shopping of the spare parts is increased.

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