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Mr. Rooter Corporation  Call (800) 583-8003
Offer quality plumbing products and services to residential and commercial clients including water heaters and softeners, bath and kitchen sinks, complete drain and sewer service, garbage disposal and more.
1010 N. University Parks Drive, Waco, Texas 76707, USA   (4232)

Rescue Rooter Plumbing  Call (901) 271-9700
Well established home and commercial plumbing company. Call for plumbing and drain cleaning services from reliable contractors in various locations. Visit site for more information and details.
965 Ridge Lake Blvd, Suite 201, Memphis TN 38120-9401   (4233)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Plumbing Services Business

Living in your house comes with a lot of responsibilities. Something or the other keeps bothering you. Be it the lights, fans, appliances, taps or pipes. You have to keep on getting old things repaired along with buying new set of things for your home. In the entire process some things can wait to be given attention but there are some things which need immediate attention if things go wrong. And among those things comes the plumbing needs of your home and your office or building.

To provide any such plumbing facilities to your customer you need to start your plumbing service business. For starting a plumbing service system, first of all, you need to know about the type of services you can provide to the customer. The services which are generally taken care in a plumbing service business are to repair loose and leaky fittings, clearance of pesky clogged drains, and repair of frozen pipes, re-piping of aging pipes, gas line installation, service and replacements. Apart from all these, the basic repair and replacements of other fittings such as taps, cisterns, basins and other pipe related materials also comes under such plumbing service business.

In a plumbing service business the basic thing to know is that such business is confined to a territory and you must ensure maximum contacts of customers if you want to take over the market of that place. Make sure your business looks professional enough for people to trust you both in terms of your work and in terms of letting you enter their houses to work. Plumbing service business deals with you being technically sound. You can also employ workers under you that have technical knowledge in providing plumbing services and that are trustworthy enough to make a belief on your company in your customers. Basically you can set up a plumbing service business at your own home without any retail shop and should provide the facility to your customers of providing service based on phone calls. Your technicians should be ready to go to the customers place and fix his / her problem as soon as possible. Remember, a delay in service can take away the particular job from your hand, and quite possible the future plumbing services for this customer.

To cast an impression on the customer you must provide the best of the services to the customer along with the best advice relating to all the plumbing needs and maintenance for the customers home. If your technicians are well equipped with all the tools required for the plumbing services jobs it will give a very professional look to the customer and also will help your technician to finish the job more easily and efficiently.

One more way to build up your business is to give time fixed services to the customers by visiting their home after a specific period of time for maintenance. In this routine maintenance checks you can check the customer’s home for any needed repair of the plumbing related products such as leaking taps and cisterns, or old rusted pipes and do the necessary repairs. Such services can be provided in the yearly or half yearly packages on discounted rates to the customer. A routine visit once a fortnight or once a month to the customer’s home will be enough to cover all the necessary needed repairs. Other than that also, the particular customer can call you in case of an emergency need.

You can also stock the general items which are replaced most often, such as taps and pipes. Or you can have a business association with somebody dealing in such products. You can supply those products for your customer from your allies in case of a replacement while solving a plumbing service. Through this you can get your commission from the supplier. Also make sure your service phone number is available in all the yellow pages and other phone directories of the area. Print and media advertisements will get you more customers and hence more number of home for providing plumbing services.

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