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Walton Garden Buildings Ltd.  Call 0870 1201000
Leading construction company from UK engaged in manufacturing of garden buildings, with an impressive range of sheds, summerhouses, greenhouses, playhouses and log cabins to suit every need, taste or home garden. Visit the site for more information and details.
Sutton on Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG23 6QN.   (4475)

York Timber Products  Call 01757 248 927
Wholesale supplier of garden buildings including children playhouses, garden sheds, summerhouses, fencing, kennels, log cabins, garages, play equipment etc.
Bell Farm, Riccall Road, Escrick, York, YO19 6ED   (1115)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To the Garden Buildings Business

If you are storing garden tools or getting ready to buy a whole new set of gardening tools, you should consider upgrading or purchasing a shed to keep your gardening tools in. A “garden building” or “garden shed” offers you a way to start your garden and keep your tools ready for digging. Garden buildings and businesses that provide storage areas to prepare for the spring time, planting, and outdoor activities start to get into gear before summer comes. Knowing what is involved in the business and tapping into resources offer better results for gardening and is the beginning to getting the most out of growing your garden.

Garden buildings are inclusive of a wide variety of tools, all which are used to “spruce up” areas in a garden. The main type of building used by gardeners’ is a “tool shed” shed to store tools and other garden supplies. However, you can find summerhouses, garden offices, garden rooms, greenhouses and garages. Each provides an alternative for helping your garden to grow, while using an efficient amount of space.

For instance, a garage at home may be larger in size so you can fit not only the garden supplies, but also extra tools. Greenhouses may be larger in size, but are dependent on materials that offer plants extra sunlight and warmth for growth. Sheds may be smaller in size and include enough space to keep tools and materials needed for the outdoors .

The garden building business is considered a part of the building materials and lumber industry. Even though some buildings are pre-made, the ability to self install the buildings qualifies it for placement into this category. The industry includes markets such as lumber, structural materials, hardware, tools, plumbing, electric, flooring, paints, home and lawn and garden supplies. These categories had an industry revenue average of $63 million. The year 2008 saw a drastic increase within this, dropping by 13.7%. This was based on declining life cycles, closings of businesses and low demand for products needed.

The top demand within the buildings industry was from lumber and structural building materials, which averaged 60% of the industry revenue. Lawn and garden supplies were the second in demand, consisting of almost 25% of the industry, showing a direct correlation between the building needs and the gardening that was done by residential and business areas. The combination of building needs with the supplies to support gardening shows the strong demands within landscaping and garden care are a key area within the industry .

Garden buildings must be well ventilated to keep moisture and mold from building inside of the shed which will lead to rusty tools. The shed should be cleaned monthly and free of all rodents. The materials that are used to do this, as well as the way that the building is structured should work together to enhance the home garden area with these concepts in mind first.

Expectations which are a part of the garden buildings include the ability to get materials and plans that help individuals to build or put up sheds, greenhouses and other areas. Each building is expected to hold a certain amount of room, combined with specific materials that are designated for outdoor needs. Others who don't want to use materials for this, will find a landscaper, building contractor or carpenter to assist with a specialized garden building. This provides a different approach to the project and to the home gardening storage needs.

Whether you are looking into planting a garden for the summer or are looking for gardening alternatives, such as through a greenhouse or summerhouse, you can begin with looking into the garden buildings industry. This provides extra capabilities for your gardening needs and allows you to enjoy more of the outdoors by having a specialized space indoors for your garden.

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