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Cotati Dog Grooming & Boarding  Call 707-763-3997
Offer safe, clean and comfortable dog boarding facilities with human companionship all day at Two Rock Dog Ranch. Visit the site for more information and details.
4395 Middle Two Rock Road, Petaluma CA, USA   (4486)

Tiny Dog Boarding  Call 212-765-5198
Offer an ideal environment for pet boarding including senior pets, dogs prone to stress, medically frail animals, puppy training, small dog socialization and more. Visit the site for more information.
Manhattan, West Side, 10019, NYC, USA   (4485)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Dog Boarding Business Information And Guide

Dogs are a man’s best friend, this term is amongst the most famous phrases used to epitomize the long lasting friendship an owner has had with his/her dog. The most brilliant aspect of the dog that makes it man’s best friend is its loyalty. But there is a time when dog owners would have to part with their friend abet just for a little time. Here’s where dog boarding business plays a vital role, dog owners can leave their dogs at a dog boarding and go for a party, return and find their dog is just as they left him. The dog boarding business is much like a baby care center where grownups will take care of your baby for you while you leave for work. When you are back you can collect the baby and head home.

Do not be surprised if you go to a dog boarding center and find that keepers will also house other animals, that’s probably because the dog is quite a social animal and seeing & playing with other animals would make it comfortable in the absence of its home owner. If you love animals and dogs in particular and would like a business centered on dog caring and dog boarding then we have some business recommendation which you can follow to start your own dogs boarding business. With large capital investment you can start a national chain of dog boarding centers. With a small amount of investment you can have your own single dog boarding center. There is need to trained people who will be the keepers at dog boarding center, you can have a training center where people wish to the dog care keepers can learn how to handle, train, wash dogs.

This business is not only for dog lovers but everyone who thinks that there are people who need professional dog boarding services while they are not at home. At dog boarding center dogs are kept very well, many dog boarding give services like dog training, while the dog is at the center they are given their favorite foods after consulting the owner and they are also given a wash. If you want to have a large business model then with good amount of capital investment you can start a nationwide dog boarding center. You will have to file with the local authorities informing them of your new venture. Usually authorities visit your center and conduct a check of the facilities and then grant you a certificate which is a stamp of approval that the business has met standard requirements. Also you need a professional work force that is trained to handle dogs and understand their behavior. Dogs can be fussy and if not handled properly they can get aggressive so its important that only people with experience and knowledge of such work are given the job.

This brings us to the point of having a training institute so that people will be able to understand animal behavior much better. Home pets as indeed animals have their own behavior and they are not always comfortable in the hands of stranger there people need to be trained for dog boarding handling. Though there is no academy for dog care training or a degree course that will grade you. Still there are people who offer training in dog care and dog handling. You will have to approach them and getting training. If you are one of those who have compassion for dogs and would like to teach your art to others and make a business out of it then that’s brilliant. You will have to advertise to let people know of your services. You can organize a free training camp to attract people who are interested in such training as it offers them the opportunity in a niche industry. As business grows you can hire some of the best students from your institute and employ them for your animal care training business.

In the last of our series of dog boarding business recommendation we talk about having a pet hotel or a kind of pet resort. This business is slightly different from the dog boarding chain we mention at the start of the article. A dog and animal’s hotel or pet resort is one that offers rich pet owners a kind of home away from home when the pet owners are on a vacation or business trip themselves. An animal resort is one that houses all the 5 star amenities that dogs can ever wish for. In 2006 as many as 300,000 pets in Canada and US visiting a dog boarding and this number is just for these two countries. The luxury pet hotel presents dog owners with a chance to pamper their dogs the same way they do when on vacations. You can have dog skin care treatment, dog spa, games and activities for dogs. This is a high end service and is a very lucrative business model. For such a business you need to identity the right business location and the right property. A place like say Beverly Hills, California might be ideal. Work out the modalities of a dog and animal’s luxury hotel and work your way to success.

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