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DT Home And Garden Services  Call 07737 453 527
Offer house and garden maintainence services including grass cutting, clearance, tree work, strimming, pressure spraying, landscaping and home painting, decoration, ceramic tiling and home plumbing and more. Commercial contracts also undertaken. Read more on site.
Woodnesborough, Sandwich, Kent, UK
http://www.dthomeandgardenservices.co.uk/   (147)

Elite Garden Services  Call 01784 462848, Mobile: 07710 549 390
Company, established in 1985, from United Kingdom offering outstanding gardening services like fencing, decking, planting, landscaping, paving, driveways and more related services. Take a look at the site for more info.
Tony Busby, 39, Stephen Close, Egham, Surrey. TW20 8DR
http://www.elitegardenservices.co.uk/   (146)

Fake Lawn  Call 0412 269 959
Southwest Greens is the world leading synthetic and fake lawn suppliers in Australia. They are well known for their world class golf greens. Contact them to find out how you can get a mini golf green for your backyard.
Online support only
http://www.southwestgreens.com.au/   (6147)

InsideOut Gardening Services, London  Call Sean: 07956 293 292
Company from UK offering cleaning services for home and garden. Services include planting, soil conditioning, garden design, decking and fencing, lawn laying, pond and water features and more.
20 Porlock Road, Enfield, London, EN1 2NH
http://www.insideout-gardening.co.uk/   (37)

Rob McGee & Son Gardens  Call 01233 740 389
Landscape gardeners from UK offering building of high quality gardens including services like cover tree surgery works, garden wall designing, supply and fit entrance gates, and garden improvement suggestions and advice for your home. See site for more details.
Corner Cottage, Church Lane, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BS
http://www.landscape-gardeners-rms.co.uk/   (145)

Business Information: A guide to Home And Garden Products Business

How To Go About Home And Garden Business?

People usually believe that home is where the art is and every home will love its new look. A single signature plant in the garden can make things dramatically change and make you feel good too! Every home calls for a frenzied round of spring cleaning and beautification. If you wish to offer them this service with green revolution-It’s quite a thought! Anyone can start a garden business provided he is completely dedicated to it. There are several subdivisions in this business that if considered individually are great business set up individually. Yet the most interesting factor of the garden business is that one does not need huge investment to try his hand in the business. If one is practicing gardening as a hobby for some years he becomes eligible for running a garden business.

There could be several sides to this home business like supplying dry variety of flowers, setting up indoor gardens with landscapes, selling dry perfume flowers, selling bonsai or just selling decorative plants. You could also rent big green plants at offices or commercial structures to add green lush touch much appreciated in offices. Hence one can observe that how garden business offers various choices starting from home. Now the question is how to go about starting this business?

The first and most prior step in garden business is dedication. One needs to invest as much as five to six hours at home regularly because plants grow with time and needs much care in the beginning till they are in full bloom. So you would have to act as genuine guardian for them or employ someone to do the same. Since you are not doing it for hobby anymore get ready to research for the most demanded variety. It could be selling specific medical herbs like aloe Vera in pods or supplying beautiful flowers to florists. Once you are through with research assess the space available at home and required for the plants. One should have enough space, sunlight and pollution free atmosphere for growing high class quality plants.

Once you are ready with stocks, get ready to sell them. For selling your plants either advertise your garden business online through a personalized website or market them by approaching customers. You would also have to consider other aspects like transportation for delivery, managing cost and put an appropriate tag at your plants. One can also plan on starting bouquet business by hiring a florist as that would offer great opportunity to draw business at special occasions like anniversaries and valentine day.

Just keep in mind that this is seasonal business as winters are harsh on plants and people usually don’t invest in green houses to cultivate their business. Garden business is a profitable venture in all aspects and if you happen to love your business then you can do wonders to it. One needs to invest time to look for newer varieties, fertilizers and measure to protect your plants. You can reap in your efforts at home and get rewarded with good cash flow in your garden business.

Another Guide - My Mohit

The home is a place that we all build with great efforts but an empty home that’s just a structure is not good enough to live in. You will want all kinds of products like home light, home furniture, furniture for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, proper flooring, doors and windows and much more to make it a complete house. Surely everything cannot be bought overnight but gradually you keep buying things either to fill in the necessities or add décor to your home. Similarly your home garden too can be made beautiful by using home gardening product such as outdoor lighting, garden furniture, maintaining a good garden and other home improvement ideas. The home and garden business is thus a vast business and there are many businesses that people can do to cater to the market requirements of the home and garden products. If you are amongst those people looking to start or enter this business and are looking for tips and business ideas then this article is for you. In this article we discuss some the popular and successful business models that one can use to start their own home and garden products business.

Amongst the popular businesses that cater to home and garden products business is that of kitchen products business. In every home there is a kitchen and the need for kitchen products cannot be felt more than in a kitchen. There are various products that are needed in kitchen ranging from a gas or electric stove, a fridge, gas lighter, kitchen cabinets, dish washers etc. You can be dealing in any or if possible all these products. A kitchen also requires products from the bathroom fittings area like you need a wash basin to clean the dishes, a tap water you can even have ceramic tiles fitting over the kitchen platform so that maintaining the kitchen platform is easier. For a kitchen products business there are different business models and different products that you have to arrive at a decision for the business you’d like to do. You can choose to have retail home furniture products business where to sell products to end users or a manufacturer of such products. To start a kitchen products business you can also take the route of becoming a manufacturer of these products. Say for instance you are interested in manufacturing gas/electric stoves or a cooking range then that way you would be able to enter the vast market of home kitchen products business.

Another business model that is amongst the most sought after home and garden products business is that of home furniture. The home furniture business encompasses all furniture requirements of a home from bathroom and bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture; furniture for the living room, dining tables, sofa set, and any furniture for home furniture comes under the home furniture business. For a home furniture business you can take the retail business model of selling branded home furniture that most people today do shopping for. For a home furniture retail business you need a retail showroom where you can display home furniture products ranging from beds like bunk beds, dining tables, sofa etc. People more often than not visit home furniture showrooms because then can see a range of products and make enquiries regarding the make, brand, price and material used to make the furniture. Home furniture companies are always on the look out to increase market and for that purpose they need people who would like sell their product. The furniture company will pay a margin or a commission on sales.

While building a new home or remodeling your home the flooring of the home is another aspect that home owner care about. Till a few decades ago people would be inclined to installing wood flooring in their home. Wood flooring is very expensive but it also makes the home look very elegant and adds value to the property. These days’ people are now opting for laminate flooring as the cost of laminate flooring is as low as $1.49 plus maintenance and replacing the old laminate flooring does not cost much. Laminate flooring is growing in popularity and therefore a good business model would be that of home flooring installation. Installing laminate flooring is not all that difficult but installing laminate flooring in the entire house and ensuring that it’s glued properly can only be done by a professional home flooring installation company. If you are thinking of starting a home flooring installation company then you will need to know how installation of different kinds of flooring can be done. There is wood flooring, stone flooring, laminate flooring and tile flooring as well. You will need flooring installation equipments and material plus a workforce and staff that are well trained and know how to carry out flooring installation of different kinds.

When speaking of homes they usually have garden and people are very careful about how they can have a good garden space. Garden space is just not about a well maintained lawn with flowers and plants there many home garden products that can be installed or arranged to make the garden a more attractive place to sit and enjoy. The home garden lighting business is one such business that caters to the needs of garden owners. You will not want to sit in a garden that’s dark would you? For that purpose there are garden lighting and outdoor lighting products like garden lights. If you would like to start or enter the home garden products business then you can choose to sell garden lighting products or even garden furniture. For your home garden lighting products business you can choose the online business model. People today do not have the time to visit store after store, see the various models and remember the price of a particular product they liked at the previous store they visited. Once you like two different products from the same category it can be confusing which one to buy.

For this reason people prefer to do home garden products shopping online, they can visit a website that sell garden products and see a complete list of products from various brands and then buy the one product that meets their needs the best. For an online home garden products website you will need to have your website. To create a new website you can hire the services of a professional web design company. Also ask the web design company to add a contact us page and an about us page on the website to people can know about your company and even contact you for bulk rates in case you‘re willing to offer a discount of bulk purchase orders.

Within the home and garden products business there is also the home cleaning products business. Home cleaning products like toilet cleaners, dish cleaning liquid products, surface wipes and all purpose cleaners amongst others. Since home cleaning products are required in homes therefore a great business model for selling of home cleaning products can be that of a home based business. Home businesses have great advantages and that is why more and more people are choosing this business model. You can work from home and work at times that are convenient to you. For your home cleaning products business you can buy home cleaning products for large wholesalers or from a home cleaning marketing company. You can also choose the Amway business model by subscribing to the membership of a direct marketing company and then selling their products to people by the way of word of mouth marketing and also organizing small meetings at your place and telling people how these home cleaning products can be beneficial to the users.

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