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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To the Women's Health Business

Exercise, eating right and taking care of general health is a priority for most. Understanding how to do this through tools and knowledge, and finding products and services that help with better health is one that is also a main consideration for those who are interested in staying healthy. Within this option for living, are business segments that help with specific issues and needs. A main area considered are womens' health and the trends that are helping women to have their specific needs for nutrition and wellness meet.

The health industry includes several products and services that are designed to help individuals with their complete health. The first segmentation for health includes fitness and exercise and includes health and fitness centers, rinks, tennis courts, swimming pools, squash clubs, dance centers and athletic centers. The health and fitness centers take an average of 45% of the market, with the other fitness centers including less then 10% of the market. The overall revenue involved with this is $23 million with an increase in 2008 of 2.3%. It is expected that, as more individuals become aware of health needs, are also continuous increases in the fitness arena .

This specific aspect of business is related not only to fitness and exercises, but is also inclusive of other factors concerning health. This includes nutrition and specific health related problems for women. Overall, 13% of the population in the United States is in poor health. The leading causes include smoking, which involves 18% of the population. Obesity follows this, with 62% of the population dealing with this health problem. The third major problem is hypertension, including 33% of those in the United States. Among women, factors such as childbearing, pregnancy, cancer and diabetes remain among the highest in the nation .

Because of these main concerns, the health business for women works toward preventive treatments and alternatives to help with this. Beyond the nutrition and exercise offered, are also several sources women use to help with health. For instance, businesses that provide information for women are known to provide some best assistance. This includes general knowledge through books and magazines, with online alternatives for medical and general information. These are known to give women more alternatives to help to preventing diseases and to help overall health.

Not only are these available for women, but are combined with products and services for assistance. For instance, physical trainers and nutritional consultants are available for women. This is combined with products that combine nutritional needs for women at different phases of life. This involves everything from extra nutrition and minerals that women need through supplements and foods to supplies that provide women with better health alternatives.

Divided into these sectors, are specifics that are for women only, including categories that give women the assistance they need. Some sectors include beauty and style, fitness, nutrition, family, sexual health, physical and mental health. The trends that are a part of these include alternative and natural medicines to help women, with general actions women can take to ensure their health is at a higher level. The result from this is a trend of women growing in awareness with different capabilities to get the health assistance needed .

The idea of women's health is inclusive of both the general needs for exercise and nutrition and awareness as a general population for better health. It is also one that involves the need to be aware of the general health changes women go through and what this implies. The result is the need to have alternatives available for women so they can stay active and healthy throughout their life

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