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Business Information: A Guide To Weight Loss Business

Weight loss products business has been under sky rocketing growth and also under high profile court cases. When you are planning to start weight loss products business you have to ask yourself whether you want to opt for

1) Weight loss medications business

2) Weight loss reduction equipment

3) Fat farm (A place where fat people (obese) enroll themselves and periodically meet to attend sessions on weight loss for all their health care needs. Enrolment fees are higher for people enrolling in the fat farm. Fat farm contains all physical training equipment and yoga trainers. Trainers are specifically employed to instruct people on their diet habits, medications concerning their health disabilities such as thyroid problem, obesity, etc.

Weight loss Drugs: -Weight loss drugs have seen huge volumes of growth. Most of the popular drugs are prescribed by the doctor. These drugs are tested for almost ten years or so and then they receive FDA approval if they are safe for human health. They have to be manufactured under strict environmental rules. For every patented product a generic cannot be manufactured for up to ten years. It is also important to have drugs manufactured to have efficient marketing capability. Generics are most sought out by customers because of reduced cost and easy availability.

Cons: -

1) Weight loss products have seen and felt some of the worst court cases and user’s confidence is also reduced because of spurious drugs.

2) Drug enforcement agencies have restricted certain drugs from import into United States. Prescription drugs in developed markets can be obtained only when the user accompanies a prescription from the doctor.

3) High restrictions and regulatory work is dampening efforts to reduce the cost of weight loss drugs.

Pros: -

1) Herbal weight loss medicines do not require regulatory framework which is reducing the cost of medications to a certain extent. Some of the medications (herbal) have been in use for centuries and are working to their goal. But caution should be exercised as some herbal medicines are spurious to health care.

2) Few health supplements and weight loss drugs are working to their desired mark. These medications are not only decreasing the weight but they are giving the much needed energy to combat stress. Various options in this business: -

1) Have good links with retailers and manufacturers which can help you to distribute their weight loss drugs or products by setting up a call center

2) Setting up a generic manufacturing unit with FDA approvals. (Outsourced work).

3) Shipment and logistics support could be provided to manufacturers and distributers. A word of caution some drugs need special transport procedures.

Weight loss reduction equipment: -

Weight loss reduction equipment is always in demand since time immemorial as people wanted to avoid drugs and medications. Weight loss reduction equipment is always on the list for people who wanted to improve their physique and stature without compromising their health care. Doctors are increasingly prescribing people to use weight loss reduction equipment rather than drugs.

Pros: -

1) There exists huge competition in weight loss business from various established and existing players.

2) Margins in this business are huge and it varies from country to country.

3) Marketing is extensively required because of competition from different organizations. Design should have global appeal and should meet standards which will make the products appear aesthetically and increasingly upbeat from the rest of competition. Advertising cost is high which translates to higher price.

4) Manufacturing can be outsourced to third world countries to reduce cost of manufacturing which potentially opens opportunities for outsourcing.

5) Shipping contracts should be long terms and specific guidelines should be written well before to de risk from fuel costs.

6) Can opt for stationary business (business through phone) outlet or retail it to retailers.

Cons: -

1) High cost of manufacturing due to extensive involvement of commodities.

2) Advertising and marketing costs are high in this business.

3) CAPEX and operating capital deployment is huge initially with no assured returns.

4) Shipment costs are high and may face laws of the land.

5) Inventory stacking is huge and provision should be placed for inventory.

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