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Acadian Ambulance Service   Call 1.800.259.3333
USA located well established company highly dedicated and committed to help health care industry with the highest level of medical care and transportation services since 1971. Highly skilled medics care for emergency and convalescent patients from ground and helicopter ambulance and fixed wing aircraft. More business information can be found on the site.
PO Box 98000 Lafayette, LA 70509-8000, USA   (3288)

Dial 1298 for Ambulance   Call +91 22 3957 1298
Offer emergency ambulance services in India under an easy to remember emergency telephone Number 1298 to save the lives of people who are called to attend in medical emergencies for all health related problems. The project has been setup in association with London Ambulance Service, a UK Government Agency for medical transport. Take som of your time to give a good look to site for more business information and details.
CSSC , M N Roy Human Development Campus, 2nd Floor, C Wing, Plot No. 6, F Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai 400 051, India   (3287)

Lifejet Ambulance   Call +0 982 110 6489, +0 982 138 4318
Offering emergency ambulance services in India and is dedicated to providing the services with highest level of emergency medical patient care, treatment and transport. Visit the site for more details.
24, Kapadia Nagar, Kurla (West), Mumbai - 400070, Maharashtra, India.   (1170)

LifeLine Ambulance Service   Call 781.935.2220
Offer medical transport and ambulance service and providing both emergency and non-emergency Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support, as well as Chair Car and Limosine transportation with management style based upon fair, honest and respectful leadership. Make sure you give a visit to site for complete information and details about the services provided to health industry.
6A Gill St, Woburn, Massachusetts 01801, USA   (3294)

St John Ambulance   Call (08) 9334 1222
The St John ambulance service aims to provide the highest level of pre-hospital emergency health care and patient medical transport to the Western Australian community. Services include first aid training and products, ambulance and paramedic care, volunteer first aid services at public events and more. More business information can be seen on the site.
209 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont WA 6104, Australia   (3291)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Ambulance Services Business Information And Guide

Life is very uncertain. There are various types of diseases that attack people. It is difficult to predict when and what kind of health problem may affect some one. Earlier there were no proper treatments and facilities available because of which people lost their lives. With the improvement in the medical technology and research there are so many health problems that are conquered and some of them have been eliminated. There are still many major problems like brain tumor, cancer, cardiac arrest and failure, and even sudden accidents. In such situation the person injured or ill is not able to travel to the hospital and therefore needs a transport specifically meant for this purpose. The ambulance service is therefore is very profitable field of business.

People in this business have to understand that there is nothing more important than life and good health. The requirement in this field is always high especially keeping in mind the growing stress and tension level amongst people. The speed of life doesn’t give people time to rest and exercise. To start with in this field you will need to get the information about the instruments, equipments and other basic requirements that have to be kept available in the medical transport vehicle. A detailed study of the field will help you in getting the information. It will enable you to set up an ambulance service that is up to the mark.

This is also very crucial requirement since it is very important to sustain the life of the person with such life supporting systems in the vehicle itself before the person can reach the hospital and proper treatment is given. Therefore the latest types of important devices and equipments should be installed in the medical transport. Also keep a track of the latest instruments that are being introduced so that you can remove the outdated ones and arrange for the latest ones in time. This is also equally essential to save the person’s life as well as building the reputation of the ambulance services business in the market.

To proceed further you will have work on the arrangement of the right kind of medical transport for this purpose. Any vehicle will not work unless it suits the requirements and demands of the purpose. Keeping this in mind you will need to either buy vans or other big vehicles that serve the purpose or you can go in for hiring the vehicles as per the demand. For this, you can look for the option from where you can get the best deal. Get some market survey done in order to get the details from where you can purchase of hire the ambulance vehicle at lower prices. Do keep in mind the good working condition of the vehicle otherwise it will hamper the image of your services and the business.

These days the quality of the hospital is decided on the basis of services that they provide. Therefore you can contact the private hospitals in the city where your business is set up. You can get associated with these hospitals to supply them the medical transport that they will need. The requirement of every hospital will vary. Based on this you will have to allocate the type of medical transport that they require for their hospital. Make sure that the driver that you assign should have an experience and valid license. They should be smooth in their driving to avoid jerks to the patients inside. These qualities will help you in making it big in the ambulance business.

The government hospitals require a lot of help and improvement in many countries. You can set up your business in such a country where you will be able to provide the medical transport facility for such hospitals. You can ask the government for the funding and financial assistance. This association will provide them with better ambulance services and in return provide you the profits. You will also be able to save your investment costs on this aspect. Therefore you will need to approach these people and get the contract for your company. This should be done as early as possible in order to avoid the competitors in the market taking the opportunity away.

You can keep certain unique features and benefits of your ambulance service. This should be different from what the others are providing. You can work on these facilities and come up with unique plans for your business. Ensure that you merge with any competitor; this will reduce the value of your unique medical transport facility. You should also work on the way you will be informed about the emergency cases. You can come up with services like ambulance through SMS, a call, or other faster means so that the customer will be able to inform you in time and you will be able to go ahead with your duty in time as well.

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