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Emergency Medical Transport, Inc.  Call 800-739-7661 Toll FREE
Well known transportation company serving health care industry since long and highly dedicated to provide with the best and highest level of pre-hospital emergency medical care and patient transport to the latest standards available anywhere in the world to the people in the areas they serve irrespective of ability to pay. Feeling great pride in having the privilege and opportunity of serving the community in this capacity. Visit the site for detailed business information.
2511 Waynesburg Drive SE, Canton, Ohio 44707, USA   (3283)

Mayo Clinic Medical Transport  Call Tel: 800-237-6822 (US only)
One of the well known medical transport company offering emergency medical transportation services including ground ambulances, air ambulances like helicopter and chartered aircrafts for all patient welfare with world class services. Ensuring that patients are transported with the right level of medical expertise in the most appropriate vehicle which will meet the patient's health care needs in an economical manner.
200 First Street SW, Rochester, MN 55905 USA   (1169)

Preferred Medical Transport L.L.C  Call 713.791.9000
Medical transportation company serving the needs of different health care organizations like hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, dialysis centers, rehabilitation centers etc to provide with safe medical transport services in the Houston metropolitan area with the help of top of the line travel vehicles which are well maintained and equipped with the necessary supplies to provide patients with high quality services. Go to site for complete business information and details.
2104 Pease Street, Houston, Texas 77003   (3284)

SCR Medical Transportation, Inc.  Call (773) 768-7000
Company specializing in providing medical transportation to various populations of health care and elderly communities in United Sates with the help of different types of spacious and comfortable vehicles which are equipped with hydraulic lifts or manual ramps, tinted windows and plenty of amenities. One can request a trip online for all emergency health care needs. Visit site for more business information.
8801-25 S, Greenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60619, USA   (3285)

Stat Medical Transport, LLC  Call 610-449-STAT (7828)
Provider of highest level quality pre-hospital and inter-hospital medical transportation for patients with the highest standards of safety, patient care, and customer service. In today’s fast-paced health care industry, quality and caring seem to be missing from many ambulance transportation companies. Further business information can be found on the site.
P.O. Box 337, DREXEL HILL, PA 19026, USA   (3286)

Business Information: A Guide To Medical Transport Business

A needed service for those that are involved in medicine is not only through the nurses or physicians that are available. Another essential part to this is having medical transport available. This provides individuals with the capability of receiving the assistance needed so they can easily get medical help through the right professionals. This business provides a simple and effective way to move individuals from an area of residence and to a hospital or care center.

The medical transport business starts with providing different vehicles for assistance. The most common option for this is an ambulance or vehicle that provides life support for individuals in need. There are others who have medical transport options for those that are not required to have emergency assistance, such as through a car or smaller vehicle. Within each of these are specific guidelines that are used for the business to run effectively.

The business that is set up for medical transportation determines specific rates according to the needs that have to be met. For instance, in the United States, these are set by the Department of Transportation, known as DOT, and are typically paid through individuals. If the person that is being transported belongs to a nursing home or other care facility, then the payment comes through a public fund that is available. This is typically established through Medicaid or Medicare. If the medical transportation is not done with an emergency basis, then most insurance won't cover the costs that are needed for transportation .

With this basic design for medical transport, is a business that is continuing to offer assistance with different health needs. This includes $10 million in profits for 2008, with a 2% growth from past years. It is expected that this growth is going to be substantial because of the number of older individuals and baby boomers that are now in need of extra assistance. Within this industry, are 60% of transportation options offered for non-emergency transportation, such as checkups or sickness. The other 40% of the business includes emergency transport for individuals who are in need of life care and extra assistance .

With these two main areas of help, are specific businesses that link to medical professionals to offer the correct services. While many of the medical transports are from the emergency hospitals or other areas, different types of services operate as an affiliate to the hospital. This includes individuals that provide support by having a certain number of vehicles and a crew of drivers that are called upon to assist those who need transportation. Other types of services have connections to areas such as nursing homes and other main institutions and are able to provide medical transportation on a continuous basis. These alternative affiliations allow businesses to continue to provide higher numbers of services to those that need medical assistance.

With the non-emergency and emergency visits that are required are also specific health needs that are used for visits. Most likely, a non – emergency visit is used for those who are in need to get to a hospital for a sickness, accident or illness. If they don't have the means to drive or don't have specific assistance, then calling on a medical transport can provide with better assistance. Anything that is not life threatening is considered a non - emergency visit and provides individuals with the correct assistance to take care of their health on all levels.

If you are interested in helping those in need of medical assistance, then you don't just have to consider becoming a physician. Getting into medical transport business is a simple and effective way to provide assistance to those that need assistance with their health. Understanding the different components of this and how it works within the health industry is the beginning to finding solutions for helping others who need assistance to get to the right area.

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