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Medical Tourism Corporation  Call 1-800-661-2126
Company having facilities to contact with overseas doctors and hospitals and providing with the best health care solutions at affordable prices. Offering most comfortable and cost effective travel planning, journey, stay, tourist experience and recuperation. Visit the site for more business information.
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WorldMedAssist, LLC  Call 1-866-999-3848
Get High Quality Surgery Abroad at A Fraction of the Cost! Let connect you with some of the best doctors in the world. Visit the site for more information and details.
1230 Mountain Side Court, Concord, CA 94521, USA   (4547)

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Its often seen that people travel from one country to another regarding their health issues which is often called medical travel or global health care. Medical tourism is the othe name for medical travel which can be actually described as the practice of traveling across international borders to obtain health care. The type of health issue could be anything like one may need to travel for surgical opearions like cosmetic surgeries, dental surgery, joint replacement or whether its cardiac surgery or any other type of health problem.

With an increasing number of people opting for surgeries in developing nations, medical tourism business is witnessing good times. It befits the proverb two birds in one stone as with an advantage of low cost medical treatment one also enjoys tourism in a new country. Medical tourism has proved to be a boon to both the tourism and healthcare industry adding to the country’s income.

The number of medical tourists cross the million mark every year and is constantly increasing. With medical tourism becoming an organized business apprehensions of tourists if any are removed and they are readily opting for special packages that the medical tourism business has to offer. The cost of surgeries is in fractions to what it costs in the developed countries. The cost saved in treatment justify traveling all the way to a new country for medical treatment. Plus the money saved can be used to enjoy a travel vacation after completion of treatment.

Asian countries are leading in medical tourism with much of the business concentrated mainly in Malaysia, India and Thailand. Being well known tourism destinations world over already, these counties have started developing strategies to attract medical tourism adding to the revenue generated by tourism in the health care industry.

Hospitals have seen an increased business thanks to medical tourism. Many reputed hospitals are collaborating with tourism services. Making arrangements for entire medical treatment is mainly the responsibility of travel operators and this is a very fruitful collaboration. One often chooses a travel plan based on the quality of medical services they provide and it is important to have best hospitals in every field to attract tourists.

Every county has a specialized medical treatment. India is well known world over for its Ayurveda and Yoga. Similar is the case for Chinese acupuncture. Many diseased that cannot be treated through normal treatment can be successfully cured by ayurveda or acupuncture. The search for best practitioners often brings tourists to these countries. In fact ayurveda, herbal massage and yogic treatment are the things that are used for promoting medical tourism business in India. One should realize the potential of medical treatments that are specialties of their own countries to offer unique options in medical tourism.

High cost of medical treatment in Europe and United States is mainly responsible for the development of medical tourism business. The high cost of surgery is not justified for less critical surgeries like cosmetics and dental. As there is no urgency to perform such surgeries on can plan them according to their convenience. The same surgeries are offered in developing countries at a much reduced cost with value added benefits from the tour operators. Cosmetic surgeries has the largest share amongst the treatment opted under medical tourism. Other treatments include knee and hip replacement, cardiac and dental.

It really makes sense to perform such less critical surgeries through medical tourism than to pay heavy medical bills that sometimes overshoot even the medical insurance in the States or Europe. Some treatments are not covered under medical insurance and treatment in such case will cost a fortune. Medical treatments expenses have the potential to lead person to bankruptcy.

Medical tourism industry is expanding at a rapid pace. With apprehensions regarding the viability of medical tourism model settled many more are opting for it. There is a big challenge before the medical tourism or travel business to get ready for this additional influx. Although having good returns this is a very critical area to operate. As medical tourism is all about health care, high quality services is a top priority. Medical tourism industry should contribute towards developing the best health care infrastructure for the country. Latest in medical technology must be immediately incorporated to impress medical tourists.

Even a single untoward incident can put the reputation of countries entire medical tourism at stake. Each person involved in medical tourism has a moral responsibility to maintain high ethical standards to collectively benefit form this flourishing medical tourism business.

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