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BC Group International Inc.  Call 1-888-BC-FOR-ME (223-6763)
Producers and suppliers of biomedical test equipment including electrosurgery, electro-surgical, electro-surgery, infusion pump device, ventilator analyzer, ultrasound watt meter, Digital Multimeter, BC, Biomedical, Test Equipment, Biomeds, Biomedical Technician, Non Invasive Blood Pressure Simulator, Fluke, Test Equipment, oscilloscope, dmm, fluke meter, flowmeters and more health supplies. Give a look to site to know about the company business.
P.O. Box 25125, St. Louis, MO 63125-0125 USA   (2875)

CMI, Inc.  Call 1-866-835-0690
Company known to be the leading manufacturer of breath alcohol testing instruments in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. The company manufactures the Intoxilyzer brand of evidential instruments using infrared spectrometry alcohol detection technology. Give a look to site for further information and details.
316 E. 9th St., Owensboro, KY 42303 USA   (2873)

Datrend Systems Inc  Call 604.291.7747
Canadian based company working with their full potential and supplying with quality Biomedical Test Instruments for biomedical and clinical engineering and also for hospitals, clinics and medical equipment manufacturers professionals. Having customers worldwide and well known for their dedicated business services.
Unit 1 - 3531 Jacombs Road, Richmond, BC, Canada V6V 1Z8   (2876)

Glenmed  Call +27 31 2024115
The company is fully engaged in providing with medical philips and biomedical hewlett packard metron fluke testing equipment, datrend imt patient monitor, defibrillator, ecg cardiographs, ctg cardiotocograph, fetal doppler ultrasound pulse oximeter, pressure transducer holter mediaid and more.
42 Clyde Avenue, Musgrave, DURBAN, 4001   (2878)

LifeLine Medical Inc.  Call Toll Free:(800) 452-4566
If you are looking for high quality medical equipment including medical test equipment such as drug or breath alcohol testing equipment then this company, being the leading distributor of medical supplies, could help with what you need. Products also include physical therapy equipment, blood drawing chairs, medical seating, first aid kits and much more. Give a look to company site to know more about their business and speciality.
22 Shelter Rock Lane, Danbury, CT 06810, USA   (2874)

Rigel Medical  Call +44 (0) 191 586 3511
Company fully engaged in the manufacturing of a diverse range of advance technology Biomedical testing and measurement equipment, including a dedicated range of Electrical Safety Analyzers, Ventilator Testers, Patient Simulators, NIBP simulators, SPO2 simulators, Defibrillator Analyzers, and more for health care industry. Take some of your time to give a look to site for more products information and details.
Bracken Hill, South West Industrial Estate, Peterlee, County Durham. SR8 2SW   (2877)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Medical Testing Equipment Business Information And Guide.

The progress that has been made along the way in the medical field since the ancient times of the Greek, but the number of the dangerous diseases constitutes a great threat for the human lives. Here it is proven the utility of good medical testing equipment.

Medical testing equipment business is a very hard territory to explore. This is a market more adapted to the people that are highly trained in the field of health care and the top technicians around. The producing of this kind of equipment is a real serious job. Every mistake in designing or conceiving of medical testing equipment can produce disastrous results. A person diagnosed with the wrong disease can even die after the wrong treatment plan is applied.

Investing in a health care system such as the medical testing equipment is a very complex business to run. The newest technology must always be used with great care though. Apart from the top technicians you will have to hire to keep the line of production working, you will need to open a research laboratory that will assure the designing and finally producing the next models of medical equipment. The success in this business is fueled by the quality of the staff that you will have under command.

One of the most important things you will have to consider in running your business is to sign partnerships with the hospitals and governments in order to provide a continuous set of customers that will keep your business running and the profits keep coming into your accounts. Keeping your services at a high standard and your clients pleased will be decisive in renegotiating the contract which can only spell success for your company.

It will also be a good idea to associate your medical testing equipment business with other companies that provide similar services to you, like other kinds of medical equipment producing companies or pills producing firms. The advantage from doing this sort of moves is that the governments or the hospitals’ managements will choose your company better if you are providing a larger range of products for the health department together with your associates. Also the partnership will be stronger in fighting when your company will have to get back the money that your respective clients. It is easier to gain the money you deserve when your company is a part from a larger group, having the possibility to threaten the debtor with the refusal of providing the rest of the products scheduled in the remaining time of the contract agreement.

Making publicity for your medical testing equipment is futile. The reputation you will need to gain when working exclusively in the health industry is gained from television news and documentaries and direct contacts and meetings with the future clients. The meetings with several contacts will make your business running, so if you want to get the maximum on the market, you will need to hire a professional negotiator for your contracts, or prepare yourself well for negotiating and signing of the big contracts. The faithful clients are useful in this kind of business, so it would be better for you to sign partnerships with them even if the terms aren’t quite on your favor.

Medical testing equipment business isn’t quite accessible for anybody. In this business succeed only the best, with great management skills, and visions of the future. With a great team behind you, the road to success is made a lot easier and your company will receive the best contracts on the market. Having good partners can protect the profits of your firm and choosing the right clients will give you a constant number of orders that will keep your affair on a running state. With a little faith, a relative amount of money and the right partners you can make a good career in the field of health care. Good luck in providing the kind of materials that can really bring a good benefit for the society and can save our lives.

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