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AADCO Medical, Inc.   Call 800-225-9014
Manufacturer of radiation protection products along with other medical products including table pads and patient positioning aids, apron racks, radiology accessories, X-ray protective wear, LCD mounts and displays as well as other associated accessories. Visit site for more details.
PO Box 410, Catamount Commercial Park Rt. 66, Randolph, VT 05060   (2038)

Anand Medicaids Private Limited   Call +(91)-(11)-25225225/25229206/42464264
Market leader in India in the manufacture and exporting of medical equipment and specializing in suction equipment, suction unit and their accessories.
33/16, Punjabi Bagh (Extn.), New Delhi - 110 026, Delhi [ India ]   (2042)

Continental Metal Products Co   Call (781) 935-4400 ext18
Leading manufacturer of stainless steel health care equipment for the medical equipment industry and hospitals including products like surgical scrub sinks, stainless steel warming cabinets, operating room medical storage cabinets and medicine centers. Go to site for complete details.
35 Olympia Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801   (2043)

Invacare Corporation   Call 800-333-6900
One of the leading manufacturer and distributor in the $8.0 billion worldwide market for home medical equipment and selling its products to more than twenty five thousand home health care and medical equipment providers, distributors, and government locations in the New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.
Worldwide locations in different countries   (2041)

Medical Alarms :   Call 800-661-5433
LifeCall is a leading personal emergency response system and medical alarm provider in Canada. LifeCall personal alarms give access to help at the press of a button, 24 hours a day.
228 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga, ON, Canada L4Z 1X1   (6240)

Medical Scales :   Call 01803 323403
UK based company Our Weigh supplier of medical scales used to provide accurate measurements in the healthcare sector. Our Weigh provide medical scales, baby scales, floor and wheelchair scales.
Our Weigh UK, QS Barton Hill Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 8JH, UK   (6057)

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Products   Call 01903 733 377
Geniecare, based in the UK, provide the latest effective pressure care prevention products, supplying to both the medical profession and domestic patients. From patient turning to bed safety products, their products help to maintain independence and dignity.
Genie Care Ltd.,Unit T6, Rudford Industrial Estate, Ford, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0BF, UK   (7202)

Business Information: A Guide To Medical Equipment Business

Competition in the medical field is increasing day by day. Hospitals, Nursing homes and clinics have been increased. This has widened the options of the people to treat them and their loved once. If a health care firm is not equipped properly and cannot provide the services that are required by the patients they will naturally switch over to another institution. So starting a medical equipment and supplies business is surely profitable.

The things which come under the term of medical equipment are the devices which help the doctors to diagnose the condition of their patents for all health care needs. Examples of these devices are x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, CT scanners etc. Other types of medical equipment are pumps, laser machines and other surgical treatment devices which are considered as therapeutic devices. People also want the hospitals to have equipment and supplies such as heart lung machines, dialysis equipment and ventilators. They are also known as life saving equipment. They are also expected to have ECGs machine, sphygmomanometers and laboratory equipment which help in easy deionization.

So in medical equipment business you can generate more revenue by leasing these equipment. Usually all the medical supplies cost very high and not all hospitals and nursing homes can afford to do shopping directly from the manufacturers. So they come forward to lease these equipment to health care departments.

The characters which are expected from the medical equipment leasing companies are providing expert advices to the lessee for creating a health care unit. In this business the lessee will not be paying any down payment. He only pays for the extent that he has used the equipment in the lease term. The lessee only pays the lease amount in easy installments rather than paying the full lease amount. Usually the lesser will not be asking the lessee to produce or pledging any asset as collateral but you can do this if you want to avoid risks. In this business there is also a chance for the lessee to buy the equipment and supplies after the lease period.

The owner of medical equipment business usually does the shopping of medical equipment directly from the manufacturer. Medical supplies business requires a huge investment. As such the case, financial institutions and banks can help you out by providing loans. A study has proved that more that $3 billion worth of medical products have been leased by the health care industry in USA in a year. This indicates the growth of medical equipment business.

There are also many advantages for the hospitals by leasing the medical equipment rather than buying it. To be updated with technology, the hospital will be changing their equipment regularly or else they cannot provide best services to their patents. Advantages also include tax deductions, immediate write-offs, easy upgrades, balance sheet management, improved cash flow, better asset management, and fast processing. Health care firms can also save the initial cost of buying costly equipments. These funds can be used for productive purposes. Another benefit for the hospitals by leasing the medical equipments rather than shopping is that it prevents them from getting into huge debts due to equipment purchases and they get to conserve their working capital as well as current lines of credit. Other advantages include tax savings etc. These advantages make leasing the best option for health care firms helping them to remain in the competition without having to part with their working capital.

To conclude it can be said, there will be continues demand for medical equipment. So starting a business relating to this field is surely advisable. The investment may be huge for medical supplies business but one can get much huger returns when engaged in it.

Medical equipment business- Learn how to become successful in this business

This is not an unknown fact that people are becoming very health conscious these days as it is the trend of this age. People do not make any compromise with the health and they are ready to spend any amount just to ensure to a perfect health. That is why we see many hospitals and other centers are there in the market today that can give you the perfect health. This growing industry leads to the demand of Medical equipment as well for a continuous basis. This is why Medical equipment business is also a booming sector in the market today and many people are involving themselves in this Medical equipment business.

At first you need to understand what do mean by Medical equipment. Well in simple definition we can say it means all type of equipments that can be used in medical treatment and diagnosis. So you can understand this is a huge area of business. The number of items is huge and the business opportunity as well. Many people already have identified the opportunity of this market and they hold their mark in Medical equipment business. You need to learn some tips that can help you to become successful in Medical equipment business. These are described below.

One of the most important factors in staring a new business is the funding. So you need to check whether you are qualified for the loans that have offered by the US small business administration. If you are fit in this criterion than it will be a huge advantage for you as you do not have any headache of fund. So you need to check the requirement of these organizations and try to fulfill it before the business plan. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to make the early advantage. Also you need to find the right supplier for the Medical equipment that you can trust. You need to check whether they can give you the products in the right time or not. This is a crucial decision of your Medical equipment business. You are not able to find the perfect partner than it might be difficult for you to make good commitment with the buyers. Have a proper network is very important in this Medical equipment business.

Doing the business in a proper place is also very important. Places where the buyers are reach you very easily and get the products very quickly. This is very important and you need to ensure that in the beginning. Select such a place and then invite the buyers to visit your place. Than they have more confidence on your service and it will help them to build a long term relationship with you which is very important for your business.

You also need to ensure a good qualified staff group as well. Medical equipment business is very sensitive and you need efficient people to handle it. Also to maintain a long term relationship with the buyers and smart employee group is very important. Be careful in this issues otherwise it will not be possible for you to earn a good profit from Medical equipment business.

You can also find the insurance company for your Medical equipment business. It minimizes the chances of the loss in the business in case of any accident. There are lots of good insurance companies in the market today who can give you very good offer that can give you full value of your money. You just need to find the perfect one. These little plans are very essential for long term benefit of your business.

Finally you need to promote your Medical equipment business. This is the most important part of the business. There are many companies available in the market today who are doing Medical equipment business. So you have to differentiate yourself with the other companies and make a unique image in the mind of the buyers. If you are able to do that than long term profitability is ensured. Many people have tried their luck in Medical equipment business and they have gain good result. Now itÂ’s your turn to do that and see the result.

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