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Alpha Medicare and Devices Ltd.  Call +91 -79-2539 0601
Leading manufacturing company in health care industry in India and providing customers with high quality medical disposable products used in surgical operations and also used in various medical fields like transfusion, urology(such as Urine Bag made from 0.125mm wall thickness), Anesthesia, Diagnosis, Gastroenterology and others. Give a look to site for complete business products supplies information and details.
97, Alpha Estate, Narol Highway, Ahmedabad - 382 405. India.   (3358)

Dispo Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.  Call +91-11-22344657, 22341658
Progressive and developing indian company with an ultra modern plant under its belt to manufacture most advanced medical and surgical health products under the brand name of YORK. Products include medical disposables devices for transfustion, surgical operations, urology, anaesthesia, etc. Take some of your time to give a look to company website for complete business information and details.
12/ 23, Main Road, Mandoli Industrial Area, Delhi - 110093, India.   (3360)

Medi Plus India  Call +91-79-25842980/25840707
Leading manufacturer and exporter of medical disposable products for all health care needs. Products include urine collection bag, Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set, Nasal Oxygen Catheter, Easy Infusion Set, Water & Sand Weight Bag, Endotracheal Tube, Foley Balloon Catheter, Micro Flow Air Micro Drip Set, Disposable Syringes supplies, Disposable Needles and much more to offer. Make sure you give a look to site for complete products details and business information.
Plot No. 4704, Phase IV, G.I.D.C. Estate, Vatva, Ahmedabad - 382 445. (India)   (3367)

S.Nath & Co.  Call +91 - 79 - 22743246
Company serving health care industry since long and having ultra-modern plant and machinery for manufacturing disposables medical devices such as Infusion Sets (I.V. Sets), Blood Administration Sets, Paediatric Sets, Scalp Vain Sets, Blood Collection Sets, Infant Feeding Tubes, Suction Catheters, Urine Bags supplies, Cord Clamps etc. used for Infusion Therapy, Gastroenterology, Urology, Anaesthesia and Surgery. More business details can be found on the site.
B. N. Estate, Inside Vijay Tape Compound, Nr. Uttam Dairy, Sukhram Nagar, Ahmedabad - 380 021. India   (3359)

Sterimed Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.  Call 0091 – 11 – 42466196, 42466396
Company booming indian health industry by manufacturing medical disposable and surgical devices to cater to the needs of valuable customers more effectively and efficiently with products of international quality and standard at competitive prices. Products include Foley Balloon Catheter, Nelaton Catheter, LevinÂ’s tube used for Gastro intestinal drainage, Infant Feeding tube, Scalp Vein Set which is used for rapid venous access and for the greater patient comfort during infusion and more medical supplies. Further business information is available on the site.
Q-21A, Model Town Part-I, New Delhi, India.   (3366)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Medical Disposable Products Business Information And Guide

With the growing concern and awareness of people about the various contagious diseases and health problems, the health care practitioners and medical fraternities have become very conscious. Now-a-days the various objects that they use on a daily basis are generally of the disposable variety to avoid contamination and infection of any sort. Countless manufacturers are involved in this production field and the number is increasing day by day. The future and scope of the business of these products is extremely huge. This encourages even newcomers to try their luck in this industry. A wide range of branches of the medical treatment leaves many choices for people to select from.

Health is indeed the most significant aspect of human life. Treasuring it is the most important responsibility of every individual. The business of manufacturing the medical disposable products is literally the effort to diminish the chances of any contamination and maintain hygiene. There are a wide range of such items that are required. One of the various fields includes the transfusion and infusion. The set to be manufactured must involve the basic requirements of the procedure. It should be sterilized, free from pyrogen, and non toxic in nature. The material used for the tubing and cylinder should be resistant and efficient.

Surgeries of various sorts and the gastroenterology fields also involve the usage of different disposable products such as draining kit for abdominal area, tube for feeding the patients, kits for colostomy, etc. apart from being disposable it is also important to ensure that these medical items are lighter in weight, arrangement of belts for fitting and flexible enough to suit the patient. Generally people undergoing such surgeries and health problems use them for prolonged hours. Therefore people in this business must remember that the comfort should be the prime criterion while you are manufacturing these kits. In case of material meant for the gloves used in surgeries soft and super thin material is used. All these surgical items must be of the disposable variety preventing the spread of infection and diseases of different types.

The branch of urology also requires certain sets. For these disposable medical products ensure the usage of PVC that is of clinical grade. The tubes for hanging and carrying arrangement should be siliconized. The surgical syringes, tubes, etc should also be manufactured using the approved material. It is important to first locate a strong market where the supply of raw materials is at reduced price. You can also purchase the products from a cheaper location or market and sell them by maintaining a good profit margin for your business. The hygiene and the quality of the product is a must to ensure the good health medical staff and fraternity who are always present in this environment.

This field of business has a very strong and lucrative market. Maintenance of good health and treatment of diseases is a basic requirement of the society. Resultantly, there is a huge network of hospitals, health care centers, and clinics etc that demand for a large scale supply of the disposable medical products. Approach the bigger as well the small scale hospitals and clinics. Target as many upcoming hospitals as possible. They will always be in search of the manufactures and suppliers for the products. A tie up with the leading hospitals could be the best thing for the growth and stability of the business. However in the initial stage mediocre level clinics and hospitals can do a great job in fetching the return of investments.

Another very essential aspect to be taken into account is the standard of the quality. The medical disposable items should be manufactured as per the regulations and guidelines of the international regulatory bodies and authorities that set the standards. The conformation of the products to such norms adds to its market value. The quality seal also assures the contribution of the company towards the improvement health conditions and reducing the level of contamination. The aim of the business owner should be to ensure the manufacturing process and the production is according to these standards.

A creative marketing and selling team can do wonders in raising the level of the business as well as the profit levels. Attractive and innovative marketing and advertising strategies help in creating a prominent existence of the company. Offers, complimentary items, discounts on bulk purchase, etc tend to draw the attention of the various health care centers and hospitals. Launch your medical disposable products in the international market at affordable prices. Without the right kind of marketing skills and team it is impossible to achieve stability and success for the company. You need to comprehend that the technical knowledge is important but it can be obtained by training. However the marketing skill is the base of the business.

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